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½ July 7, 2009
Hector Lavoe? Who is he? A salsa legend? A drug addict? An immigrant from Peurto Rico? Well he was all three.
Yet, this film isn't just about him, but also his personal and family life, along set with his wife Puchi there to keep him from destroying his own life.
Either way, this film grasped me and made me really realize what Love and pain can do to a person, and Lopez and Anthony have a great chemistry onscreen and set of a blazing fire od charisma and sensational entertainment. For me it was a "Three and a Half out of Four" Stars picture.
A Slight reccomendation.
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½ August 8, 2007
About as generic as musician biopics come. Lopez is especially grating.
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August 7, 2009
Very enjoyable, good performances. Most biopics follow the same formula: star starts off poverty-stricken, small fish in a big pond, meets the right people by chance, becomes uber-successful, then the drugs, loose women come along, then tragedy. El Cantante doesn't stray from this formula either, but Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's performances were good, very enjoyable, I think they really brought life to the real people they were portraying. Plus it didn't hurt that the salsa music was really infectious. I LOVE Marc Anthony's voice, I think its raw and mature and he was a wise choice for the role of Hector Lavoe.
August 16, 2013
For all american this one of the best movies maid now ur Histories all amereicanlatinos born inpaet of north amerika have some influencen inthis type of movie i will say to all my amerikanlatino peer dnt miss this movie learn one part of ur culture tnk for open ur mind carlos iam pure amerikan
½ July 10, 2011
Hey, me and the movie critics agree... Just because a movie is about someone famous, and you like him a lot, doesn't mean a movie about him is good... The music is great. However, there's not much to the plot of this movie.
June 17, 2011
Sorry Jen & Marc, Love You Both, but your Pet Project didn't work out.Next time, save your Money & your Passion.
April 30, 2009
what a fantastic depiction of salsa in the 70s, well done, true to life an the acting was soo impressive im shocked, i love it.. music was awesome soo many memorries,, from 1-10 this gets 10 all the way!!
February 4, 2009
This is my baby's BaiLee's favorite movie. This is the movie about the Salsa great Hector Lavoe. "Yo soy el cantante"
July 10, 2008
I was really interested in seeing this because I love the music of Hector Lavoe.
The move is a let down. The acting isn't great and a long movie overall.
November 15, 2008
Bio-Pic of salsa singing sensation Hector Lavoe. Surprisingly (or not to many) Marc Anthony gives a very good performance, he is more believable than Jennifer Lopez. I did like the film.
June 30, 2008
"You only love me when you're high,"...the best line of the film "El Cantante". It's sad to say, but I'm sure thousands of people could relate to that statement. At one point in my life, I know I could have. That is what I love so much about the movie; the fact that it is a true story, and shows that the life of the rich and famous isn't much different from the lives every day people. The film is about the life of salsa singer Hector Lavoe (played by Marc Anthony) and his wife Puchi (played by Jennifer Lopez). Anthony is a wonderfully electrifying singer and plays the musician who was credited with helping to begin the salsa revolution of the '60s and '70s. The film is about the chaos of love and fame, and the chaos that Lavoe lives through during his life as the highly popular singer and during his tragic downfall. Lavoe began his singing career at the age of seventeen in New York City. He quickly floated to the top of the salsa world in the 1970's and became extremely well known in the United States and Latin America. Just before he became famous he met his future wife Puchi. His marriage to Puchi was not a conventional one by any means, with the traveling, drugs, and other women that Lavoe sought out, the marriage seemes to be domed. The couple was in love, just unsure of how to make things work the right way. It was a destructive relationship at the least. Lavoe, while using drugs and sharing needles contracted AIDS, which was nearly unheard of during this time. Throughout his life he went through long periods of serious depression and unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide by jumping from an apartment building. He later died of AIDS in 1993. Anthony plays the role so well; he almost makes you believe that he is Lavoe. Anthony helps the audience to understand the thin line that Lavoe walked between tragedy and triumph, between drug and music, and love and hate. He is almost as brilliant as an actor as he is a singer. In the movie, Anthony does his own singing, and sounds very much like Lavoe himself. Lopez, who not only plays Puchi, the cocaine addicted, controlling, co-dependent, pushed-aside wife of the famous salsa singer, but also produced "El Cantante." Puchi struggles to be taken seriously by her husband and the world in general. She is blindly devoted to a man that has no idea how to love anything but music, and continuously put her through a life of hell and rejection. It's almost like she can't keep away from Lavoe because she's in love not only with him, but in love with his image and the charm that he radiates when he's not lost in the high life. Throughout it all, Puchi loyally stays by Lavoe's side, until he finally dies from AIDS related complications at the age of fourty-six. Lopez clearly is the life of the film, and steals the show right out from under Anthony who is supposed to be the focus of the film. Anthony and Lopez are perfect together, on screen and off. The two have a sexual chemistry unmatched in movies these days. They were extremely believable playing their roles. I love this movie, and have never seen anything like it. I own it in my personal collection, but it is clearly not for everyone. At least rent it and give it a chance.
August 7, 2008
it was ok,im such a huge fan of jlo,i really wanted to like it,i just hate movies that have alot of drugs,yea i know,i dont live in the real world.lol
½ September 1, 2007
A great movie!! jennifer lopez and marc anthony made a stunning performace!
now, one of my favorite movies of all time!
August 1, 2007
Most pointless movie of my life. What a waste of like 3 hours... however JLO is hot so if you want to see some action, go right ahead.
½ February 26, 2008
Extremely impressed by Mark's performance and Jennifer held her own as well. This was a very sensitive movie with all the events that lead up to his unforunate death and the cast and directors and the many producers which also included Jennifer did an outstanding Job..For this king of Salsa...Thanks
June 8, 2007
Even though it did not do good in the theaters, this was still about a famous PR Singer that I grew up listening to & it was very good I have to say. I do recommend this movie to anyone who likes the independant movies & want to broden thier minds!
January 6, 2008
The whole movie was totally sided, well I don't know much about Hector Lavoe, but I believe they could have thrown some positive things about his life in there.
The music is great though.
December 10, 2007
Excellent movie. Jennifer and Marc Anthony actually do a great job portraying Hector and his wife. A MUST SEE!!!
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