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Electra Glide in Blue Reviews

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Ken S

Super Reviewer

May 5, 2007
Electra Glide in Blue was a bad title, but everything else about it is pretty stellar. Performances are top knotch all round, the script taught and tight, and the cinematography... Did I mention it's shot by Conrad Hall?
Michael G

Super Reviewer

November 22, 2006
Probably the most underrated movie of the 70s. Picture a right wing Easy Rider told from a pious cop's point of view and you're getting warm. Incredible cinematography by Conrad Hall.

Super Reviewer

March 1, 2010
1970's classic film as little motorcycle cop with big simple heart dreams of being a homicide detective in a land where prejudice, cynicism, and just-looking-out-for-number-one-ism rules. A great character study, and unlike FORREST GUMP, it doesn't go for an easy happy-by-numbers ending.
August 16, 2010
While I could've honestly lived without seeing Robert Blake in his tighty-whiteys, but otherwise this flick functions as a nice companion piece to Easy Rider, told from the point of view of a cop struggling to do what's right in the face of the casual prejudices of the time.

Well-made, if a tad overlong, give it a look.
December 17, 2008
70's character driven cop drama. Jumps the tracks a couple of times due to time period, but still effective.
May 20, 2008
A truly great 70's cult classic finally on Dvd. Long before Robert Blake was getting in trouble with the law, he was the law in this beautifully filmed crime drama. Blake plays John Wintergreen, an undersized straight shooting Arizona motorcycle cop trying desperately to become a detective. He gets his chance when he stumbles upon a murder made to look like a suicide. Mitch Ryan is the grizzled hippy hating detective who takes Blake under his wing and Billy Green Bush plays his bike riding partner. Look for cameos by Peter Cetera and other members of the band Chicago and a very young Nick Nolte as one of the non-speaking gape mouthed hippies that Blake and Ryan shakedown.
May 19, 2007
I'm kind of at a loss here giving this one a star rating. This film is the strangest, most offbeat thing I've seen in some time. Not strange in an abstract or outwardly surreal sense (of which in some instances I'm beginning to lose patience with anyway), but different in how it presents it's take on the conventions of the way motion pictures are made. You've never seen anything like Electra Glide in Blue. Sure, there are scenes and segments which will be very familar to any casual film-goer. It's the way this film uses these drastically different conventions and the rhythm in which they are used that make it so unique. After just one viewing, I'm not sure I can give this the proper review. What an experience. All I can do now is reccomend it to lovers of 70's cinema and those with peculiar tastes. Oh, and the ending, taken in context, may be one of the best I've ever seen. Almost a reverse Easy Rider finale, if you will. Wow.
March 3, 2007
This is the type of character profile that Hollywood doesn't do anymore. Dysfunction on the edge - and what a great shocking ending!
January 15, 2007
This is a 70's "cult classic" that probably very few people have heard of. The acting is kind of bad, but Robert Blake is pretty good in this movie.
November 30, 2013
Frustratingly uneven.
October 3, 2011
Electra Glide in Blue is a film I saw when I was a kid that always stuck in my mind.

The story is about Vietnam Vet Johnny Wintergreen (Robert Blake), a motorcycle cop, who spends his days patrolling the roads of rural Arizona on his Harley Davidson Electra Glide. Wintergreen is a good cop who does things by the book and this is shown when he refuses to let off a fellow cop for speeding. However, unlike his lazy partner "Zipper", who spends as much time as he can reading comic books in the shade, Wintergreen has ambition and wants to be promoted to the Homicide Squad. He gets his chance to get his foot in the door when he comes across an apparent case of suicide. Unlike the coroner, Wintergreen is convinced that it's a murder. Later on detective Harve Poole from the Homicide Squad arrives and agrees with Wintergreen. He calls for an autopsy. The autopsy confirms Wintergreen's hunch, so Poole invites Wintergreen to be his driver and assist him with the murder investigation. Initially Wintergreen is ecstatic at what he sees as a life changing opportunity, but he gradually becomes disillusioned by the corrupt methods and flawed personality of Poole.

Although the film revolves around a murder investigation it's predominantly a character piece. But the story still crackles along a good pace and there aren't any flat spots.

The cinematography was a feature with the exterior scenes being shot like a western with plenty of coloured saturated shots of the Arizona desert and rolling clouds etc. The interior shots looked more 70s experimental. The soundtrack was also very solid which should be no surprise as director James William Guercio was a musician and a producer by trade(he produced Chicago's first seven albums) But what is surprising is that this is the only film Guerico ever made. He must have decided to focus on his music.

Apparently the film received a very hostile reaction at the 1973 Canne Film Festival with some people branding it fascist. I've also heard it described as conservative America's response to Easy Rider and there's one amusing scene where Wintergreen is using an Easy Rider poster for target practice.
Personally I didn't find it fascist and apparently the film was fairly well received upon its wider release.

If you enjoy classic films from the 70s you'll enjoy this. Also, lookout for the the final shot of the final scene, it's a beauty and one that'll stick with you.
August 16, 2011
You're not a Real motorcop until you've seen this movie!
July 8, 2011
A fun modern Western that's earned semi-cult status thanks to Robert Blake's lovable protagonist, and the steady hand of one-off director James William Guercio. Electra Glide In Blue is uneven, experiencing its successes in peaks and dips, but on the whole this is a satisfying comedy drama with a great central performance and some undeniably beautiful visuals.
July 14, 2010
(****): Thumbs Up

Strong cast and wonderfully shot. Interesting story.
March 23, 2008
So anyways, the Funny Games remake is a shot for shot remake, so I would definatly say check it out (maybe before my all too telling review of the original, but make sure to read it afterwards) especially now that it is with amazing actors (although the original ones were quite good) and it's in english!

Now Spike Lee is one of my favorite directors. But it's always been that way because his work as a whole is quite good. There is no doubt about it, everyone of his films is well made. However, not unlike the other great New York director (Woody Allen), he makes so many films, that it really is hit and miss. Now my 6 stems from the fact that it's acting (my favorite Samuel L. Jackson role, besides of course the obvious Jules character, is him as a crackhead in this, and Halle Berry is his crack whore!!!!) and the writing and directing are truly suberb as always. I gotta give the guy credit, and I generally enjoyed watching the film. However what made me almost give this well made film a 5 and infuriated me immensley (I was so angry that I had to watch one of my favorites, "Leaving Las Vegas", to cool down) was the film's messages. Now on the surface, it's a film about an interracial couple dealing with prejudice. It seems like the perfect conflict for a Spike Lee joint. Lee chose however, not to shed most of the screen time on the lovers, but the people affected by the lover's lust (all explain my choice of wording later). This leads to some very interesting scenes, but there is only so many long dialouge scenes about how racist everyone is that a 2 hour movie can hold. And since the lovers don't get much screen time [u]together[/u], you never really feel any chemistry between them besides lust. So you never care about the couple as a whole, which makes the audience care less when they have bad things happen to them. Now like I stated before, probably the best part of the movie for me was Samuel L. playing Gator the crackhead brother. Be that as it may, I was rather pissed off when Lee tried to throw a whole other message into this film with this Gator subplot. Lee has been criticized in the past for not adressing the drug issue, so in this film he just throws it in there. Now I don't mind subplots or submessages (if that's a word), but when your major message or plot is not working as it is, it's best not to throw another message in. For he 1st half of the film it just seemed like comic relief almost or at least some relief from unrealistic conversations about race (I've grown to accept these in Lee's films, but they still annoy me). However it turns into a conflict almost more prevelant than the main one in the 2nd half. Smoking crack has nothing to do with interracial couples besides the fact that you probably have sex with a variety of people when your a crack whore. Then with like 15 minutes to spare with the film, they resolve the "interracial" part of the film, which is an alright resolution, I dug it. But the resolution of the crack subplot is just embrassing. It is such an easy solution to fix the the conflict, that it just looks like sheer laziness (especially because it adds nothing to do with the main character or the film). And the end... wow that just made me mad. It really made you wonder what the movie you just watch was supposed to be about. It again just seemed lazy, and a cop out (while still looking like there is a definitive message). Worth watching on TV or for a rent, but definatly not Lee's best.

EGIB is a strange film. It is made during the time where Hollywood was the counterculture (the 70's). These were the days where people considered Easy Rider to be the Citizen Kane of New Hollywood. So when EGIB was made, I'm not surprised at all that it wasn't released in theaters, because basically it's the anti Easy Rider (which I know is not very profound if you see the movie because the main character shoots a picture of Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper on their bikes, but bear with me), or at least they tried to be. It's about a cop (opposite) who drives a motorcycle, but hates it (opposite) and hates the highway (opposite) and wants to go higher up in the capitalism ladder (opposite). All the characters besides the hippies, hate the hippies (opposite). However what confused me during the 1st act was that this film was shot like Easy Rider. It was shot like the counterculture the film seemed to despise. *Spoiler alert* However towards the end, the cop realizes the hippies are better than these corrupt cops which leads to a rather pretentious scene with the cop and his partner Zip near the end. However what was hillarious was the fact that the end was literally THE EXACT OPPOSITE of the end Easy Rider. That's right. The hippies gun down the cop on HIS motorcycle. *Spoiler alert over* Now this film is rather confusing to figure out on a political level, but if you look at it as a character study, it's a pretty decent flick. The acting is great and the filmmakers knew what they were doing (The last shot is pretty bad ass). So I guess it was a good film, I'm glad DVD and TV are giving it the life it never had. I'd say check it out, it is definatly an interesting film especially because of when it came out (or actually didn't come out).
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