Elvis Gratton II: Miracle Memphis Reviews

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½ May 30, 2014
Second Elvis Gratton film is a somewhat funny film, but really is a mess due to the fact that it has a pretty poor concept, lack of truly memorable jokes and also the fact that Pierre Falardeau, the director constantly uses the Quebec Sovereignty angle to make a point, and he makes himself look like the Quebec Spike Lee in doing so, making films that really have one trick up its sleeve. This follow up wouldn't be so bad if it really had some great jokes, I admit, I did laugh a few times, but after awhile, the film suffered, and lost its way, due in part to Falardeau's inept directing. I was born in the Province of Quebec, and I know most people despise his as pure separatist propaganda, which it is. There is a part in the film, where it cuts to a real world sit down between the actor and director discussing the ending. They then show a second ending that humiliates the rest of Canada, and makes French Canadians, more notably Quebecers look like a bunch of ignorants. Not everyone from Quebec thinks like this, and it's sad to see the legacy of such a great province diminished by the likes of a select few, and most notably Falardeau with his Elvis Gratton films. Luckily Quebec gave the cinematic world the great Denis Villeneuve who is fast becoming one of today's finest directors due in part to his incredible body of work with films such as Prisoners and Enemy to name a few. Back to this film, Miracle a Memphis really isn't anything worth seeing; it's the same old jokes as in the original, and very much like Spike Lee, Falardeau hammers through his pointless ideals into the viewer and in turn, it ends up being ridiculous laughable and ultimately forgettable.
November 12, 2010
Bob "Elvis" Gratton is back in this comedy sequel. He is discovered by a talent scout who rises him into fame as a pop music star. The film depicts the exploitation of music star. A film made in Qubec.
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