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May 11, 2008
Proof that kids movies still have it in them to be something very special.
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September 25, 2010
Starting off predictable in it's own fairytale world, "Enchanted" makes you believe that you about to enter a classic disney fable, whether you like it or not. It even seems that way when the characters enter our world, until the self-awareness and hilarity ensues. About halfway through this film is when I started to believe this was going to be a great film. "Enchanted is very well-written and the story (although predictable) is very charming and a blast to watch. As predictable as it is, it seems fresh in almost every way. I really really liked this film. From it's goofy humor to it's sweet conclusion, "Enchanted" is great!
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January 15, 2008
This one was actually a surprised. Very funny and entertaining. Amy Adams is awesome and Marsden is laugh-out-loud funny. It's definitely worth watching.
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½ January 14, 2008
Never has puking in my soup been so enjoyable. Chockful of clever satire and over-the-top musical numbers that poke fun at Disney movies while still providing sweet yet grounded romance. Amy Adams is 18 Charisma with her googly eyes and daffy, floating arms!
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December 22, 2007
Beautiful Disney movie about a girl called Giselle waiting for her prince. The characters cross from animation into reality. My fave scene is in the park when everyone starts singing and dancing together like at a Disneyland parade. Great cast and interesting storyline. It reminds me of Who Framed Roger Rabbit where toons and humans mix.
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December 21, 2011
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½ November 20, 2007
When ananimated fairy tale princess is thrown into modern New York by her evil future mother-in-law's curse two worlds collide. This romantic comedy takes that premise and has a lot of fun with it. While the princess keeps her powers of controlling smaller animals and getting everyone to burst into catchy musicals with her, the world's view on love is a big shock for her, of course. The film has as a lot of fun deconstructing fairy tale stereotypes as much as playing with them. That's a joy to behold and makes for a lot of a really funny and charming scenes with decent special effects and good acting. The cast's fun with this easily carries over to the audience. Only the showdown falls a bit short and ends a little too suddenly, but smartly rearranges the expected roles during a dragon fight. A sweet and funny film for the whole family, Disney fans and haters alike.
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½ August 25, 2011
This film was supposed to be better than it was. In my mind the half animated, half live action mix was supposed to herald back to the days of Space Jam, when I was a child and CGI was but a pipe dream. Instead it was a story line that had been told a million times before, supported by a cast of half assed acting and frankly boring gushy overtones of true love, princess' and blah blah blah. The only thing funny about this movie was that some people actually liked it.
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July 23, 2011
Enchanted is one of my favorite films. I actually watched it again this morning on DVD. This probably had to be my fourth viewing this year. Enchanted is like Scream or Shrek. It satirizes a specific genre and also contributes to it. The film spoofs as wells as homages those classic Disney films we all grew up on.

The film is the story of a girl named Giselle (Amy Adams) from the animated fairytale world of Andalasia. She then meets her true love, Prince Edward, and two are set to wed despite being together for only ONE DAY! The evil Queen Narissa then throws Giselle down a well that transports her to the bustling, live-action streets of New York City where she meets a single father named Robert who doesn't believe in "Happily Ever Afters". She then begins to charm and annoy people with her wacky, girly-girl, princess-like antics. Then Edward and Pip the Chipmunk from Andalasia drop in. Oh, pooh!

Enchanted lives up to its title with a sharp script, unforgettable performances, and charming animation sequences. The film is hilarious with many memorable and funny quotes. Especially from Amy Adams whose awkward charm is unforgettable. Adams' is just so memorable and has to be my favorite performance from her. She knows how to act like an animated princess in the live-action scenes. she is very charming and beautiful. I happen to have a little crush on her. Patrick Dempsey even knows how to react to the oddity she causes. James Marsden of X-Men fame is very good as the equally awkaward Prince Edward. I wasn't a big fan of his performance as Cyclops in X-Men but roles like this are the ones I like to see him in. Want to see me go on and on about how enjoyable he was in Hairspray? The supporting cast is terrific. Susan Sarandon and Timothy Spall were great. Every time I see a movie with a British powerhouse cast, Spall slithers his way into there. Harry Potter, The King's Speech, Alice in Wonderland, you get the picture.

Its about time I start a new paragraph. Also in the film is Jodi Benson, the voice is probably the hottest Disney Princess, Ariel. I saw a painting of her on sale at Comic-Con that made her look her more mysterious and lusty like Jessica Rabbit. Yummy! Anyways, this is probably the only time you'll ever see her in a live-action role. I find it funny because she also dumbfounded by Giselle and Edward even though se played a princess. That was another good supporting role in the film.

Disney collaborator, Alan Menken, writes some classic tunes for the film including one entitled, "Thats How You Know", which has already become a classic Disney song. I heard it at Disneyland and a Disney On Ice show. The scene is an instant classic with great lyrics and choreography. The other song, "True Love's Kiss", is very memorable. Menken's songs had just enough Cowbell to make Christopher Walken happy!

But what makes Enchanted enchanted are its numerous parodies and homages to many Disney films, mainly the ones with princesses. Here are a few of the many homages:

-An Italian restaurant called BELLA NOTTE is shown.
-Giselle cleans up a house with a whole bunch of critters.
-Giselle forgets her slipper!
-The BEAUTY AND THE BEAST theme is heard on a Soap Opera Edward watches.

So there you have it! All the stuff that make Enchanted a memorable film, a Disney classic, and one of my favorite films. Apart from my numerous DVD viewings, I saw it twice in the theater. The second time was the best because my family and I took a friend who just moved to the U.S. from Africa and it was her first moviegoing experience. Enchanted is just charming, classic, and most of all, ENCHANTED!

"Its like you just escaped from a Hallmark card or something."
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May 29, 2011
Disney ridicules it's own established franchise-cliche's in this fairytale satire hung on a modern romance.

It's really hard not to enjoy this film but it never seems to really address or credit the complexities of the theme it carries; real-life relationships vs the notion of idealized love and storybook romance. Instead it's sweep to the side as we're treated to one sing song to the next. Then, as if completely ignoring it's message it delivers an ending that just falls straight back into formula without so much as blinking.

But what the hell did I expect coming from a film that's clearly "Disney" at its core?

In the end, the songs and actors are so enthusiastic it's really hard to not enjoy this enthralling, often hilarious, romedy. It bleeds charm and personality, so much that this movie really comes together in a way that often transcends it's self-mocking nature.
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May 5, 2011
For its intentions, Enchanted is pretty much perfect. It's poking fun at fairy tales, but in the most respectful way possible. I think so much of the credibility is owed to the cartoonish performances from Amy Adams and James Marsden. They got down the mannerisms and inflections perfectly and made you truly accept that they were animated characters. While Patrick Dempsey essentially does nothing the entire movie, it's fine since the rest of the actors pick up the slack (including a highly erotic Susan Sarandon). The ability to make this work as a premise is honorable in itself, but to have such a high scale of musical numbers and woodland creatures is even more so. What I like is that Enchanted really can exist as a serious movie most of the time; it asks the right questions and has enough of an original plot to satisfy anyone.
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½ February 22, 2011
I enjoyed Enchanted a lot. I'll even go so far as to say that with a tighter script and more sympathetic casting it could have been something really special. Granted, it's not as smart as Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, nor does it fuse live action and traditional animation as inventively as that movie, made twenty years before; granted, also, the only truly "enchanting" thing here is Amy Adams' fabulous central performance as Giselle, the fairy-tale princess, banished from the land of Andalasia to New York City on her wedding day by her wicked prospective stepmother-in-law (Susan Sarandon); but there's plenty of fun to be had in the gentle little subversions of the standard Disney fairy tale format. For example, those of you with a strong aversion to cute talking-animal sidekicks will be delighted to learn that Giselle's chipmunk friend loses the power of speech when he follows her into the real world.

The first half hour or so of the movie is excellent, culminating in the marvellous Happy Working Song sequence, the standout among the otherwise unremarkable musical numbers, a glorious spoof of Whistle While You Work from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in which Giselle calls upon the pests and vermin of New York City - presumably the only wildlife she can rustle up - to spring-clean an untidy apartment. Thereafter, instead of developing the burgeoning relationship between Giselle and the New York lawyer she is steadily falling for (Patrick Dempsey), the plot loses its way, shifting focus to the knockabout antics of Giselle's betrothed (James Marsden) and the wicked queen's stooge (Timothy Spall), both of whom have pursued her from Andalasia, the former to rescue her, the latter to kill her.

I didn't absolutely hate Patrick Dempsey as the romantic male lead but he should have been a lot more cynical at the start and a lot more charming at the finish; Timothy Spall looked a trifle uncomfortable, but having seen his Winston Churchill in The King's Speech, I'm reluctant to say he was miscast here; James Marsden was fine as Prince Edward, just the right blend of boyish enthusiasm, vanity, innocence and stupidity; as for Susan Sarandon's Queen Narissa, no sooner had she appeared on screen - well, in live-action form, at least - than she was morphing into a computer-generated dragon for the gratuitous effects-driven finale, which seemed a bit of a waste. As for that finale, it's a sad reflection of the cynical modern marketplace when the fairy tale's traditional, revivifying, love-conquers-all kiss is perceived as having lost its power over the audience. Nevertheless, this is still a good showcase for a hugely talented and versatile actress.
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March 3, 2011
A cute and funny movie
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December 4, 2007
adorable amy adams has a bright future ahead. she made this film worth watching. and this is about as far as one could get from her role in the fighter

if anyone cares, the trailer here is not correct; it's for ella enchanted with anne hathaway *gag*
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February 6, 2011
A satirical parody of Disney films made by Disney, good stuff.
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August 13, 2010
Amy Adams is perfect once again!
michael e.
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January 12, 2011
"Enchanted" was a brilliant film, with a great amount of comedy, and acting. Plus it brilliantly spoofed the princess movie cliches
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January 11, 2011
Beautiful and really lovely. I never seen grown ups disney movie that are more enganging than this one. Enchanted combines the reality and fantasy, where there are cartoons and also real human. This movie also bring the 'happily ever after' factor and brings it to the real life. Besides the predictable ending, the movie really keep us entertained with some funny scenes. Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey are really great in bringing the characters alive.
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December 24, 2007
*Yawn* Very boring chick flick - by the numbers I should add. I like chick flicks when they're done well. This one is just so predictable and boring that I couldn't wait for it to end.
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December 8, 2007
This is the best animated disney film brought to real life. I saw this movie about two years ago and loved it and I hadn't seen it in a really long time,so I went to family video with my mom and we rented this. My mom loved it and I remember that the reason that I loved it were these: the music was wonderful, Amy Adams has a beautiful voice, Patrick Dempsey is gorgeous and Amy Adams is as well, and the chemistry between Dempsey and Adams was fantastic! Also the performance of Queen Narissa by Susan Sarandon was phoenomenal and James Marsden's performance was quite humorous. So don't say that these disney movies are just for tweens they're also for teens and adults. Rent it, you won't be dissapointed! Love Patrick Dempsey and Amy Adams as well. I really like this movie!!!! :) Love PD lol :) Such a good movie! :) This is a film for all ages!!! :) I love it! :) A wonderful movie :)
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