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Endless Love Reviews

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Super Reviewer

February 15, 2013
Everyone who wants to see this movie does so because of one of the actors. I watched for James Spader, and he was just fabulous. Other than that, this movie wasn't very interesting, and the main characters annoyed me. It's obviously a bad relationship between these two, and it doesn't end well, and a lot of it is boring.

Super Reviewer

October 15, 2006
This love story is alike part of 'Romeo and Juliet'. Brooke Shields was so beautiful, young and sexy of the early 1980's.
Dann M

Super Reviewer

April 2, 2013
Brooke Shields stars in the monotonous and melodramatic romance Endless Love. Other than the amazing theme song from Lionel Richie, the film is worthless. It's just a sappy teenage love story that goes nowhere and relies completely on cliches.
Lee K

Super Reviewer

February 15, 2010
finally got a hold of number two on my hard to find list, a movie my small click of freinds used to gather at one of our houses to watch during the summer like a 1000 times or so. Great little storyline that has two young lovers Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt after being torn apart by her folks for being'too young' battle to see each other however its more so on Hewitt's charectors part then hers. Its a movie that shows the extent some people will go to just to be with their true loves, also on the other hand it also shows that some guys dont know the meaning of 'no'
April 3, 2012
I am sure I will get heat for this from my wife but their are only two real reasons to see Endless love. One, to see the beautiful Brooke Shields. Not often am I stunned by the beauty of a woman but Brooke left me speechless. Two, to see Tom Cruise (albeit for only a few seconds) in his first appearance on the big screen. Other than these two jewels Endless Love is just a screwed up love story with bad acting and little connection with the viewers. I wrote there are only two real reasons to view Endless Love and while this is true I will mention that their was a strange pull or connection that this mess of a movie had on me. Not sure what it was but for some reason I liked this movie more than I should have even if it was a pretty poorly done movie.
February 2, 2010
I agree with the endless part, but not the love. Slow and painfully boring, riddled with every cliche in the book. Good title song, but other than that, the score is poor. The acting is barely adequate, but Martin Hewitt is unconvincing. The entire film doesn't ring true.
May 6, 2009
I watched this movie over and over when I was a teenager. I had the soundtrack and knew every word to the movie and hte music!
January 22, 2009
honestly, i don't want my mom to watch me sex and then tell me she enjoyed it. and also i don't know if i want my bf ruining my life. But for some reason i like this moviee.
July 11, 2008
Brooke Shields stars in this stalker thriller that just doesn?t really work as a comedy or a thriller, and everyone in it is really badly over-acting.
October 9, 2007
This is a sweet flick that tugs at the heart.Shields plays Jade,who is in love with David (Hewitt). Their parents will not let them have a relationship together. One day, David has a talk with Jade's father. Accidentally, David rages over the situation and kills him. The bonds of Love can't be severed, and jail stilll won't keep the two lovebirds apart.

I love moving title song; Lionel Ritchie and superstar Diana Ross warm your heart with their beautiful melody.
This is a true "hanky " film.
April 17, 2007
A classic film about love that won't die. A romance that goes great gets obsessive and later on things go out of control. Brook Shields is at her best in this film.
September 30, 2006
It's so bad! I kind of wanted to hurl myself out the window becuase it's just so over the top.Yet, it's strangely compelling, as compelling as an obsesssive, creepy, angst ridden teenager can be.
The theme song is fantasticly sappy however. Got to love that.
July 20, 2006
I didn't really understand the characters in this movie. Maybe it wasn't acted well enough to portray the all-consuming passion that overtakes them. Read the novel many years later, and they still didn't click. (A much better Scott Spencer story is A Ship Made of Paper. Don't believe it's been filmed, tho.)
Mike N.
March 7, 2014
I do not agree with such low ratings, this is a really good story/movie, the remake was terrible though.
February 12, 2014
Cheesy overdramatic tripe. Jesus, the main guy in this movie makes Edward Cullen look like Ferris Bueller.
November 18, 2013
Endless Love to me is one of the movies that are quite harmful to young people, just like Twilight. It tires so hard to explore young love when really it's exploring insanity and passing it off as young love. It's a clear case of the screenwriters not knowing what they're talking about and the director didn't know what he was doing. I invite you to join me exploring this madness of a movie.

To start, this film is trying too hard to be a Romeo and Juliet type story. except Endless Love is a huge mess from beginning to end. . 17 year old David (Martin Hewitt) and 15 year old Jade (Brooke Shields) are madly in love. There is the first problem with this film, this relationship can actually be illegal in some states because sometimes 17 is sometimes considered the age for someone to be an adult. So in legal terms, this would be statutory rape. However, Jade's parents and David's parents seem to be perfectly okay with this at the beginning of the film. Suddenly out of nowhere, Jade's dad suddenly realizes this is wrong (or maybe he just see's David as an inconvenience) and forbids Jade from seeing David. From there, Endless Love goes from an overly melodramatic film to a really bad Lifetime Original Movie. David ends up acting like a paranoid schizophrenic who is addicted to love. All he thinks about is Jade 24/7 and really this film becomes somewhat of a delusional fantasy. This isn't an innocent story of young love, this is a crash course on mental illness. The reason why this movie really pisses me off is because Jade does very little to nothing to end this damaging and unhealthy relationship She tries once but then after some force from David she just gives in. I guess in this world 5 No's equals a yes.

The acting is way off in this movie, in particular Brooke Shield's. Now I don't want to be too hard on her because I think this was one of her first movies, but still I call it like I see it. She literally offers nothing to this role and really doesn't try to stand out in this movie. I guess the rest of the cast holds up okay, however Shirley Knight plays in the role of Jade's mother Anne and really is the most despicable character in the film. Not only does she flirt and seduce David throughout the entire movie, but she ultimately let's her kids go wild with no rules or boundaries. I understand if you don't want to be like other parents that are strict and overbearing. However, that doesn't excuse the fact that you are just as bad a mother as Jerliee's mom from "The Lonely Lady". Also, there is this really disgusting scene where Anne literally watches Jade have sex with David in the living room.... Do you Hate her yet?

Let's face it, the only reason why this movie was famous was because of the Oscar nominated song "Endless Love" by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross (which isn't a bad song) but besides that this film is just an illogical and conflicting mess. The acting is at an amateur level, the characters are cardboard cutouts (when they're not perverted or insane), the writing is terrible and no direction seems to be coming from Franco Zeffirelli.
July 3, 2013
The story is about 17-year-old David Axelrod played by Martin Hewitt, some guy whose career went nowhere falls in love with 15-year-old Jade Butterfield played by Brooke Shields. Jade is caught by her dad Hugh played by Don Murray and is forced not to meet David ever again when Hugh realises that Jade has lack of sleeping, is taking sleeping pills and this has affected her grades. Unable to stay away from her just for 30 days just so that Jade can pass her exams and graduate, one of David's friends jokingly suggests to kidnap her or burn the entire family house down. So he takes option number two and is jailed for a couple of years. He goes to visit them where they have relocated in Manhattan and a fight breaks out between David and Jade's older brother making David end up in a mental hospital. The film ends with Jade visiting him there. Based on a novel by the same name by Scott Spencer, I'm glad that the film made a few changes to the source material and here's why: At the end of the book, David is released from the mental hospital and is married to an unnamed woman and Jade is married to someone else during when David was in the mental hospital. If they had used that ending, I know the movie would have been a lot darker but it would jave just come out as another Romeo and Juliet-type romance-drama. Again I say, I'm glad they made that change otherwise this movie would have changed the title from Endless Love to Ended Love. We want the title to always match with whatever we're filming or writing and that's why in this case, it works here. The film introduces us to two young actors who eventually grew up and gained a cult following: Tom Cruise who was just under age-20 then and James Spader who had just passed the 20-age mark then. Cruise having a short cameo was introduced as David's second friend Billy who inspires David to burn the Butterfield family's house down after Billy says he was once appreciated a hero by his parents for setting the house on fire with a pile of newspapers and then putting the fire out. Spader was introduced with a much larger role as he plays Jade's older brother Keith who first introduces David to Jade and then starts to hate David for burning the house and puts the blame on him for his dad's death. The film was nominated an Oscar for it's theme song which has the same name but it was hated so badly and was nominated several Razzies; I'm failing to understand why. Endless Love gets a 9.9/10; It's not perfect but it's almost perfect.
Dann M

Super Reviewer

April 2, 2013
Brooke Shields stars in the monotonous and melodramatic romance Endless Love. Other than the amazing theme song from Lionel Richie, the film is worthless. It's just a sappy teenage love story that goes nowhere and relies completely on cliches.
yiting x.
January 17, 2013
love the song endless love..want to see it
May 10, 2012
tacky, messy,poorly acted, and with a shambles of a plotline. James Spader is the standout, the rest is endless dross. Why does David set the house on fire? Makes no sense.!! Enjoyed the music though.
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