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Even the Rain (Meme La Pluie) Reviews

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Super Reviewer

March 28, 2012
Dedicated to Howard Zinn, the famous New Left historian, Even the Rain looks at imperialism from the perspective of the exploited. It is an interesting effort, but one that feels incredibly heavy-handed & propagandistic.
I appreciate that the film has good intentions, but the dialogue is so on the nose and the director has such a ferocious hatred for subtlety, that it makes me resistant to the whole endeavor. Not even Gael Garcia Bernal's dashing looks can distract me from the film's hagiographical take on peasant uprisings.
If you are really swept up in the 99% movement, then this film is meant to arouse you. However, if you like films that make you think as opposed to ones that drown you in ideology, then this film will offer you little more than one cool homage to Fellini's La Dolce Vita.
Carlos M

Super Reviewer

January 16, 2011
An intriguing Spanish drama that raises many questions about morality without ever giving in to easy answers. All characters are well constructed and have solid motivations for their actions, and the story makes some curious parallels between the early colonization of America and modern-day imperialism.

Super Reviewer

May 12, 2012
On location for a film shoot in Bolivia, Sebastian(Gael Garcia Bernal), the director, arranges for an open call which brings out a very long line of applicants which ends up driving his producer Costa(Luis Tosar) to chocolate. At first, Sebastian agrees to compromise before going ahead and seeing everybody, anyway. Of particular interest is Daniel(Juan Carlos Aduviri) and his daughter Belen(Milena Soliz) which still does not make Costa happy until he sees a screen test of Daniel in full makeup. That's not the only local point of interest, as Maria(Cassandra Ciangherotti), a videographer assigned to the production, stumbles across some of the locals fighting for water rights.

Written by Paul Laverty and dedicated to the memory of Howard Zinn, "Even the Rain" is a superb movie that has done a powerful job of linking Columbus' voyages to America, as seen through the eyes of Montesinos(Raul Arevalo), a Spanish monk who was sympathetic to the natives, to the recent Water Wars of Bolivia, showing the continuation of the exploitation in Year 508, as Noam Chomsky would put it, with the novel device of using a film production as background. Yes, Daniel does not need to say there are more important things than making a film but it is a worthy sentiment nonetheless. The movie also works on a personal level, detailing the loneliness of the long distance actor, via Anton's(Karra Elejalde) drinking, as one cannot be in one place for very long without being affected somehow. And I know Gael Garcia Bernal is supposed to be the star here but it is Luis Tosar who steals the show with his observational gaze.
Daniel P

Super Reviewer

May 27, 2012
Film-making of the highest quality, with a complex dual narrative, realistically written characters and superb acting.

Super Reviewer

January 14, 2011
A high 8, low 9 out of 10. More to come...
October 7, 2013
Really gets at the turmoil and even moral compromise that goes into making a feature film, the hypocrisy of ignoring the immediate issues of the world around you for sake of pursuing art. Cool theme. "Even the Rain" is like a hybrid mix of Fellini, Malick and Almodovar, with modern master Alberto Iglesias' subtly gripping score to highlight the wet, leafy, gorgeous Bolivian cinematography by Alex Catalán. The movie is basically a running commentary of itself. That could come off as pretentious if the story and filmmaking weren't so generously simple, all the way up to the Hollywood ending. If not a film of tension "Even the Rain" is thankfully very much one of detail and ideas, handled with sympathy and care without ever delving into parody.
November 11, 2011
An AMAZING build up! Gael Garcia is one of my favorite contemporary actors today. Since Motorcycle Diaries he's been seen to me as one of our biggest, most committed risk takers. This film (subtitled) took me back there for a bit. To the fight. They do an amazing job of building suspense, the script drew an awesome parallel to Columbus and a modern day 3rd world country - the cinematography captured it. This is an INSTANT PLAY on Netflix so be sure to check it out and throw the filmmakers some love!
August 2, 2010
I really liked it, but there's just one thing that prevented me from giving this a higher rating. It's great when characters undergo a major change of heart and all, but I hate it when a character will just switch from one thing to something entirely else without a defining moment. It makes it so much less credible!

That being said, it's still a movie I'd recommend. Actors did a great job and a lot of the scenes hit you right in the heart (in a good way, of course).
August 1, 2011
Gorgeous! Inspiring in it's epic scope and theme as well as the attention to detail to Spanish and Inca history.
February 3, 2013
Interesting parallels between the movie they produce and the climaxing struggle against the privatization of water
May 14, 2014
Esta es una película fenomenal para abrir los ojos y despertar del sueño letárgico de quienes aún hoy se atreven a justificar la esclavitud y el trabajo forzoso de millones de latinoamericanos.
January 12, 2014
The dual time factor mixes jarringly over the same issue of exploitation of the poor and powerless. By using the device of filming the conquest, we see the documented brutality from 500 years ago echoed in the smooth and seemingly thoughtful perspective and actions of the current leadership of Bolivia.

Nobody is clean in the film except maybe the indigenous folks who are just trying to survive. Well-meaning liberal actors grow fearful and weak, the government of Bolivia echoes the condescension of the original European colonialists, and even those with some grit are mainly powerless, except when it comes to giving aid to individuals.

For me, this movie works on a number of levels as it makes us consider the deeper issues of how the international financial system still replicates a power stance that victimizes the powerless. Only when the native people force the government to deal with their demands is there any authentic redemptive value to the interactions portrayed.
September 18, 2013
I enjoyed this movie a lot. Interesting dichotomy/irony about a film crew in Bolivia shooting a movie that will depict the true devastation and horror brought on by Christopher Columbus and Spanish imperialism, meanwhile the privatization of water endangering the modern-day natives is eerily similar to what occurred 500 years earlier.
April 14, 2012
Muy buen drama social que muestra alguno de los problemas que la poblacion boliviana sufre.
July 2, 2013
Another movie worth seeing that makes you think about where we are and what we are doing and... have things really changed?
February 27, 2013
A movie with a movie within the movie and another movie within that movie that deals with timeless themes of justice, hypocrisy, religion etc... Wonderful cinematography, intriguing story, strong performances.
February 19, 2013
If you like Bolivia, if you like political films with a leftist bent, if you like Gael Garcia Bernal, if you like films about Indians with actual indian actors, you will like this one, with a script by one of Ken Loach's regulars, directed by a former actress.
January 11, 2013
The editing of this movie is text book quality. Actually all facets of Even the Rain makes it best foreign movie of 2011. Perhaps one of the top 5 quality movies I've seen this year.
January 1, 2013
Almost perfect drama, which beautifully balances the story of a film being made about exploitation of the New World with exploitation in the real world. A very engaging drama about politics AND people.
December 28, 2012
A cutting look at imperialism and its continual, pervasive, destructive force throughout the world, and those who deny its existence.
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