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May 13, 2009
Well made and interesting. This is about religion. Don't let that scare you off though.
While most documentary films I have seen about God are making fun of those who believe in Him this one just sets out to ask questions and lets you make your own mind up about the answers given.
While most interviewers would go the easy route and interview some of the weaker supporters of the "other side" this one goes straight to the top minds of the field of evolution and questions them openly and honestly about what they believe.
Check it out.
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½ March 5, 2009
obviously the rub with this film is due to the emotionally charged nature of its subject matter. because of this people keep challenging the fact that this film offers no scientific data to back up any claims, when in fact the film never pretended to be about that. this is simply a look at the loss of the freedom of ideas and beliefs being presented in a public format without fear of persecution. unlike bill maher who made a documentary this year highlighting the charlatans of religion but dishonestly passing them off as the norm, stein offers an interesting look at a sad series of events in academia that should worry the religious and non religious alike. a bit tedious at points, but overall compelling.
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½ November 7, 2008
I think he had his heart in the right place. The overarching message: That the scientific community is close minded and you have to kick against the pricks to change it. Most ground breaking scientists had to do that, in face most anybody anywhere that changed any ideas has had to do that. I think it would be a good idea if intelligent design was further studied and explored with some actual money, because it's STUPID to think that scientist's have it all figured out. I think both can be right, with parts not fully understood yet.
Anyways, the 'documentary' does what most movies made for entertainment try and do...they try to entertain. Not a good idea when you're trying to prove a serious point. Putting up funny black and white videos to insult someone after they just spoke only makes you look like a jerk. Not only that, but the video goes into a completely unnecessary tangent about Darwinism leading to Hitler. STUPID. That took it so far that it only hurts his already credible argument.
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July 17, 2008
Ben Stein equates himself to Ronald Reagan and the fight for the freedom to explore ID to tearing down the Berlin Wall. Whereas Religulous is funny with lots of colorful clips inserted to make fun of the ideas, this movie has almost exclusively used old black and white clips, many from propaganda films, to try to makes its point. The movie offers no data or proof of ID (or how it is really not the same as Creationism) from any research. And it exaggerates how scientists have lost their jobs specifically for trying to research ID. The movie is arguing against Darwin's theory of evolution and then tries to attack it as insufficient for explaining how life began. Except Darwin's theory isn't about how life began, scientists have been working on many other theories for how this happened. Ben Stein and the filmmakers only let the evolutionists express a couple of the theories that have been developed for how the first cells formed, and at times try to put words in their mouths. It's not mentioned in the film, but maybe you've heard of the Collider the European Center for Nuclear Research has built in Geneva to recreate the big bang. Then the filmmakers start to make the dangerous and ignorant claim that Social Darwinism or any genocide that has been committed against a people is because of the theory of evolution. Evil, crazy, power-hungry rulers whether religious or secular have had the idea of genocide and used it against those they view as inferior long before Darwin. Germany was a very Christian nation when Hitler came to power, not all god-less and de-valuing of human life. One evolutionary scientist seems overly depressed and cynical and makes some ridiculous claims like once you accept evolution you can't believe in free will anymore either. Other than him, I think all the other evolutionary scientists succeed in holding their own and making Stein look slow and confused. The ID scientists often make extreme claims and engage in double-talk. Anyways, this is yet another documentary on a controversial topic that had to rely on misrepresenting itself to several interviewees to secure interviews. You can tell Richard Dawkins near the end becomes annoyed when he realizes the direction Stein is trying to take the questioning. But he still answers as clearly as possible when not cut off. He even states, when prompted by Stein, that one theory for the forming of the first life, is that there could be some sort of intelligence that pushed the molecules into the right amino acids to form proteins to build the first cells. He doesn't say the evidence supports this, but that it is one of many theories about this (not to be confused with Darwinism). Science is not the democratic equal expression of opinions, it is based on data and evidence. There is freedom to research scientifically and this movie is too harsh in portraying ID and evolution as being at war or on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall.
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April 7, 2008
There has been much opposition surrounding this movie but when I saw it, it was a stand up and applaud 5 star masterpiece. Not only was it cleverly composed, snarky, humorous, but it was EXTREMELY important to see. It was very patriotic and unpolitically correct. (But it was polite and fair to both sides.) I loved it very much!!
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½ November 27, 2008
I Liked it's Cheerful Personality, But Loathed it's Arrogant Attitude.
Lord Naseby
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October 14, 2010

Well, since this is a Documentary, my normal style of acting, Plot, screenplay, and Likableness is hard to do. I can do plot and Likableness so yeah. I guess that's what I'll do.

Plot: *sigh* well, If I thought that my review of The Passion would be controversial, well, that isn't going to be anything compared to this. now, I have never, nor will I ever, make my Christian beliefs a secret. I hate that I am forced to learn evolution as though it is fact. What sucks is, that people ALWAYS call it The THEORY of Evolution. But they teach it as fact and if it is a theory, why don't we learn other theories in school? Well, basically, what this documentary is, is Ben Stein showing how There is absolutely zero tolerance for Intelligent Design. Despite the fact that a good scientist looks at all theories. Scientists nowadays only look at possibilities within the realm of the THEORY of Evolution. If they don't then they are looked at as bad scientists or even religious kooks. There is much more that Ben Stein delves into such as how Darwinism played a big part in the Holocaust. I agree with that. While I'm fully aware that it wasn't the only cause, I know that Hitler saw his Final Solution as helping Natural Selection along. He was trying to create a master race by destroying all of those that he saw unfit (a note, Japan and Italy were doing the exact same thing during this time, Italy didn't commit Genocide, but the Japanese were pretty hard on the Chinese).

My Take: Well, I know that people who don't believe that this stuff is happening just sweep this under the rug and say that this is totally bogus and "fact free" But I have seen comments on critics' reviews for this film and I see that people are saying that "yes this happens to me. I see this persecution a lot." Basically, if you believe in intelligent design you are going to love this film if you don't you are going to hate it and call all of us religious morons. Ben Stein interviewed many Evolutionist professors and one thing that really got me burned up was how many of them saw religion the same way that they see medicinal Marijuana. Just something that makes us feel good so that we can get through the week or maybe they see it as some sort of hobby like knitting. I can tell you firsthand, that something that defines you and is the core of your being is much more than a simply "hobby." Now I know all of the numerous criticisms of this subject. "oh waah waah you guys are just pretending to by martyrs to get sympathy" "oh boo hoo blah blah blah "flying spaghetti monster" blah blah" But the biggest thing that got me riled was Richard Dawkins. If you listen closely, you can hear him saying over and over again "I am the greatest thing to happen to the world since Darwin and everything I say is right and anyone who disagrees with me is a retard" He frustrates me. Stein also points out that this subject isn't an intelligent debate anymore it is just "Here's why you guy's are retards" I will not lie and say that evolutionists are the only ones doing it, but AAAAH it is frustrating. I hate being taught what I see as total falsities and being forced to pretend I believe them. I went through High School science classes, I experienced this stuff. Now I see this and I learn that it gets worse almost when I go out into the real world. I hate being taught baloney (what's interesting is that I'm a History major and I have found out that most of what I learned in my History classes all throughout my life was actually flat out lies. It wasn't like this where people actually believed what they were teaching, it was flat out lies. For more on that, I can write a blog if you all want me to). Well, I know that this review is deviating a bit from the actual film, but there you have it. But, before I go I must say this: I have no problem that people have their own beliefs but please don't persecute us for ours. Also, I have no problem with Macroevolution, Natural selection as a result of the changing environment, sure. But what I do have a problem with is the Origin of life stuff. The Single cell to monkeys to humans crap. I draw an example from the film, Stein interviews professors and asks them "If Darwin saw a cell as...what is it actually?" He asked "Buick" and the response was "If Darwin saw a cell as being as complicated as a Buick, it is actually as complicated as a Galaxy" Stein then asked "mud hut" and the response was "more complicated than a Saturn 5".

Let the Thumbs Down and skepticism begin. And if you feel the need to get into a debate with me on this subject, A. Try to make it a message to me as opposed to 50 comments on my review and B. try to keep it respectful. I know that won't be a problem but I just have to say it. So yeah, there you go.

Final score: 100% (N)

TRIVIA TIME:Preview screenings for the movie were held for churches and other Christian groups months in advance, and by invitation only. After a movie critic was inadvertently allowed to view the film early, resulting in a negative review, a policy of requiring viewers to sign nondisclosure agreements was implemented at these screenings. Closer to release, an "RSVP" site was set up to allow members of the public to view the movie in a near-finished state. One of these was evolutionary biologist and Expelled interviewee PZ Myers. Although ejected from the screening, his anonymous guests - including fellow interviewee, biologist Richard Dawkins - were able to view the movie.
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December 6, 2008
Wow, fantastic movie. The film didn't prove anything one way or another, but I don't think that's what it was trying to do. It wanted to make you think about how we really were created, what you were taught in school and how that's affected the way you think, and how the US is suppressing other ideas to unproven theories.
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November 1, 2008
It was better then I though it was going to be. I don't agree with all the point he was making.
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½ July 2, 2008
I could give a damn about evolution or intelligent design except as a bit of sophist shouting material it makes very little difference in mine or anyone else's existence. What I don't care for is paying for a movie that both doesn't inform me or entertain me. Stein goes on a Michael Moore ambush junket with all the zeal but none of the fun. He blasts evolution (and some how compares the theory to the Nazi's- fastest way to lose any debate in my book), he presents "experts" who poke holes but don't offer any alternatives except the phrase "intelligent design" like it was the be all end all explanation. Well great, Thor or the Faeries or Yaweh or Aliens are screwing with us ultimately so Stein can make a movie and I can be bored to tears. I mean at least I can see the point of Evolution theory it has lead to many discoveries in biology and genetics, whether it is wrong or not. What does intelligent design bring to the table can we catch the faeries that have created us or turn the tables on god and use him to power some windmills. That's the question Stein and everyone else in this movie sidesteps there is no apparent benefit to the intelligent design argument. Give me something people.
If there had of been a balanced argument I could have seen this movie being this dry but with the poorly plotted arguments and the zany sinister camera lighting on the Evolution side you'd think they would have at least tried to make it more entertaining. There truly is no intelligence.
July 3, 2011
Not a bad commentary/documentary. To me, the whole debate of intelligent design vs. science/evolution isnt the core issue with this topic. The issue is how politics and political correctness has run amok in the U.S. You'd thinkthat in the land of the free anyone can intelligently debate anything. But in this country to suggest that there might be a God or a universal supreme being controlling everything is suicidal to your career and livlihood. Who sat down and started doling out judgements on what is right and wrong to believe? Who has the right to ostracize me if I choose to believe there is a God or supreme being? Political correctness is nothing but a control mechanism for the masses. It's also fascist. Ben Stein does open some eyes with this piece but not on the topic itself. He exposes the damage and utter ridiculousness political correctness has created. Thanks a lot, Bill Clinton!!!!!!!!!!
½ April 18, 2011
I never thought I would see a work of propaganda that shamelessly manipulated more facts than a Michael Moore film but alas I have found it. Scientific American has done a great job exposing many of these flaws so I won't elaborate much here. Nevertheless, I can't resist providing a quote from one of the "experts" portrayed in this film (Jonathan Wells) so you can get a true idea of the real agenda here (promoting religion). Mr. Wells once wrote: "Father's words, my studies, and my prayers convinced me that I should devote my life to destroying Darwinism, just as many of my fellow Unificationists had already devoted their lives to destroying Marxism. When Father chose me to enter a PhD program in 1978, I welcomed the opportunity to prepare myself for battle." Who is "Father" in this quote? None other than Reverend Sun Myung Moon. That's right. Mr. Wells is a "Moonie". I've never seen so many diverse religious nutcases (Christians, Jews, Moonies, etc.) all get together in one feature-length film to promote an idea (I.D., creationism, etc.) under the pathetic guise of academic freedom. The simple fact of the matter is that most of the people portrayed in the film as losing their jobs simply didn't want to submit their work to be peer-reviewed because they can't take criticism. Imagine a movie about a convention of astrologers or "flat-earthers" who complained they were being discriminated against but weren't willing to have their work independently reviewed. Finally, when the producers have to lie to respected scientists and philosophers like Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett to get them to be in their film (they were told they were making a documentary called "Crossroads" about the "intersection of science and religion"), how can they possibly have any credibility left to make a movie about integrity? Apparently, the ends really do justify the means, the exact thing the producers of this movie attempted to warn us about.
½ December 14, 2010
(A) Ben Stein puts together a thought provoking documentary about Intelligent design. I highly recommend this film for Christians, Jews, and atheists. Look, you shouldn't hate the other side simply because they disagree with you. This film shows hatred, as well as good wholesome debates. The climax is a debate between well known economist and actor Ben Stein and atheist Richard Dawkins. This was a well made film that kept me interested all the way through. Please watch it for yourself and make up your own mind
February 9, 2010
Ben Stein is a cesspool of regurgitated horse shit. I don't feel like expressing what's entirely wrong with this documentary just yet. The only good point it brings up, about intelligent design and denied jobs, is used as an excuse to later undermine the theory of evolution. This guy deserves every backlash in his pathetic career.
January 19, 2010
an extremely important movie, that critics pan it is proof of the validity of it's content. There is a stigma attached to any mention of intelligent design and it is great to see the arrogant bias creationists are shown finally exposed. I applaud Ben Stein for his work here, and I'm eager to see more on this subject... In fact, I am going to do what I can to see to it that this film is available for viewing by any interested parties in my community...
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November 26, 2009
Whether or not you believe in intelligent design, people who bash this movie are missing the point that this was made. Why is it that scientists who even mention intelligent design lose their jobs? People that are at the top of their chosen fields losing their jobs because they might want to challenge something. Many people think that proponents of intelligent design looked unintelligent, I also believe that Darwinists didn't look all that good as well. The Micheal Moore school of filmmaking might be alive and well here, but it seems like the Darwinists got the same chance that proponents of intelligent design got with their jobs on the line. Decent job with Ben Stein, but it was kind of sad seeing his face when he was talking about Nazism and Hitler. Decent documentary, got it point across even though people are touchy about this subject.
½ November 19, 2009
And yet this won't change anything to make things fair, and those organizations still rule who is right and who is wrong, to question things!!!!
½ June 4, 2009
I like the way he put that together. It was really funny, and apparently educational. He did do both sides of the topic and then goes off on a tangent, but it was a good tangent.
½ March 18, 2009
This movie is total garbage! It has to be the most intellectually dishonest documentary I have ever seen. At best the arguments made are philosophical in nature, NOT scientific.
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