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June 10, 2007
The United States Of America is surely one of the most frustrating and downright baffling societies in the world. An inept dimwit gains power through the nepotism of his fat cat cronies, perverts the democratic process and steals a PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. He then uses a cowardly and barbaric attack on his country to provoke a climate of fear over his OWN VOTERS so he can take away their civil liberties and bomb two countries whose populations had NOTHING to do with it into the stone age in order to profit from the reconstruction after the devastation HE caused. Not to mention the fact that many of the soldiers dying half a world away are the very disenfranchised poor who had their votes stolen from them. And what do the American people (with the exception of a few egg throwers on inauguration day) do? Nothing. Nada. Zip. And yet when an intelligent, forward thinking president is FINALLY elected a society, so brainwashed by its capitalist overlords that they believe any attempt at beneficial social reform is anti-American or even dangerous, is up in arms at the idea of a free healthcare system FOR THEMSELVES!! In any other country, Michael Moore would be considered a champion and hero. In a place as screwed up as "the land of the free" however, he didn't stand a chance...
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½ February 7, 2012
A documentary movie shouldn't usually be completely biased and one-sided like this, but Michael Moore has obviously done his homework and researched the subject matter deep enough and with enough attention to detail to make up for it's narrow mindedness. Or is it really? I never knew a documentary about one of the most horrific terrorist attacks in history and politics in general, could be unboring, informant, funny, and entertaining at the same time. That was until I saw Fahrenheit 9/11. It's a real eye opener and a funny one too.
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½ January 17, 2012
Fahrenheit 9/11 is the best documentary that Michael Moore has made. The film takes a look at the Government's handling of September 11, 2001 and the aftermath. Say what you want about Michael Moore, and believe me, I sometimes don't agree with him on everything he says but his points in this film are very hard to ignore. This film brings to light some important issues and shows how inept the Bush administration was in dealing with 9/11. Fahrenheit 9/11 also deals with the Iraq War, a war that was very controversial The only real flaw the film possesses is the fact that it doesn't different points of view, it only shows Moore's point of view. Despite this, Fahrenheit 9/11 succeeds at being a very watchable film, one that will make the viewer ask questions and sometimes question certain decisions of their government. Despite the flaws, this is one good documentary, near perfect, but only biased towards Moore's opinion. However, this is a solid, well crafted documentary that showcases Michael Moore at his peak. Despite your opinion on Michael Moore or the decisions that Bush has made during his presidency, you can't deny that this film will spark debate, and make you aware of surprising facts. A flawed, but almost perfect documentary, Fahrenheit 9/11 is an intelligent, smartly crafted film that is simply put Michael Moore's best film.
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March 17, 2009
An over-hyped controversial documentary which reveals some startling facts, but fails to impress on the whole. It's effective in parts; but the sum of its parts isn't effective enough. But the movie has left its impression in another way. If someone in my country starts making such a movie about some high-profile minister, let alone the President, he'll be finished before his movie. And even if someone manages to complete it, its chances of getting released are almost negligible. Such kind of film-makers won't be around for long in our country. They simply cannot afford to dare and wander fearlessly, taking statements, opinions, etc. like Michael Moore; they'd always have a sword hanging over their heads, which is bound to fall sooner than later if the person doesn't shut the fuck up. Americans are lucky to have such kind of freedom for its media.
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½ June 9, 2006
Well, it's Michael Moore, so that very fact right there will determine (for a lot of people) whether they will like this or not. My memory on this movie is fuzzy, and I think I dozed off for a bit while watching it, but that doesn't detract that this film brings some important stuff to the table and has some merits going for it.

As I generally say with all of my reviews for Moore's films, even though he has a major bias that he has no qualms about presenting, and even though he slants thigns to fit his agenda, you have to give him credit for doing his homework. His films are well researched, thought out, and made with ltos of care. He's not a reckless expose artist.

If anyhting, this will get people talking, thinking, and maybe inspired in some way (still).
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May 3, 2008
I do not know the Bushes are as thick with the bin Laden family as the movie points out, but it something I think few Americans know about. Michael Moore is like Fox News.... you know which way his political beliefs fall and he does a better job of finding supporting evidence than Fox does!! lol Take with a grain of salt and see what questions may need more insight!
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July 22, 2010
Moore's best work got him an Oscar, and mirrored the majority of America's concerns.
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April 12, 2010
11/04/2010 (DVD)

Very funny. I'm not really into this stuff but this dude did a pretty good job with his material.

A courageous film! Great interviews and the DVD extras is a treat.

This is the real 'Matrix' and Michael Moore is 'Neo'.
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½ April 12, 2010
Interesting and definitely revealing, but Michael Moore really needs to find a way to present information in a more sophisticated fashion. His documentaries seem to come off as incredibly corny to me. Now at times that works, but in a lot of ways it has brought down the credibility of his argument. It felt like a roast here more than anything. Now coming from someone who's extremely liberal, this was just too obvious and biased.
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½ December 25, 2008
"The temperature where freedom burns!"

Michael Moore's view on what happened to the United States after September 11; and how the Bush Administration allegedly used the tragic event to push forward its agenda for unjust wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Documentarian filmmaker and political gadfly Michael Moore strikes once again this time in his take on the dubious Bush Administration and the machinations since 9/11 involving the quagmire of the Iraq War with some eye-widening moments of jaw-dropping incredulity that never fails to wake the viewer up with some truly startling media footage and just how bamboozled USA has become with politics, glad-handing and general crookedness that will turn even the most jaded non-political person promptly to their senses as the chicanery unfolds in at-times brilliantly funny and smartly edited (kudos to co-producer/editor Kurt Engfehr, Chris Seward and Todd Woody Richman) depictions of just how far one can blindly accept how things have become. A must see.
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November 9, 2009
I saw it in high school, didn't know nothin' bout politics. There was so much buzz around this movie, it was stupid. It was released when a lot of the country still supported Bush, so Michael Moore's Bush bashing was controversial. The way Bush was portrared in the clips is now the commonplace opinion of him. The idiotic Bush clips are great, everybody likes those, but this documentary is all over the place. It's not focused on one thing, Moore's ranting about everything, especially gun control. I was lost for most of it but man the Bush clips are great.
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½ September 1, 2006
Moore may have some of the most biased documentaries that's ever been made but with this film, he shared the same opinion of the Bush administration with 95% of the world's population. It's because of that and the lengthy research that this guy does with every documentry, that I give this 9/10. Perhaps I would like to see some of the Democrats being interviewed but apart from this it's very well made and no doubt depicts what what the idiots of the Bush administration were doing during that period of time.

Definatly, worth watching, although if you're an avid Republican, probably best avoid. One of the better documentaries on the circumstances around the 9/11 attacks and Iraq.

Recomendation: If you did enjoy this, check out Taxi To The Dark Side
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September 16, 2009
I love some of the American reviews on this very page; "Michael Moore is an idiot. You might not like Bush, but you respect him because of the office he holds" That was written a couple of year ago now, when W was still in office but it goes to show the ridiculous and frightening 'Brainwashing' America undergoes all in the name of patriotism. My only concern with this film is the fact Moore holds back, I realise why he had/has to but it meant he focussed too much on one point and not on the whole story. Still, another great doc from Mr. Moore.
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December 27, 2006
Say what you want about the subject matter... it's a well made film. It's totally one sided but well made.
This is the guy that brought the documentary feature into the main stream once again and made a splash doing it.
I recommend you see it even if you don't agree with the mans politics. He knows how to make a fluid flick.
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April 16, 2007
In the end, if I recall correctly, there's just not enough meat on this bone for it to stand up to its many challengers.

Though I haven't seen it since it was in theatres - now that the Bush "legacy" is completely established, I wouldn't mind re-evaluating it - I remember thinking that he exploited too many loose connections and popular opnions (not to mention sentimentality). Unfortunately, to make a point like the one he was trying to make in this film - which I still don't think I've quite identified - he needs to back it up with a little more substance... though if his point was simply a combination of "Bush is an idiot" and "The Iraq War sucks", well, he succeeded there, but that's not exactly something most people couldn't construe from the newspaper most mornings... as entertaining as the rest of his work, but not as intellectually engaging, which makes it sort of ironic that this garnered him the Palme d'Or. Then again, generalities about America would be more likely to appeal to people who don't live there.

I like Moore, but I always try to take him with a grain of salt... and for this over-emotional, even if reasonable - but not adequately substantiated in the film! - culmination of his anger with Bush, I had the sense that I might need a couple kilos.
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April 22, 2007
Moore is on the loose again, and this time he's taking on The Bush Administration. What a shocker! In all seriousness, this is a very relevant and very entertaining piece.
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October 1, 2007
Michael Moore has some good points, but overall he is really annoying and ignores any facts that differ from his agenda.
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September 28, 2007
Very weak effort from Moore, while "Bowling.." was sharp and direct to the point, this one goes the easy route with too much cheap sentimental exploits, among other stuff.
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September 1, 2007
Documentary exploring aftermath of 911.
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½ August 14, 2007
Loved it. I absolutely love Michael Moore and how honest he is.
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