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½ September 3, 2010
Very long and very melodramatic! Good actors and a realistic story, but it was too melodramatic for my taste.
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½ March 31, 2008
Creaky antique with mismatched stars is interesting in how much more openly the couples sexual relationship is portrayed than it would have been just a few years later when the production code had gone into effect. Otherwise it isn't anything to go out of your way to watch.
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½ July 21, 2007
it's a '30's HOLLYWOOD movie, not the hemingway book, so first get over your lit pretensions. if you can manage that small grace, then this is a quiet and precious film, surprising because it's not cooper that stars, no, but helen hayes who makes every scene she's in resonant, as if she came equipped with her own personal echo chamber. adolphe menjou makes for an smiling and irritating deus ex machina while the coop does his best, the keanu reeves of his day, to simply remain in the work and give life to hemingway's stoic hero.
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½ November 28, 2007
a solid portrayal of one of my favorite novels of all time. much of the most impactful war narrative from the source material was removed, but thats understandable since the love story is the most important part and the film was only 90 minutes. what was included was done well and gary cooper put in a solid performance. good film.
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½ July 21, 2005
[font=Century Gothic][color=navy]"A Farewell to Arms" starts out in Itay in World War I. Catherine(Helen Hayes) is a nurse from England. Frederic(Gary Cooper) is an expatriate from the United States, former architecture student and now an ambulance driver. They meet and fall in love. This is an undeniably romantic film about people who live life with the constant possibility that it could all end tomorrow. But the finale is certainly over the top and Adolphe Menjou sports a rather comical Italian accent.[/color][/font]
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[font=Century Gothic][color=darkgreen]"Morocco" is about a vaudeville performer, Amy Jolly(Marlene Dietrich), who is on her way to colonial Morocco, apparently to get away from someone or something. On the way there, she meets a wealthy businessman(Adolphe Menjou). At her debut performance in Morocco, she wears a tuxedo, flirts with men as well as women and encounters roguish Foreign Legionnaire, Tom Brown(Gary Cooper) in the cheap seats. Brown apparently has a woman at every oasis. "Morocco" is an enjoyable film about finding love in the least likeliest places.[/color][/font]
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½ August 16, 2013
I find that Gary Cooper outside of High Noon is not someone suited for a lot of films. Here he bumbles through Hemingway who unfortunately was alive to see it.
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½ June 10, 2011
A very melodramatic and decently created first Hemingway adaptation of A Farewell to Arms that while not reaching the greatness of the book, is commendable. The film is slow and often filled with a lot of overly emotional events but if you can endure that you are in for a good and tragic love story unfolding and the devastating result.
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June 4, 2011
The book fails to carry over to the screen.
November 25, 2015
Unquestionably, this is one of my favorite romance films of all time. The set pieces, gorgeous cinematography, epic scope, and absolutely incredible chemistry between Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes are all just fantastic.

It functions on two levels: an epic romance and a powerful anti-war statement.

There isn't anything else to say, this is an absolute masterpiece.
April 2, 2015
What must have been a great movie in its day, and is still quite good, but has lost a step or two in with what has come since in the last 80 + years.
½ March 19, 2015
Excellent cinematography, though a lot of it is experimental rather than necessary (see: a creative shot from the point of view of a guy moving around on a hospital bed). Good direction & acting.
December 30, 2013
I liked all the technical aspects but just thought the movie was kind of dull. It hasn't aged all that well imo. I probably should have just read the book!
December 28, 2009
Pacing, superior acting and impressive direction make this one of best, if not the BEST, Hemingway adaptation ever put on screen. The cinematography is not there to be beautiful and it isn't just serviceable. It helps tell the story.

It's an emotional and believable story. One buys the love story, the sadness and the desperation. As stylized as it is, like great poetry, it is sincere and delivers a truth that is undeniable.
March 12, 2008
A note on old movies: What print you watch is absolutely crucial when watching an older film because the quality of the picture can range from amazing to downright unwatchable. Unfortunately it is difficult to get original prints in pristine condition and thus harder to restore, not to mention the older film making techniques are primitive compared to what we are accustomed to today. In regards to this film, there were scenes that were very dark where it was impossible to see anything. It is as if they didn't know anything about lighting back then.
Anyways, in regards to this film, it's a good film that encompasses the classic Hollywood film. Unfortunately that leads to some plot holes and heavy handed romanticism. That is not to say that is not enjoyable though as I was pleasantly moved by the final scenes even if they are guilty of overacting. B-
½ November 15, 2007
Beautifully filmed version of the classic story. Helen Hayes is very memorable in the role of Catherine, she is such a great actress. Great story, well adapted to the screen. Fine direction by Frank Borzage.
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June 2, 2007
Sometimes Hemingway's woks don't always translate well on the screen. This is one of them. This was very boring and I found myself wanting to go to sleep several times.
½ December 16, 2004
There is a reason this film is considered a classic. And it's not just because of the Ernest Hemingway connection. Gary Cooper is flat out brilliant in this film. Not to mention the supporting cast which not only entertains but does it in a convincing yet dramatic manner. And Holy Mother of Mary if that ending doesn't have you reaching for the tissues, what kind of a monster are you?!
½ March 20, 2016
Best when Hayes and Cooper are alone on screen. These scenes are romantic and daring in pre-Hayes Code Hollywood. And both actors are splendid. There are many memorable scenes but look out for one as the lovers are walking along the street after Cooper's recovery from his injury. She questions him about his past "lovers" and it is done with wit and maturity.
SPOILER ALERT. Unfortunately we know that Catherine's "sin" cannot go unpunished. Could be compared to Romeo and Juliet plot. Everyone seems to conspire against the lovers, especially his Captain and her so-called "friend" Fergie. I wondered why Catherine had such an unsupportive friend. Her character is far too passive to be an admirable heroine.
The whole movie is very well set up from the beginning, when the pregnant nurse is sent away, Fergie's first words to Frederick bad-mouth men and the Captain's dependency on Lt. Henry for companionship/money is shown. For modern audiences, ending is too long delayed, after Frederick deserts and why he isn't allowed to visit his dying "wife" is unfathomable. And Wagner playing as Catherine dies is just too over-the-top!
March 15, 2016
Some of the delivery could be better, but as this is relatively early talkie it's an excellent effort at a war romance as well as adapting a Hemingway story.
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