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September 6, 2009
Excellent flick. Much better than the middle two. Just forget those movies happened. This was good balls to the walls action with much better actors with the original 4 back together. Bad idea making 2 and 3 :)
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April 19, 2009
Isn't Han dead? oh no wait this is a sequel to the first film that doesn't ignore the second and third film but just takes place before them. So this is when Han was running with Toretto before he leaves for Japan...aaaah right. It feels pretty desperate for them to go way back and make a sequel to the first film after time has moved on with the second and third films. Did we really need to know what happened right after the first film? did we really need to see Han with Toretto? couldn't they just move ahead with a fourth that takes places after two and three? The whole structure of the franchise just seems so convoluted now.

So Walker is now an agent in a suit for the FBI, so he looks even more like Keanu Reeves in 'Point Break', really helping his impression ten fold...totally bra!. Toretto's girlfriend has been killed by a drug dealers henchman, the same drug dealer O'Conner is after, so both end up going after the same cartel. At the same time Toretto is still on the most wanted list which is still causing O'Conner morality issues, anyway to hell with all that! cue the pointless street racing!

This film really does feel completely and utterly generic in every way. The plot just seems so pointless and uninspired, Letty is killed for pretty much unknown reasons (we don't find out why for ages), but I assume its mainly because Rodriguez wanted out of the franchise. From that point on its just watching Vin Diesel swagger from one set piece to another beating guys up or generally running away from the law.

I mean really, the main bad guy drug kingpin organises a street race through downtown LA just to recruit a driver for his drug smuggling operation. The whole sequence is so pathetic, all the drivers line up like they were top guns of the chav world...bling city, one guy is black, one guy is white, one guy is Latino etc...PC much? Its not even a sensible race, more like a destruction derby and completely unrealistic. I realise this is not a serious action film but come on, lets at least make the racing sensible, it is the films main selling point.

Oh...a hyper modded Skyline struggling to beat an US brick (American Muscle), really? I don't think so, import will always win. That Skyline should have been pushing 1000BHP, should have been if properly modded.

The tanker hijack sequence at the start of the film is just as dumb as the exact same sequence in the first film. Once again I gotta ask...why not just stop the tanker, take the driver out at gun point and then calmly take the fuel?? surely that's easier? Oh no wait the director wants to have an exciting chase sequence with lots of fast cars and a big explosion at the end, oooooh gotcha.

Then there is the quite plainly idiotic chase sequences through these underground tunnels across the US border into Mexico. I can't even begin to express how stupid this whole concept is let alone how awful it looks with terrible CGI. For starters who built these tunnels? how? when? how did the US border patrols not notice this massive undertaking??! How the hell does anyone know exactly where the entrance is to these tunnels when they are disguised as a rock face and you're travelling towards them at about 200+ MPH!

The sequences within the tunnels are just dreadful, it looks like a videogame. As the actors sit in the mock cars you can laugh at the hideous CGI rock formations whizzing past in the windows/rear windscreen. Again I know this isn't a serious flick but come on...this takes the piss. And we are to believe they are all zooming down these narrow badly lit mine shafts in super imports and US muscle cars at well over 150MPH?! really?

What I love about this franchise/film is the fact Toretto always seems to have a modded muscle car. Doesn't matter where he is or what's happened, he turns up with a newly charged up car...always American muscle. I wish it was this easy in reality. Even at the very end, O'Conner and what's left of Toretto's crew pop up to bust him out...all driving more expensive heavily modded cars! Where do they get them from?? how many Dodge Chargers have they gone through now? how many do they own? do they clone them?? Do any of these guys have insurance? wait silly question.

This film did well simply because the original cast came back, but I can't for the life of me understand how that helps. Yes I like Vin Diesel but the rest are terrible, the plot is formulaic and dull, the film is choppy and they have started to slide towards the action genre meaning actual street racing is out. But even the racing sequences are poor here, just ridiculous and show more resemblance to James Bond. Not to be taken seriously of course but this film has lost its originality and simply become a common action mess.
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January 11, 2010
Fast & Furious improves over what the previous two failed upon (losing the cast), but they will never make a fast & furious movie that will top the original! This film has an interesting story, Brian O'Connor is back in the police business as he comes bak into contact with Dominic Toretto, and as he is on pursuit to take down a drug importer, things get messy. They end up working together and become friends once again. Brian once again, places his career on the line, This is definitely not the best in the franchise, but I do think it tops the second and third instalment. Looking forward to the continuation in 2011!
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½ April 14, 2009
In bringing back the original lead cast - Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, and Michelle Rodriguez - Fast & Furious is the "official sequel" to The Fast and the Furious, which is a good thing for the franchise. Neither 2 Fast 2 Furious nor Tokyo Drift could find a workable substitute for the chemistry that these actors had with each other. Like most good sequels, Fast & Furious retains some elements that made its predecessor so appealing but also morphs into its own kind of machine. Most of the focus is on its caper/revenge narrative, thereby eliminating most of the street racing elements.
Justin Lin stages amazing action scenes. He moves the scenes forward at a break-neck speed but always chooses angles that allows the audience to know where everyone is at all times as well as to clearly show every stunt without too many masking cuts. Of course, almost all the laws of physics and plausibility are completely thrown out the window this time. Some scenes are so void of logic that to complain would just create a bigger headache.
Fast & Furious has all the spirit of the original. This is definitely a guilty pleasure that puts the franchise back on track. How can anyone not love a scene where the drug lord is praying in a church and Diesel walks behind him, points a shotgun to his temple and says, "You're not forgiven." Classic, lol.
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July 27, 2012
The reunion of the original stars give a warm-feel to this new-age of street racing and concept. Though not as powerful as its original make, the new model provides an action-packed kick into overdrive. Weak dialogue and predictable plot slows down the film but still manages to entertain regardless. 4/5
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½ October 7, 2011
Fast & Furious is no masterpiece of subtlety and drama, but it is pretty entertaining. Especially if you like hot cars and hot, scantily clad women.

I really can't tell you how much the story has in common with that of the previous movies (I honestly don't remember the stories of any of these movies a week after seeing them), but who really watches these for the story. There's something about Dom (Vin Diesel) looking for revenge and Brian (Paul Walker) trying totaled down some drug importer. Obviously, both those things involve lots of cool cars racing around (the parts that I do end up remembering). That's where the movie shines, even though there aren't quite enough of them. The car scenes are genuinely exciting, with director Justin Lin having a great eye for capturing that kind of action.

All in all, this is a slick action movie that more than lives up to the Fast & Furious name. If you liked the others, you like this one too.
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June 3, 2010
It's the best in series. Even a not-a-car-lover like me enjoyed this. Can't wait to see next one.
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April 4, 2011
It was good, not great but good. Vin Diesel is back and good thing too, I missed him. Its like a fresh breath of air since the original, because its kind of a direct sequel to the first. The plot was the worst of the series (with the exception of Tokyo Drift), but not horrible. The racing scenes are awesome (no surprise there), a very worthy edition to the franchise.
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April 26, 2009
Cast: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Laz Alonso, Gal Gadot, John Ortiz, Sung Kang, Kofi Natei, Wilmer Calderon, Ron Yuan, Tego Calderón, Don Omar, Lil Wayne, T.I.

Director: Justin Lin

Summary: Fugitive ex-con Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) must team with his old nemesis Agent Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) and take on a common enemy in the latest full-throttle installment of the speed-racing franchise. Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster reprise their roles as Letty and Mia, respectively, in the action adventure, which features pulse-pounding convoy heists and precision tunnel crawls.

My Thoughts: "Finally it gets back to the original players and is worth watching again. The action and the car chases are amazing as usual. The cars are great eye candy. Everything I loved about the first film is reprised in this film. I think Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are great together and the dynamo between Dominic and Brian is enough reason to see it. Great action, good plot, and great acting by most. It's definitely worth the rental."
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½ April 10, 2009
New Model. Original Parts.

Saw it again!!! The movie was good but it was different and there isn't much racing, the story is more serious than the other movies. This movie is actually a pre-quel to Tokio Drift And Fast Five. I liked it anyways even though there's not so many races, alot of funny and latin stuff going on including Tego and Don Omar from PR.

After a successful run at hijacking fuel tanks on the highways of the Dominican Republic, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) leaves his girlfriend Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and his gang, as he is now an international criminal. Eventually, Dominic's partner Han (Sung Kang) flees to Tokyo, causing Dominic to also flee. One day, in Panama, Dominic receives a phone call from his sister Mia (Jordana Brewster), who tells him that Letty was just murdered. Dominic returns to Los Angeles, California, to find out who murdered Letty. After Letty's funeral, Dominic asks his sister to take him to the site where Letty's accident occurred. At the scene, Dom finds traces of nitromethane residue that can only be purchased at one body shop in L.A.. At the body shop, he finds one of his old racing counterparts that, after being coerced, leads him to a man named David Park. Dominic finds Park and hangs him out of a window threatening to drop him and vowing to kill anyone that stands in his way of avenging Letty. He receives the information that only through a street race, arranged by Ramon Campos, can he gain access to the man responsible for Letty's death.

Meanwhile, Brian O'Connor (Paul Walker)now an FBI agent, is assigned to track down a notorious drug lord named Arturo Braga. Brian, after chasing down a criminal on foot, receives information also leading to David Park. Both Dominic and Brian, having received the same information are led to the underground entrance race that guarantees them a spot on the team that traffics heroin across the United States-Mexico border. During the race, Dominic and Brian outlast all of their competitors until the two of them remain and head towards the finish line neck and neck, Dominic sideswipes Brian's car ensuring that he comes in first, securing his spot on the team so that he can seek justice on Letty's behalf. Having lost the race, Brian uses his influence at the FBI to ensure that one of the other members on Braga's team, Dwight Mueller, gets arrested for "distribution of methamphetamine," in order to usurp his spot of the team. At a party, Ramon Campos, Braga's right hand man, welcomes them to the team and gives them a GPS that will alert them to where they will begin their race. Dominic ends up in a confrontation with a racer identified as Fenix, the driver of the car that collided with Letty before firing the shot that killed her.

Dominic and Brian both receive the coordinates to meet with Campos and are transported, along with their cars by semi-trailer to the Mexican border to receive the heroin that they are to transport, from there they are to follow Fenix's lead to the other side through an underground tunnel so they aren't seen by the satellite images and forward looking infrared used to monitor the borders. After the transport, Dominic realizes that the drivers are thought of as disposable and that after successful trafficking of the product they are shot and killed in order to avoid paying them. Letty, having been in the same situation was the only driver to get away when they attempted to shoot her, it was the pursuit that led to the car crash and subsequent shooting causing her death. Dom anticipated the double-dealing because of the warning given by Gisele, Braga's liason, in the form of the Spanish phrase "vaya con dios", set his car to explode by discharging nitrous oxide with the spark from the cigarette lighter in his car after he learns from Fenix that he was responsible for killing Letty with no remorse. Brian hijacks one of the Hummers carrying the heroin, escaping the gunfire, and head back to the U.S., where Dominic learns that Brian was contacted by Letty who agreed to infiltrate and collect information leading to Braga in exchange for clemency for Dominic. Brian speaks to his superiors about a plan that he has devised to trade the heroin for Braga if they will pardon Dominic.

An exchange is arranged with Campos, 6 million dollars for the heroin, provided that Braga be the one to deliver the money personally. The FBI is poised to arrest Braga at the exchange site, however, Dominic and Brian both realize that Campos is in fact Braga before the FBI does and the raid is botched. Braga evades capture and flees over the Mexican border out of the FBI's jurisdiction. Brian and Dominic head after him on their own and find him in a cathedral praying for salvation. They kidnap Braga with intent to take him back to the United States where he can be tried and imprisoned for drug trafficking, but after having taken him captive they are chased by Braga's henchmen. The chase leads to the same underground tunnels that they went through in order to transport the drugs into the United States. Once on the United States side of the border, Dominic kills Fenix by crushing him with his car and Braga is finally apprehended by the FBI, as is Dominic.

Dominic is tried for his crimes and, though Brian appealed to the courts on his behalf, is sentenced to "25 years to life without the possibility of early parole." The movie concludes with Brian, Mia, Tego, and Rico racing towards the prison bus transporting Dom to the Lompoc Penitentiary.
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August 1, 2011
Expected more with the OG crew back together.
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May 14, 2011
By far the best of the 3 sequels to the original. Set 5 years after number 1, and sometime before number 3(unless Han didn't actually die in 3 and had never been to Tokyo). I really like how this features some racing, but starts to take the series in a different direction. Vin Diesel is great, and Paul Walker is much better in this one than the first 2. Some of the effects are over the top(like Dom driving under a burning, tumbling tank of gas), but overall it's a very fun action movie. Justin Lin directed this one along with 3 and 5, and I must say thank god for him, as he completely resurrected this series and got it back on track.
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½ December 21, 2008
I have read all previous comments and only see a couple of people that actually make a comment that it is supposed to happen between 2 Fast 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift... I'm sure this had something to do with Justin Lin directing Tokyo Drift as well as Fast & Furious. I'm glad that he made it happen that way because I am sure there were many people that saw Tokyo Drift and thought, "Where did this movie come from?" It was so random to have it be a Fast and Furious movie when it had nothing to do with either of the original 2 with the exception of the again, random, cameo of Dom at the end of it. In the first couple of scenes of Fast & Furious you see that Han is part of Dom's crew that hi-jacks gas tankers in the Dominican Republic. When the heat is on Dom once again, he tells Han it's time to go do his own thing. Han tells him that he hears of some things going on in Tokyo. If you recall in Tokyo drift, Han tells Sean that Tokyo is his "Mexico" he was running to stay out of jail.

I really enjoyed this movie. The plot wasn't as detailed as the previous but it followed along well with what you think might happen in a Fast & Furious movie... Paul Walker plays Brian O'Conner again, he is still working law enforcement, although this time he is big boy FBI. Vin Deisel is back as Dominic Toretto. He and Brian are trying to get in with a drug ring for different reasons, but team up to help each other get what they are after.

The movie is full of everything you expect from the franchise: Nice cars, great racing, hot women and hot guys (to suit everyone's taste) This movie has great action sequences as well. I recommend this movie to anyone that has followed the other 3... or at least the first 2.
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½ January 24, 2011
This is the sequel that should have been made from the get go. It's a rousing, action packed reunion film that cuts out the bullshit and delivers the goods. I was close to giving this another half-star, but I have a few little issues that I think are enough to keep the grade where it's at. In letter grade terms, this gets a straight B.

Picking up about five years (I belive that's what characters said) after the events of the first film, the story follows Brian and Dom who cross paths to take down a common enemy-each with their own reasons. Thigns are of course between Dom and Mia and Brian, but that's part of what makes this film more than just action. The characters feel more fleshed out and seemed to have grown and changed. I have some complaints with how they handle some of the initial reunion scenes, because it could be a little better/stronger, but it's good enough I suppose.

Walker (complete once again with some Chucks...for part of the movie anyway) gives probably his strognest performance in this series to date. It's nice to see some of the old crew as well. Lin does a better job with the direction this time, so that leads me to belive that he's either regaining his stride, or he's just getting better at genre films. Despite some sometimes obvious (but excusable) green screen/cgi, this is a well crafted film. The stunts are well done, even though some of the writing is a little rough.

Say what you will about this series or this film in paticular, but I really enjoyed this one. Give it a chance, it's better than it might seem, even though the title is pretty terrible, redundant, and in need of being changed to something better.
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June 10, 2008
Fast and Furious features the foursome who starred in the first film ,The Fast and the Furious,back in 2001.(a Fave film of mine i loved it~!)
you can expect some fantastic, white-knuckle car chases. toss a few scantily clad women into the background of a scene and then let the engines rev and the tires burn rubber~!!!!!!
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August 19, 2010
More like the first in terms of style, but this one even further reinforces the fact that Vin Diesel is invincible to bullets and has no time for funny business. His greatest feat in this movie is when he Jumps out of his own car, which is going at least 100mph, and jumps into the car next to him and kicks out the other driver. This may seem impossible to a normal man, but for Vin Diesel, it's a walk in the park. Even the coveted sleeveless shirts are back to achieve maximum hulkage. The rest of the movie really doesn't make any sense, especially the plot, but it doesn't really matter when you've got CGI cars and Paul Walker assuming the identity of a legitimate FBI agent.
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July 18, 2010
The world of Fast & Furious is nothing new to director Justin Lin; therefore, this film is a success."New model. Original parts." That tag line summarizes this picture nicely. Despite some minor continuity with the story and characters, this film is easily watchable without any viewings of the previous installments. In other words, new story with the same lead characters.Behind the car segments there is enough of a plot to tie everything together, and it is enough to go the distance of 1 hour and 40 minutes. That isn't to say that there is a whole lot of meat to the story, but it delivers on the following: cars, chases, and women.Scattered throughout the film are the car chase segments and all are fast and furious, as the title indicates. The stunts, explosions, roaring of the engines, and camera work are all intact to make these scenes the highlight of the picture.Vin Diesel is his usual self, and this is fine because he matches his character. Paul Walker matches behind the wheel, but as an FBI agent, not so much. Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, and Gal Gadot are all memorable for their looks rather than their acting, which isn't actually that bad.Fast & Furious brings the action, so buckle up and hold on tight.
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June 24, 2010
they finally made a really good sequal. B+
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May 9, 2008
At last the majority of the original cast are back for a true sequel. It's great how some of the film relates back to what happened in the first and some of the locations are still the same. I heard mixed reviews of this but I thought it was great and the 2nd best in the series now after the first. Even Han from Tokyo drift makes a brief appearance at the start to tie things in a bit. There is plenty of action and cool cars and a great street race scene thats better than the 1/4 mile race of the first. There are rumours there could be a couple more yet, if they get the cast to stay together and a good story it could make for an even better film.
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½ October 3, 2009
In the words of Phil Collins, "I I don't care anymore".
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