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½ March 25, 2015
A great film that's worth adding to your collection.
½ February 2, 2010
Fastest Gun Alive is a solid psychological Western with solid performances. Glenn Ford stars as fast draw George Temple... A man that promised his wife he would lay down the gun and live the life of a peaceful man and grow a family. As luck would have it, an outlaw named Vinnie Harold (Brodrick Crawford)believes he is the fastest gun and is also on the run from the law after a bank hold up. As the outlaw comes into the small town where George lives, he learns about George's ability with a gun, and he seeks a big showdown in the middle of the streets.

This is a perfect film for an actor like Glenn Ford. It's fairly low scale, and it's perfect for a solid actor with a not so huge screen presence. I view Ford as sort of the Christian Bale of his time. He is at his best playing the lead in low key films as a dark character. John Dehner co-stars as one of Harold's henchmen.
March 13, 2013
The only villain here, is Jeanne Crain's character, who for some reason spends the entire picture in a tug of war battle with Glenn Ford, a battle between having fun, and being a complete and utter bore. That's usually how it goes in older pictures - the lead actor chews up the scenery, and the actress manages to land the role of the bickering bore.

I tuned in to see 'The Fastest Gun Alive,' not the most boring woman alive.
December 25, 2012
wow die ou verdien n oscar
½ November 26, 2010
Friday, November 26, 2010

(1956) The Fastest Gun Alive

Somewhat familiar plot with Cronenburg's "The History of Violence" where the audience assumes to know who the character is until as the film progresses that he's not as innocent as he looks consiting of a dark past. In this case it's a Western where the leading character Glenn Ford as grocery store owner George appears to have a normal life like the rest of the townsfolk until conceited gunmen stop into town in search for the fastest gunman. Great build up with a reasonable amount of tension leading to the great finale!

What's interesting about this film is that actor Glenn Ford actually practiced drawing with actual professional gun men before the making of this movie!

3.5 out of 4
October 21, 2006
½ July 29, 2010
Pauline Kael once described a movie as a bad paying job with wonderful fringe benefits, and I suppose that statement would perfectly express your thoughts after watching the Glenn Ford Western "The Fastest Gun Alive." Ford starred in far superior Westerns than this--3:10 to Yuma, Jubal--but none with the kind of fringe benefits we get with this one. First, we get to watch the obvious city slicker Broderick Crawford as a gun slinging outlaw; second, we get to observe the lithesome Russ Tamblyn in a completely inexplicable--but flawlessly executed--dance scene that doesn't add anything to the story; and third, we get to see the usually tough Glenn Ford play an emasculated operator of a general store. He's hiding a big secret, however--he's the fastest gun alive. Being the fastest gun alive, he decides he's just not going to take it anymore (adios meek and mild!). The whole affair is charmingly absurd and campy, and makes for one heck of a channel surfin' curiosity. My father saw this cowboy programmer as an excited little boy making bets with the other kiddies as to which of the two fast draws would win. They all thought our handsome hero was done for!!! Serious Western buffs (myself included) may very well regard this as one of the more unique and offbeat offerings in the annals of the genre. By the way, the director, Russel Rouse, wrote and directed some other interesting films. Most recommended is "The Thief," a 1952 spy thriller starring Ray Milland. It comes with a gimmick, albeit an effective one: the movie has not one line of dialogue spoken for its entire running time! You might hear a car drive by or a phone ring, but other than that Milland's physical performance helps to generate suspense. I know, Sounds contrived, and it is, but it works quite well!

*** Three Stars

-Oliver Spivey
August 14, 2005
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