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½ February 24, 2015
A movie that bears a similar resemblance to the legend of the USS Eldridge and the Philadelphia Experiment flick of 1984, in some aspects. That movie saw an experiment on board the US warship to try and make it invisible to radar. Of course it goes wrong and two crew members are sent into the future of 1984. In this time travel adventure the USS Nimitz is on training operations in the Pacific when a mysterious storm comes out of nowhere and sends the ship back to 1941.

The casting is impressive with this old sci-fi, Martin Sheen is a civilian observer, a systems analyst who is on board for reasons unknown frankly. Charles Durning plays a fictitious senator back in 1941 and the epic Kirk Douglas is the USS Nimitz Commander. All three of these actors add much needed impetus to the project as lets be honest...this is total B-movie fluff. Although I still can't for the life of me work out why Sheen's character is required, and here lies one of the plot issues.

In this movie the USS Nimitz was designed by an aged Mr. Tideman who we don't see. Now this chap has made sure that Sheen's character gets on board the Nimitz for its training run. The reason being because what happens on board the ship and in the past (when the ship gets there) will effect the future. You assume Sheen's character will obviously somehow effect someone or something that will cause a time ripple, but he doesn't as far as I could see. Sheen doesn't really do anything throughout the whole movie accept stand around and offer the odd bit of advice. The only thing I can think of is the fact that the Nimitz was delayed by two days waiting for Sheen's character to arrive and board (according to Douglas' character the Commander), by order of the mysterious Mr. Tideman. So maybe that delay was required so all the following events would be set in motion at the right time.

Naturally time travel paradoxes may arise in a story like this and I'm pretty sure the main twist in the tale here doesn't work. Basically it turns out one of the officers on board the Nimitz is a younger Mr. Tideman who gets stranded back in 1941. Tideman helped design the Nimitz because he served on board her as an officer up until the point he gets stuck back in time. So it was the older Tideman back in 1980 who wanted Sheen's character to travel on the Nimitz for her training ops...although I don't get why as I already said Sheen does nothing.

So here is my issue. Young Tideman goes back in time and gets stranded (in 1941), he then must pretty much relive his life through to the present of 1980. Thing is in the present of 1980 with Tideman now an old man, at some point many years earlier, another younger version of Tideman must be born so he can join the Navy, join the Nimitz and eventually go on the training ops mission back in time. So this would surely mean there would be two versions of Tideman living in the same time, is that possible? I'm sure the older version would know not to try and meet his younger self so maybe it would be OK?

There is much that isn't really explained in the movie, whether that's because its left up to your own imagination or not I don't know. The mysterious storm is never explained, the fact it seems to be aware at one point because it tracks or homes in on the Nimitz when they try to outmaneuver it. The whole event is simply written off as a mystery or freak of nature. Also I noticed that when the Nimitz goes through the time portal, even jets that aren't on board her go through too. At the end there is an entire strike force of jets up in the air and nowhere near the Nimitz when the storm time portal thing catches the ship and they go back through to 1980. So even if these jets aren't on the ship and not even close to either the ship or the portal...they still go through? Is that because the ship goes through and they just materialise along with it? maybe they are foreign objects in time and time knows they don't belong there?

Admittedly most of the run time is taken up by military prowess and military hardware porn, put it this way if you like big guns, jets, aircraft carriers, warships, old planes, helicopters, flybys're gonna have a field day. Its basically a US Navy recruitment campaign combined with a training video showing you all the cool fun stuff, life on a carrier and errr...all the cool fun stuff. You could also say it was a long homage and love letter to one of the USA's best supercarriers, one of the biggest warships around. A day in the life of the Navy at sea and how it runs. I can't deny it all looked very impressive though, very slick, very cool, it gives 'Top Gun' a good run for its money...and this was 1979! imagine what they're like today.

Anyway back to the movie, it was fun, an enjoyable little Twilight Zone-esque escapade which I find agreeable on most days. I knew there would be problems along the way with this, you can kinda tell, but it doesn't detract from the fun too much. Very well put together, nice effects for the time, cool aerial camera work on various military toys and it keeps you thinking.
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September 10, 2011
The Final Countdown is a unique and original film that delivers terrific thrills. With a fine cast of talented actors, director Don Taylor crafts this Action Sci Fi film that tells the story of the USS Nimitz send back through time on December 6, 1941, one day before the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. The plot is wonderful, and director Don Taylor crafts a film that definitely is entertaining from start to finish. Sure the film's premise is absurd, and not believable, but that's what makes this such a thrilling film. This is a must see for Sci Fi fans who enjoy a different type of film. The strength of the film lies with its cast and effective directing. Director Don Taylor presents us with a wonderful film that has some terrific visuals. There are plenty of things going for this film to make it worth seeing and the film ends up being so much fun that you just don't care how ridiculous the premise is. This is a popcorn flick pure and simple. This meant for mindless entertainment, and it most certainly does that. If you want a really amusing, then check this one out. The film may have its flaws, but it certainly is a terrific film that is not meant to be taken seriously. With a great cast that delivers on-screen, The Final Countdown is a near flawless fun film that delivers a good plot with fine acting and it overcomes its flaws by being something original. Go into this film with an open mind, you're sure to enjoy, just don't expect a masterpiece. In terms of popcorn films, The Final Countdown is one of the best.
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September 21, 2012
Hard to believe this excellent movie came out in 1980, It was really enjoyable then and still enjoyable today. Great to see the carrier ops from 1980 time frame which haven't change much except for the aircraft on board the carrier. The Nimitz time travels back to the day before pearl harbor an is drawn into battle with Japan, well almost. 5 stars 9-18-12
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July 19, 2012
Captain Yelland: Today is December 7, 1941... I'm sure we are all aware of the significance of this date in this place in history. We are going to fight a battle that was lost before most of you were born. This time, with God's help, its going to be different... Good Luck. 

"Nothing in the world can prepare you for..."

The Final Countdown is a terrible movie. You should know that. But it is one of those movies that is so bad, it's undeniably entertaining in its terribleness. Plus, a first rate cast make things go down a little better. Kirk Douglas commands the movie like a true film veteran. Martin Sheen is fine as well; as are Katherine Ross, James Farentino, and Charles Durning. Nobody is at their best, but how could you be with a movie as ridiculous as this one. 

Umm... plot; get ready. In the 1980's, the U.S.S. Nimitz is at sea, when they enter into a storm, the like of which none of them have ever seen. All of a sudden, the storm stops. They are left in sunny skies, with no damage. Everyone looks at each other. What just happened? No one knows. Soon, evidence starts trickling in that begins to make them believe they have traveled through time to December 6, 1941. Yes, the day before Pearl Harbor. When a run in with some Japanese planes confirms this; they are left to decide whether they should take action and risk changing history or let history run its course. 

Obviously, none of this is supposed to be taken seriously, but it plays itself out in a way that makes me think director Don Taylor was taking it seriously. It's a what if movie. What if a modern aircraft carrier was dropped into a battle that happened 40 years ago? What if we changed history? What if? What if? What if? That's all this movie is, is what if. 

I'm not going to say that the movie is one of the worst movies in history because it isn't. It may be one of the stupidest, but it isn't the worst. There are some redeeming qualities that make the watch more interesting. The film also made me think that making terrible movies would be the most fun job in the world. Sure, you're not going to make a lot of money and people are going to despise your work, but coming up with stupid, off the wall stuff like this and then actually filming it. It's every stoners wet dream.
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½ April 1, 2007
not believable but fun
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March 3, 2007
Enjoyable time travel fantasy that dumps a modern day aircraft carrier in the path of the attacking japanese force on the eve of Pearl Harbor. Kirk Douglas and Martin Sheen add weight to the cast, and although the idea isn't fully fleshed out, and the direction rather lacklustre and "TV movie", it's still an entertaining diversion. Fans of TV series Quantum Leap will love it.
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August 16, 2007
Great film for its time...
July 27, 2014
Very interesting concept: an aircraft carrier accidentally travels back in time 40 years in time to prevent the attack on Pearl Harbor. Unfortunately, nothing is really done with it. There is just enough air action to avoid a complete talking heads movie, but not enough to take it to a higher level of enjoyment. The decisions made by the crew in light of time paradoxes ultimately prove the movie's downfall.
March 5, 2012
Despite the presence of some great actors, and a pretty interesting concept, the movie itself just doesn't know what to do with itself. It meanders to the finish line, and rarely steps too far out of line. A bolder script with a much more dramatic ending would have helped. Also, you won't hear any songs by Europe.
½ December 4, 2011
This was a movie with a interesting idea and excellent cast that really just squandered it on...I'm not sure what. It just kind of wandered around real action and portrayed itself as something floating in the middle of the giant expanse of the ocean. Wait, that's what this movie is about.

So, with that, this movie really shouldn't have had the effect that it did have when it jumped back in time. It was all way to coincidental while still managing to really do nothing at all in the grand scheme of things. And there were already the tools then and even in WWII that this really would have caused something to resonate into the "present" besides the twist.

This movie is really just moderate for what should have been a lot more interesting.
August 20, 2011
An interesting plot to say the least with a few historical inaccuracies, but a good movie none the less.
August 15, 2009
Good movie with a good plot, which raises the question: If we went back in time, do we have the right to change history for the better?
July 11, 2009
Every- now and then there's a movie on paper that you think you should like but don't. All the main actors I truly enjoy. (Kirk Douglas! Martin Sheen! Katherine Ross!) It has time travel in it, WW2 stuff and a bit of a love story. I should like this movie. Unfortunately the whole movie falls very, very flat. GREAT concept, but terribly boring execution and suffers from too much "what was the point of this movie?" This movie also suffers from a good case of "the navy let us actually shoot on a naval carrier! How COOL is THAT?! Let's get lots of military porn in there! Let's use every shot we can! Look at those jets soar!"

This is one of those few cases where I honestly think a remake would be interesting. Good concept and idea, terrible execution.
July 8, 2009
Great, great movie. Solid actors, direction, and photography. A modern-day aircraft carrier ends up in the middle of the Pacific Dec. 6, 1941 with a huge ethical dilemma: whether to turn the firepower of the USS Nimitz against the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. This film has an ending that will make you sit up, slackjawed, and say "OMG"!
November 23, 2008
This was a great time travel movie, on a routine training excercise an aircraft carrier set off out of Pearl Harbor and encounters a freak storm which sends them back to Dec. 6th 1941 the day before Japan attacked Pearl Harbo, so they decide should they change history and stop the Japanese with their modern aircraft or not interfere with history?
½ October 7, 2008
Good film that could have been better. If they'd made this film in the last five years, almost everything would have been CGI'd. I liked the story line, but it seemed a bit convenient that they made almost no difference in the past, not enough to change the future. Although, the surprise at the ending wasn't much of a surprise.
½ December 28, 2007
Besides Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan , an Apocalypse Now, I think this is one of the first movies I ever saw.... I think they were all recorded on the same video tape by my dad...
September 3, 2007
A strange electrical storm hurls the nuclear carrier Nimitz back in time to just prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Once the commander realizes where he is he makes the decision to launch an attack. The real-life footage of the launching of the fighter squadrons is stupendous. Glad this was made before computer generated graphics. Check this one out with your surround system on HIGH.
½ July 21, 2007
Perhaps the best time-travel movie ever, because it treats the subject realistically and is convincing doing it. Best part: The possibilities it opens your mind up to.
June 5, 2007
Its cheesy. It stretches the realm of believability to and beyond any possible breaking point. The acting was ok, the plot interesting. But I was 20. I love playing "what if" in history and it was the verry first pic i saw in SENSORROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! teehee... Outstanding filc.
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