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Final Destination Reviews

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Apeneck F

Super Reviewer

July 12, 2007
If Death had a personality ... what kind of personality would that be? The first of the series makes a strong start with the proposition that the Reaper might be a poetic yet meticulous workman, an artist, bound to see a job through no matter what. A guilty pleasure of mine.
Eric A

Super Reviewer

September 26, 2011
Great idea for a film, but the cast executed their roles poorly. I remember thinking this movie was thrilling and eerie when I was 11 at the time of release, but being older now and's just kinda cheesy.
Luke B

Super Reviewer

May 29, 2006
I can't believe this film is 11 years old. This must be one of the most enjoyable cinematic experiences I've ever had, and certainly one of the most memorable. Being 15 and seeing these cartoon death scenes in live action with gratuitous gore was awesome. I've decided to revisit the franchise and this film still holds up. There's great build up towards the opening disaster. It's filled with dread, even after having seen it so many times. The film is brilliant in that death is an unseen entity, you can't outrun it. As the death toll increases, the paranoia sets in. It also has some excellent moments of comedy without ever getting so stupid. Most importantly, we can actually care for some of these characters. They are not kept in this insular vacuum either. The FBI do take notice, but aren't trying to terrify these kids. It's weird, funny, and a little frightening. Perfect late night entertainment.
Sophie B

Super Reviewer

July 25, 2006
A good story which holds firm throughout the movie. All it needs is good acting, unexpected rather than obvious events and a better editor. Hasn't aged well.

Super Reviewer

January 13, 2010
Final Destination (the beginning of the never ending franchise) is slick, creative, new and awesome. As a plane crashes in a boys vision everyone panics and get's off of the plane before the accident. I love the atmosphere in the film and the actors are people who you actually care about, even though the deaths are kind of funny and over-the-top, but that is what it is supposed to be like. Final Destination is a very fun horror flick that had me sitting on the edge of my seat at the times that I needed to.

Super Reviewer

February 19, 2008
It was a very good thriller movie & I can see where the R-rating came for the violence & the language.
Carlos M

Super Reviewer

December 31, 2009
Glen Morgan and James Wong, two of my favorite X-Files writers, did a fantastic job in this intelligent, original and scary teen-horror movie. An excellent film that has an intriguing premise and really knows how to create genuine tension, especially in the nerve-racking sequence that opens it.

Super Reviewer

October 11, 2010
The Final Destination trilogy of films are the ultimate guilty pleasure in the Horror genre. I don't know why, but I don't hate the series, I find them quite decent, and comical at times. However this first entry in the trilogy is the best, and semingly most serious of the three that I've seen. The film surrounds a high school (Devon Sawa) who has a vision of the plane he's on to go to paris on a fiekl trip explode in midair shortly after take off. As the plane explode, it's not long thereafter that the seven survivors die one by one in the order that they were seated on the plane. Obviously Final Destination is yet another teen horror film, but it's actually one of the better ones to come out. I found this film to be pretty good considering. The acting is not great, I mean it's Devon Sawa, not exactly a class actor. What I love the most about the first one is the story, it's a pretty original concept and the Idea is, but because of the acting, it falls flat and doesn't quite soar. Even if this film doesn't quite soar due to the acting, it still does manage a few good entertaining moments. Of all the Final Destination films that I've seen, this has suspense, thrills and horrifying moments and what it does that the sequels don't do is try to make the viewer uncomfortable. Which is something thats well done in this first entry. However this is not a perfect horror film, and will probably won't stand the test of time, but for what it is, it's pretty entertaining. Final Destination is the best one of the trilogy and despite it's flawed story, it is pretty original, and is one of the best teen horror films to come out in the teen horror era. However like most of the teen horror films like Scream, Urban Legend and I know what you did last summer this film will most likely be forgotten in the next ten years to come. A true definition of a guilty pleasure.
Richard C

Super Reviewer

June 24, 2010
Lewis C

Super Reviewer

July 24, 2010
"But what if it was our time? What if we were not meant to get off that plane? What if it still is our time?"

I'm sure everyone on Earth knows how these movies work, by now. A group of people (attractive teenagers, for the most part) narrowly escape certain Death as participants in some disaster. Yes, Death, with a capital D. But Death is not to be denied, so he sets up increasingly elaborate scenarios to kill off the survivors, while they attempt to thwart his plans yet again and live another day.

As you can tell from the description, these movies are basically just about the death scenes and trying to guess how each person is going to bite the bullet, before it happens. They're like Saw without the torture and convoluted back story.

Compared to the movies that came later in the series, the original Final Destination isn't nearly as inventive or brutal with its death scenes. Some of them will seem downright tame to today's audiences (this movie was released way back in 2000, after all). But, if you're a genre fan who can still find entertainment in even a mild dose of this formula, Final Destination probably won't be a waste of your 98 minutes.

Super Reviewer

May 16, 2010
You cannot cheat death. No map can help you. But this movie was good.

Super Reviewer

April 4, 2010
I had never heard of this movie when I saw it....but it was pretty good. The plane crash scene was pretty cool. There's a good tension in the movie. And a pretty good plot cause you know....death is just not a tool..
Josh L

Super Reviewer

July 17, 2007
I recently watched the newest addition to the series (The Final Destination) and I almost like it, so I figured I would visit the first in the series just to see if it was better (most of the time that is the case, especially in a horror film series), but that is not the case here. This is a hokey, bland, boring, and predictable movie that I almost turned off. The writing is bad, the acting so-so, and the effects completely overblown. The newest one knew what it wanted to be, a guilty pleasure film that you can enjoy on some level if you let yourself, but this one is depressingly serious the whole time and it drained all of the fun out of it. It magnified all the flaws. It's worse when the movie thinks it is smart and thought-provoking when it really isn't (it makes the original Saw, a decent movie, seem genius). Did I mention this was boring? Please don't watch this movie. Maybe the next one (or the third) will be better. Here's to hoping because I really do like this premise and think it could be executed better.
Anthony L

Super Reviewer

September 23, 2009
I liked it, a good teen horror without the usual clichés! It?s original and intelligent and has plenty of gore too! :o)
Jason O

Super Reviewer

August 15, 2009
In "Final Destination," a high schooler named Alex (Devon Sawa) has a dream that something's about to happen. It turns out that what he just dreamed happens a few minutes later. Alex now knows that he has a gift that most people will probably not be all that fond of, but is there something more to these visions that he keeps seeing?
Before watching "Final Destination," I didn't know what to expect from it, but it sounded like an interesting movie from what I read about it. I thought it had good suspense, good acting, and that it was real interesting. It's not a movie that I liked so much that I want to see it over and over again, but it was a good movie. If you like horror or suspense movies in the least sense, watch or buy "Final Destination." I hope there's a sequel one day. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2001.
Phil H

Super Reviewer

September 2, 2009
The first and best FD film simply for originality and the awesome scare factor of the opening sequence. The whole idea of the film is brilliant, yes it started a slightly lesser franchise but all are actually good in their own way and thats down to the nice ideas of the first.

The opening death sequence is really good, its scary as hell and everyone can relate to air travel fears, it reaches down to everyones deepest fears of aeroplanes and totally twists and tortures you with them, it made me sweat for sure haha In a way its actually abit nasty, in this day and age of terrorism it isnt something to see before actually flying lol but this is why the film is so good isnt it. The rest of the film you of course know about but as it was the first that makes it better than the other three.
Cassandra M

Super Reviewer

January 28, 2007
Final Destination, or ?Flight 180' as it was titled right up until the last minute, was a surprise hit of 2000. It was made with a modest budget of $23m it grossed a nice sum of $53m in the US. It was in the UK, however, where the film really shone, up against the massive epic Gladiator at the time the movie managed to gross a none too bad £11m but what made it better was it was a true sleeper hit, it spent 14 weeks in the UK film charts. With no big name actors, and no major publicity the film did so well because of word of mouth and the word was it was damn good.

I admit I was sceptical at first in reading about Final Destination. It seemed like a tired teen horror movie that seemed to be spewing out of America at that time, indeed it was only until about 3 weeks in to it being released that I actually lifted my bum off my sofa and put my bum on the seat in front of the big screen to actually watch the movie. I loved it, and it was made better by the low expectations I had of it. It isn't groundbreaking but it is effectively chilly at times, the acting is surprisingly good and the plot is pretty fresh.

James Wong (X Files) came up with the idea of the movie, about cheating death, and it does seem to have a kind of X Files ring to it. The story goes as follows. Alex (Devon Sawa) is off, with his classmates, to France. Now being in America France is like our version of?America, so it's a pretty big deal. While on the plane he has a premonition of the plane exploding, slightly scared, he wakes up and finds that some of his premonition turns out real. Scared for his life, and the others on the plane, he cause a fuss which sees him and several other classmates chucked off the plane. Some of his companions are none too pleased?until they see Flight 180 blow up, killing everyone on the plane.

Thus begins the cat and mouse chase by Death himself. One by one, in seemingly ?accidental' ways, the survivors of the ill-fated crash are dying. While others dismiss the idea of Death coming for revenge, Alex isn't going to let it go and soon he convinces friend Clear (Ali Larter) that it is up to them to try and stop Death himself.

As this happens we can witness some of the most imaginative death scenes ever. Thanks to the movie not having a masked killer doing the rounds the death scenes are not limited to the ?knife in back/stomach/head/eye' routine. Indeed, the first death scene is both funny and horrific all in one because, like with many of the deaths in this movie, it can really seem as that can actually happen. It gives you something to think about.

The special effects, for a movie with as small as budget as this, are excellent (apparently they did actually spend half of their budget in the SFX). The plane crash is one of the most realistic you will see, its worrying to watch.

For a movie aimed at the teenager end of the market, and for a genre renowned for hammy acting, the people in this movie actually do a good job.

Devon Sawa, no stranger to movies, is perfect at playing the lead role of the troubled Alex. Kerr Smith (Dawson's Creek) does a major turnaround from what you are used to seeing him as, this time he's the typical school jock, flash car, blonde girlfriend, bad temper, but luckily he doesn't play it into overkill. Another nice surprise is Sean William Scott (American Pie, Road Trip, Too many teen movies), while we are used to seeing him as the guy who cracks jokes and makes fun of the others, he plays the geeky guy this time, and he provides us with quite a bit of comic relief. We also have a nice cameo of Tony Todd (aka the Candyman) as Bludworth, who plays the man at the morgue, he is suitably chilling, and is set to play a larger part in the sequel.

Suspense wise this film doesn't fail either. In many films like this you are guessing who will be killed next. Not so in this movie. You are actually told who is going to meet Death next. However this doesn't spoil it. Suspense is carried over by how the person will die. If you know a person is going to die as soon as the camera pans of them, and their all alone, then your waiting in anticipation for them to die, but there are many false scares along the way. Also the suspense is kept up throughout the movie, it doesn't seem to drag too much at any time.

There are very few bad points to the movie. Obviously it will depend on your taste whether you like it or not, whether you consider it too ?teeny' or too teeny but just right anyway. This film does have fun as well as generate scares.

It is worth noting that there is an alternate ending to the movie and quite a few deleted scenes, namely a main subplot where Clear becomes pregnant. I think that it was wise to omit these parts, the ending seemed cheesy, but the one we are left with is excellent.

Final Destination, thanks to an imaginative story, nice acting and some elaborate death scenes breathes new life into the tired genre of teen horror. It is not as widely recognized as the Scream trilogy, but in many respects it's better. Lets hope the sequel maintains the high standard it has set.


Different Nicely acted Filled with imaginative deaths


Low on suspense A typical teen horror Going to be shown as in-flight entertainment
Coxxie M

Super Reviewer

June 2, 2009
yea i admit it sucks but i liked it when it came out, i think it was part of my pay-per-view '99 summer

Super Reviewer

May 6, 2007
Pretty good. Number 2 was better. Good death sceens
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