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Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed Reviews

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Michael G

Super Reviewer

May 10, 2010
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed is a close second for my favorite Hammer Frankenstein movie (Curse of Frankenstein being my favorite.) Peter Cushing strips any and all sympathy you may ever have had for Baron Frankenstein and his scientific quest while Hammer kind of reinvents the Frankenstein legend. The last half hour of this movie and what they do with the monster is pure genius and all but forgives the plot holes (like a rape scene with the sole purpose of seeing Veronica Carlson in a nightgown that seems all but forgotten) of the first hour. Not to mention the total vacuousness of Carlson and Simon Ward's characters. But that opening that establishes Frankenstein in the run and the scene with him berating the other boarders? Magnificent...!

Super Reviewer

October 23, 2008
one of the best hammers i've seen. peter cushing is brilliant as the diabolical baron. however there's a rape scene in this which just feels gratuitous to me so i'm dropping it half star for that. how did it advance the plot in any way and why is it never mentioned again?

Super Reviewer

July 4, 2007
Dr. Baron Victor Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) has seen his experiments fail time and again, regardless of his intense personal effort. He has put his heart and soul, not to mention people's organs, into his creations, only to foiled with each one. The latest work has been ruined also, this time by the poor timed invasion of Dr. Frankenstein's workspace. The incident has convinced the doctor that he needs to bring in some help, as he can't handle the entire load himself. He turns his attention toward Dr. Karl Holst (Simon Ward), a local doctor who isn't as on edge as Frankenstein, but isn't above underhanded deeds. Frankenstein blackmails Holst into his service, to iron some research that could be the solution to Frankenstein's problems. The solution could rest within the mind of Dr. Frederick Brandt (George Pravda), who has cracked the code on cryogenics. He has been able to freeze a human brain, a process which Frankenstein is dying to put into motion. But Brandt has gone insane and is locked up in a mental institution, which of course means his precious data is locked up as well. Frankenstein believes if he can transplant Brandt's brain into a normal donor, the madness will vanish. Can Dr. Frankenstein make this experiment work and unlock the cryogenic data, or will this be another failure?

As Hammer rolled out sequels, the studio's flame seemed to be close to extinction, but as it turned out, the fire still burned. In Terence Fisher's Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, we see that with the right assortment of talent, in front of and behind the camera, Hammer could knock out some terrific horror cinema. In this, Hammer's fifth Frankenstein picture, you'd think the source would be thin, as it was with the studio's Dracula movies. But instead, Fisher is able to weave in some great new twists and retain the tone of the series, which results in a well crafted production, perhaps one of the director's finest projects. I do think the writing, which is superb on the whole, does abandon some subplots in haste, which is a disappointment. If these smaller lines were fleshed out more, who knows how good this film could have been. The cast is excellent as well, with Peter Cushing out in front of the pack. His turn is one of his best in the series, focused and on his game, which adds a lot to the movie. The rest of the cast is solid also, which is good news, since the movie follows a decent number of characters. I would rank this with Hammer's top genre pictures and right behind Frankenstein Created Women ( which to me is the best in the series)
March 18, 2012
Another brain transplant one. Only this time, the good Baron is pretty odious. He blackmails Anna and Karl in order to get access to Prof. Richter. But Karl is a real jerk. A drug dealer who needs no encouragement to turn into a cold blooded killer. Poor Prof. Richter is driven insane, killed, brought back to life, cured of his insane brain glitch and then stabbed and then burned up in a fire. Anna does not fare any better, but she should have learned how to saddle up a carriage, is all I am saying. The police are hot on these idiot's trail the entire movie. Thorley Walters, once again, gives his Wizard of Oz bumbling performance as the sole comic relief. The monster, per se, is a real let down. Still Cushing really shines with his arrogant scowl.
October 19, 2011
Peter Cushing does such a wonderful job of playing Frankenstein as a complete and utterly deplorable but horribly charming character. It's a tricky balance, and almost unfortunately because he always manages to outshine the creature in these films. But, hey, he's fun to watch so whatever.
August 2, 2013
The best entry to the Hammer Frankenstein series besides The Curse of Frankenstein.
February 1, 2013
Baron Frankenstein has taken up shop in a small boarding house in England after being driven out of his homeland, where he proceeds to blackmail a promising young medical student into helping him with his diabolical designs. Frankenstein hopes to transplant the brain of an old colleague, Dr. Brandt, into a fresh new body to clear his mind of the debilitating disease which has driven him mad so that he may steal Brandt's secrets, but the revived doctor will have no part in Frankenstein's evil plan! Terence Fisher turns out another Gothic masterpiece in FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED, the fifth installment from Hammer's thrilling horror series! Here, the baron takes a sinister turn for the worst under the controlled guidance of Peter Cushing, who gives his best performance in the series. It is this vile take on the character for which he is most often remembered. Cushing is given strong support by Simon Ward as his unwilling apprentice and especially by Freddie Jones as the unfortunate Dr. Brandt. The scene in which the recently revived Brandt is rejected by his horrified widow strikes a devastating blow to the viewer's emotion. As always, Fisher delivers many artful touches along the way, despite the smaller production. It all ends in a fiery finale, which should have served as a fitting end for our wayward doctor before the series could begin to fall into decline. FRANKENSTEIN MUST BE DESTROYED is in top contention with FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN as being the strongest sequel in the series, and one of Hammer's finest films.

-Carl Manes
I Like Horror Movies
Space Ranger
September 17, 2010
The best of the Hammer/Frankenstein series.Peter Cushing at his most sinister.The Baron is the true monster of this film,going to any length to continue his experiments.Destroying the lives of all who cross his path,as he descends further into madness.
peter h.
February 20, 2010
the fifth hammer Franknestein film is a well put together instalment into the series. Cushing is brilliant in his reprisal of Baron Frankenstein ( he is just perfect as the villian you love to hate). What i found most impressive about this film is the fact most horror film series get really pahethic by this stage however in the case of this film its quite the oppostie. the acting , cinemia photography, and scripting are flawless. 4/5
July 27, 2009
Last great from Terence Fisher.
February 12, 2008
This is the fifth Frankensteinīs film of Terence Fisher saga and Peter Cushing's definitive portrayal of the monstrous Baron.
The grand guignol revelas a luxurious and strange piece, particulary in that incredible scene where the helpless victim of Frankenstein's latest experiment, (his brain has been transplanted into another man's body against his will) came back to his house traumatizing his incredulous and "feeric" wife.
Itīs hard to say but I think this is Terence fisher finest attempt to do a multi-horror film, not only an intriguing sci-fi plot, but a real nightmare, a possibility to enlarge a mythical novel.
October 25, 2005
Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
Starring Peter Cushing, Simon Ward, and Veronica Carlson
Director: Terence Fisher

This could have been an Eight or Nine Tomatoe entry into Hammer's Frankenstein series, but, unfortunately, the portrayal of the central character, Baron Frankenstein, is off when compared to other entries, particularly high-points like "Revenge of Frankenstein" and "Frankenstein Created Woman."

In those films, there was something twistedly heroic about Frankenstein... one almost finds oneself hoping he'll succeed. But here, he is just a vicious killer and a brutal rapist--a creature with no redeeming qualities save for the inherent charm of the actor who portrays him, Peter Cushing.

The plot has Frankenstein blackmail a crooked doctor at a local asylum into giving him access to a mad scientist so Frankenstein can cure the madness through brain surgery. The corruption of Frankenstein and the crooked doctor spread to engulf the doctor's otherwise innocent fiance. On the very night of Frankenstein's seeming triumph, everyone ends up paying for their crimes, including Frankenstein himself. The "morality play" aspect of this film works extremely well. What doesn't work is Frankenstein's completely monstrous nature. And it's made worse by the brutal rape he visits upon Veronica Carlson (who gives what is probably her best performance in this film).

The rape sceneis disruptive to the movie not only because of what it does to the character of Victor Frankenstein, but also because it doesn't really fit with the overall flow of the story--it comes out of left field and it doesn't seem to have any impact on the events that follow, as the characters carry on as if it never happened. In fact, according to interviews with the principles, it was added late in the production on the insistance of the producers, and over the objections of the actors and the director; Cushing in particular, being a gentleman among gentlemen was reportedly more upset about the scene than anyone else, despising both what he had to subject Ms. Carlson to, as well as what it did to his on-screen character. The odd disconnect is there, because the later scenes with Carlson and Cushing had already been filmed, and there was neither the time nor the interest to reshoot any of them.

It's a shame, really, that this otherwise fine film should be marred to such a great extent because a studio executive wanted to "sex it up."
July 11, 2005
Peter Cushing is back again as Baron Frankenstein, and this time he's utterly, deliciously evil. He's been evil before, but not like this. At this point, other people are just toys and spare parts to him. Sure he still talks about furthering mankind through knowledge of science and medicine, but this time out it just sounds like self indulgent justification for his madness.
It seems Frankenstein actually has a peer who has advanced one step beyond him in discovering how to freeze a brain without killing it, thereby maintaining the minds of geniuses until suitable new bodies can be found. Unfortunately, before he could pass on the secret to Frankenstein, he went completely crackers, with the secret locked inside his mad brain. Frankenstein must cure his madness, but first he must find a new host body, since his "friend" has a heart condition that wouldn't allow him to survive the brain surgery to cure his madness.
This is probably the best film since the original, even better than Revenge Of Frankenstein. Enjoy
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