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Samuel Riley
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August 11, 2011
I could not tolerate the so called youtube videos.But when I heard that there's a film based on them, I thought how could you make a movie based on a terrible 5 minute video? And the film is just like the videos, absolutely terrible.

Since the film was given a 12A, it was inevitable to accept the fact that its target audience couldn't go see the film alone, which explains its failure at the box office. The film is based on Fred going after his girlfriend and is help by his supposed father, who doesn't exist. The jokes were appalling as they would be either not funny or could only make sense to children who actually watch Fred.

Regardless about how Fred the movie would never be a success,it may please those who watch his videos.

A low budget, which it never reached. Hardly humorous jokes. This film was a very big mistake, it was probably better to have stayed with the videos, which were bad enough already. Fred the movie is a warning to those making movies based on youtube videos.
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½ December 31, 2010
Horrific in so many ways. It's a vicious, uncompromising, malevolent rape of the senses. Whomever had the idea of turning some prick faced, twat voiced douches internet series into a film should be shot and shat on. Fred is the most annoying character ever invented and now he's on screen for an excruciating 90 minutes of crap. He's so annoying, even the characters in the film comment on how annoying he is. This only leaves me with the impression that he was supposed to be annoying, but why would anyone put an intentionally annoying character as the lead in a movie. This really should be avoided. Not funny, just loud and crass. Cruikshank is a loud and obnoxious waste. Poor, poor Pixie Lott. If you like lengthy scenes of annoying voiced idiots screaming, make sure you view Fred: The Movie.
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½ September 14, 2010
Fred: The Movie, is one of the most annoying films I've ever seen. The cast who have actually been in other movies should be ashamed of themselves for accepting this, and Lucas should just stick to YouTube where he already has a big enough fan base. This movie is 80 minutes that feels like 2 hours of non-stop screaming. There is absolutely no point to this film other than the fact that he likes a girl named Judy and he tries to find her. Yes, that's the plot and nothing else. John Cena made me laugh though, which made this movie all worth while. When it was getting the point of awfulness, Cena jumps in and puts a stupid smile on your face for the 30 second scenes that he appears in. Wow, this movie is terrible, and that's taking way the fact that it is actually shot like a YouTube video at some points. One big disgusting film with a good looking actress and a WWE wrestler, what a waste of time!
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½ January 2, 2011 wow.....
I thought I had seen the worst of movies this year, heck i thought I had seen the worst of Fred on YouTube.... But this???? Words cannot describe this abomination of a movie. It makes Fred on YouTube look like a masterpiece! This movie should be destroyed at ALL costs. Don't watch it, don't steal it, don't watch for free, don't even look at the box that incases that awful movie!
June 14, 2015
This Movie is terrible, it's f**kin s**t. It's not funny, it's racist and tasteless in comedy. Lucas (Fred) is one of the biggest sell outs ever. Not the worst Movie, but it's a steaming pile of s**t.
½ June 7, 2015
This movie is the definition of obnoxious and totally unnecessary. It may have worked as an Internet show but not at all as a movie. F
½ May 22, 2015
Fred: The Movie is a made for television movie, so you probably don't expect a whole lot from this, but despite all the negative reviews, I actually enjoyed this movie. The plot is really stupid and so simple which makes the movie really easy to follow. The main character, Fred, is very annoying and will get on many parent's nerves, but other than that I loved this movie, it's awesome.
½ April 18, 2015
This movie is nothing but a pile of crap. Unfunny and dreadful acting. And as I look they look like a couple of people reading signs held up by the director. Just like the videos.
September 30, 2014
I freaking LOVED this when I was 12, now I just kinda wonder why I loved it SO MUCH. I still however find it entertaining whenever I watch it on DVD (which I bought). I thought the digging scene was hilarious when I was younger, I still enjoy watching the party video scene, I just thought the song was so catchy. This is probably the highest quality thing Lucas Cruikshank has ever done, and probably will ever do again. Fred is definitely a HUGE part of my childhood and he was my original inspiration to make YouTube videos besides iCarly. I'd rate this movie a 4, just because I loved it so much as a kid. Otherwise if I were still 12, I'd rate it a solid 5/5.
½ April 16, 2013
It's pretty much a 82 minute Fred video with no originality. Not much is needed to say this movie sucks.
April 8, 2013
Less than a week ago, I watched and reviewed Battlefield Earth. I gave it the distinguished honor of being my least favorite film. However, now that I've seen Fred: The Movie, I take all of that back. I can't imagine a fate worse than being forced to watch this movie. Hands down the most obnoxious and annoying movie to ever be created, Fred: The Movie is an insult to humanity. I can't even believe how much I hate this movie.

Based off of the almost as annoying "Fred" videos on YouTube (which involve a teenage boy talking in an irritating high-pitched voice for 3 minute), Fred: The Movie has almost no plot. Fred is trying to find his girlfriend, Judy, and avoid Kevin the bully. That's the entire story.

Fred is unbearable in his 3 minute videos on YouTube, so this 82 minute film on the character is enough to drive someone crazy. Fred's voice chattering for nonstop made me want to yank my hair out. His high-pitched shriek (which he emits at least a dozen times throughout the film) must be the world's most annoying sound.

In the movie, Fred just comes off as a pervert. As do most of the other characters. I can't even believe that people went to the trouble to make this disaster of a film. This is the kind of film I just want to punch in the face. The kind of film that makes me want to break the screen. I am not a violent person, but this movie enraged me by how awful and downright obnoxious it is. Move over Justin Bieber; Fred is at least twice as annoying as you are.

The gags aren't funny. Most of them revolve around Fred's strange and childish mannerisms. We witness barfing almost a dozen times. I would call the humor (if it can even be called humor) annoying, except I've used that word way too many times in this movie. Same with obnoxious and irritating. I'd need a thesaurus that could tell me all the different ways to say "annoying" to effectively express this nauseatingly awful film. Heck, I don't even want to call it a film, because it's an insult to even the worst of cinema.

The acting, while admittedly better than that of Battlefield Earth, is just what you would expect from a group of talent-less teenagers. The entire cast is obnoxious, but Lucas Cruikshank takes the cake by portraying the most annoying movie character ever.

I don't think a movie has ever made me so angry. This is truly the worst film ever made. Unfunny, annoying, idiotic, and insulting, Fred: The Movie should be destroyed so no one can ever watch it again. Everyone involved with this production should be ashamed. Even just 5 minutes in, Fred: The Movie is a grating and disgustingly terrible excuse for a film. The only upside to this film, is that it can effectively be used as a meter to test your friend's taste in movies. If they laugh at any of the jokes in this movie, they have no taste.
½ July 8, 2013
Fred's comedy skits on YouTube were kinda funny, but they were five minutes long. Fred: The Movie is an hour and a half, and every second of it is awful.
½ June 14, 2013
What is this Mickey Mouse shit? What in the name of Jesus H. Christ are you bad actors doing in my head? Why is Private Figglehorn still relevant after lights-out on his career? Why is Private Figglehorn starring in this terrible, unfunny, and unoriginal movie? Why aren't you stomping Private Figglehorn's guts out?
June 11, 2013
Loud, obnoxious, irritating, annoying, nonsensical, and extremely cliché are the perfect words to describe this film. It's that Bad! Stay far away! Even if you have kids, Mr. This Movie is Made for Kids, you're better off showing a better kids film than this!
May 19, 2013
AHHHHHHH! thats his annoying scream the whole movie! he shouldn't have even had a show, or a movie, heck i wish he didnt exist with is horrible acting and annoying scream!
½ March 16, 2013
at times inventive but overall this is too dopey to give much thought to. Toss this one out with the garbage.
January 25, 2013
If I seen Fred on the street, I would punch him right in the face. Don't kill yourself over these reviews, Fred, just hug that money.
½ November 11, 2012
I did chuckle here and there, but this is just an hour and a half of nothing but screaming, incomprehensible dialogue, laughable acting, and did I mention screaming? 'Fred: The Movie' is, however, more consistent and tolerable than a lot of movies I've seen. (I'm looking at you, M. Night Shamylan...)
November 2, 2012
Fred the movie can be entertaining with Fred's funny voice, but this movie is really a love story, a bad one. I don't recommend it
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