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½ December 15, 2010
CGI animted adult adult rated movie. The jokes are funny enough but with a sinister and often pointless punchline. The undertone of the movie is built up around drug use and trafficking, inside an Elephants tummy to say the least. I didnt watch this movie with much expectation and left with less, but for some this movie will be cult comedy.
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½ September 8, 2007
Really weird and not my kind of movie at all, despite the fact that it has actors like Woody Harrelson and Kyle McLachlan doing the voice-overs. As for the many reasons of why I didn't like it, I'm not quite sure where to begin, but for one thing, the animation is pretty crappy and a real mess. They're jerky, stiff and about as far away from Pixar and DreamWorks as you can come. Not to mention the ugly character design, which felt like needles to the eyes. Overall, however, I'd say it's an okay film. Nothing I'd recommend, but not so bad that it's unbearable to watch.
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September 5, 2007
A dark and tragic animated comedy. The bleak humour I found to be quite funny, and the whole grim outlook turns animatd films upside down. This is certainly part crime film, reminiscent of Lock,Stock...but with an elephant thrown in. The animation is beautiful, looking unlike mainstream CGI and looking more akin to stop-motion. It's a bit slow to get started and a lot of the dialogue has been heard before, but for scenes such as that with the moose and Jimmy you wont find more emotional or exceptional animation anywhere.
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April 24, 2008
What in the hell was this?.,......absolute mince immafraid. I had hoped for much more mand was seriously might not be but then again.......................
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June 25, 2007
Cool animation and interesting feel. Worth seeing once under the influence.
September 29, 2010
What isn't awesome about this movie!
It was great. But insane, as well. But definitely a very entertaining movie.. slightly random, but pretty darned swell. Also enjoyed the Motorhead blasting out of the radio. Hahah. What an odd film...
January 8, 2015
It didn't miss me - it is a great comedy and highlights the flaws of extremist animal liberation organisations
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June 24, 2007
A bit different animated movie compared to other ones but its a fun and cool movie. Its "not" for kids at all because in contains more adult stuff. Woody Harrelson and the funny Simon Pegg casting so i had some laughs like i always have when Simon are in a movie. Overall a good animated flick.
September 23, 2012
I wouldnt reommend this film to anyone. The character design is grim and I didnt find any of the film funny, the jokes are quite sinister but lack the humour to even call them a joke. I rented this film and the plot sounds funny enough when you read about it, but the overall outcome lacks the comedy thats its labelled. Perhaps I'm being harsh but I really wouldnt recommend this film.
October 31, 2011
When people are asking about Target audience.. Its the norwegian audience.. Haha, its only we that understand it :)
January 8, 2011
The worst animated movie I've ever seen (even worst than Delgo)! The writers seem to think adding swearing and drugs to an animated movie makes it "alternative", but it just makes Free Jimmy brain-dead.
July 25, 2007
Yes! I've found it! The stupidest film I've ever seen! We have the most ridiculous film, the most boring film, the most pathetic film, the worst film, and now we have the stupidest film. And for that alone, it was worth wasting 80 minutes of my time on this pile of elephant dung.

I cannot believe this film. I simply can't. To have a plot, which is in complete contrast to the target audience, is comical.

The film is about a circus. There's a group of animal rights activists, who release animals being held in captivity and under cruel conditions. Then there's the circus group, the four people who work at the circus. They have an elephant called Jimmy, and they've got him hooked on drugs. The elephant escapes while high, so the circus group get on their bikes to find him. There's also the mafia, who are after the circus group due to the money owed to them by the ringleader of the circus, Roy Arnie. The elephant has a million pounds worth of drugs in its backend, hence the big chase for him.

There are sex scenes, nudity, swear words and people/animals taking drugs.

It's also made by computer.

Can you honestly believe anyone would want to see this film? Do you think drugged-up teenagers want to see people chasing an elephant? Does anyone want to see people chasing an elephant? I mean this film is so utterly pointless and stupid, I really cannot believe it. Yes I know I've repeated myself, but this is how shocked I am.

Thank goodness this film was never released to the cinema screens, it really doesn't deserve it, and quite frankly doesn't deserve to be put on DVD either. Pathetic attempt at a movie.
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