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½ September 20, 2012
Cute.. but to be honest, some pieces of it are completely idiotic.. my brain filtered those out while watching and I was able to enjoy the rest.. lol.. The stupid "gay" lessons, and the american militia bs was just plain dumb.. take those out and the rest was really quite adorable.. Nothing new for LGBTQ film making.. but.. sometimes you just want something that isn't taking itself too seriously. It fit the bill for today.
½ September 1, 2008
Two gay lovers who work as strong arm men for the mafia is just the tip of the ice berg in this never ending tale of suprises. I really couldnt get into it.
September 2, 2011
Why did the movie have to make the mafia soliders play flamers. The leads were all very good but players swishers not necessary. A good fun movie in a lot of ways but could have been a very enjoyable movie.
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