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August 20, 2013
I just like it, okay? The ridiculously stereotypical yet clinically wholesome spring break scene. The matching trios of friends made up of people who would normally never hang out together. The inconsequential socioeconomic sideplot. The skirt made out of ties. Yes, the story is formulaic and the acting is either under or overdone, but the costume design and dance choreography are legit cool.

Kelly Clarkson is in great shape for the sweet (if bland) girl-next-door, and Justin is all big-haired faux-swagger as the reformed partyboy. It's all hokey as hell, but I just roll with it.
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½ July 24, 2007
You're better off just watch a music video of Kelly Clarkson or something.
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August 4, 2010
Anyone who can make it through this movie, in its entirety, without fast forwarding or crying violently for long periods of time are in fact saints, and their miracles should be recognized by the church. This giant commercial for the series American Idol stars season one winner Kelly Clarkson and runner-up Justin Guarini as two star crossed lovers. The scene is set during spring break, on a beachfront somewhere Floridian, calling upon the Avalon and Funicello beach musicals of the sixties. Instead of the fun froth of those classics, we're given a series of songs and dance sequences that are reliant on the time period they are set: 2003. Let's remember that year in pop music and flinch at the fact we were all singing Clay Aiken's This is the Night, and move on. Besides the fact that the music isn't enjoyable (even in a guilty pleasure sort of way) and the acting is stale, the actual actors are annoying. Kelly's friends are air headed and uninvolved while Justin's are either pure sleaze without admonishment or cookie cutter dorky, the same sludge we've all seen a million times before. The only reason these two characters aren't together (though they spend a mili-second in each other's presence before falling in love, but I digress) is because of a plotting blonde friend, described as a "party girl" who isn't trying to change. There is no point to this, and because it's so lame brained and uninteresting, the surrounding sub-plots don't lend anything to the film except pith. The only redeeming value is Anika Noni Rose's singing voice, which would later be featured in the Oscar nominated Dreamgirls and The Princess and the Frog. Oh, and the title? I am clueless to its supposed charm. Not worth a curious glance, nor a runthrough.
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August 5, 2007
Kind of a waste of money.
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August 2, 2007
Fun musical fluffiness, mostly for the girls. Yup, there's lots of singing and frivolity in this film, with a very light plot. No worse than most Elvis movies.
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½ June 7, 2007
yes, i have actually seen this because my friend bought it on payperview (?!) and it was all that i expected: complete trash.
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½ June 5, 2006
I'll love Kelly Clarkson... But I was annoying by Justin & the others... Maybe this is a movie made by the beauty and the beast of course...
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½ May 22, 2010
Not even worth the prestige of being called the worst Musical ever. Cause it will be the worst Musical ever forvever.
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½ December 11, 2008
This film wasn't spectacular or anything, but personally I think there just aren't enough feature length music videos these art that seems to have died with Elvis.
What I want is for more serious artists to start taking the genre seriously: Radiohead stars in "Suicide at Party Beach"
December 30, 2012
if you liked american idol the first season, then this is for you, otherwise, this cheese is a little too smelly.
May 11, 2010
42/100. Silly nonsense that is not very well acted and so predictable. There are a few catchy tunes, but also a number of forgettable ones as well. Not a very significant film, light fluff and not much else.
½ December 20, 2009
January 4, 2009
American Idol stars Justin and Kelly thought they could do a Grease-type musical for spring break that they do fun song and dance that actually has little fun for me to entertain.

By getting bored by the bad use of acting and story I can't even get through the 80-90 minutes of watching this.
September 16, 2007 was alright. Love Justin, he's hot and I thought him and Kelly were very cute together. Wish they would get together in real life. Some of the songs were okay. The ending song was cheesy but the rest weren't too bad. Wanted to slap that Alexa girl in the face soo badly. Urgh. The Brandon guy was douche and that nerdy guy was...well, a nerd. lol Loved that the officer got together with Brandon at the end, haha.
July 12, 2009
I actually saw it a long time ago, but I'm not about to watch it again to get an 'accurate rating', so.. 1 star.
June 20, 2009
MY favorite movie would have to be from justin to kelly.... just because it is the only movie out there that stars kelly and she'd did great init but the movie it self was not that good
January 31, 2007
My favorite movie. Amazing songs, amazing actors. Love it!

i love it coz i'm a dancer and i love to sing and it's almiost all about that!!
February 14, 2008
The music was very good. If you like musicals like Beach Blanket Bingo, Grease, etc. or if you like Kelly or Justin you'll probably enjoy this movie.
½ April 16, 2008
Everytime I talk about this movie with someone, they always have a negative view of it. I would like to start by saying it's not supposed to be an amazing film with top notch acting. But, I think it's pretty good considering. I was a fan of the first season of American Idol and I think Kelly Clarkson has a really good voice. The story line in this movie is ridiculous, but it's kind of ridiculous to the point where it's actually funny and somewhat entertaining. Some of the songs aren't half bad. Although there's a blonde chick that sings and if you watch, you'll probably want to plug your ears. But it's a okay film to watch if you're just bored or want something mindless to watch. You might actually enjoy it a bit. :D
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