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July 1, 2015
Epic freaking musical about a singing comedienne wedging her way into her big break. The beginning is a bit slow, and I tired of Fanny's repetitive self-deprecation about her lack of traditional beauty, but Barbra Streisand is sassy and ballsy, and my word, is Omar Sharif not the most dashing and earnest paramour? He says "I love you" so shyly yet tenderly! Nicky's love and admiration are so soaring, and that's what makes the main relationship conflict of Fanny outgrowing Nicky and the show-stopping number "My Man" all the more tragic in a mere mortals sort of way.
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May 28, 2015
Despite a tight and coherent film score, good singing, and a pleasantly avuncular performance by Pidgeon, "Funny Girl" is a real snoozefest. The only thing you'll find funny about this film is that you can't get your ticket refunded after you fall asleep in the middle of it.
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½ September 26, 2012
I was surprised at how relevant this story still is - take a look in the news lately and see how many columnists are talking about our changing work world, the one in which "feminine" skills are much more in demand and as a result, men have begun to feel insecure and less confident when they aren't the provider they've been socialized to be. Nick Arnstein (Omar Sharif) turns increasingly to gambling in his attempt to keep up with his love (Barbra Streisand)'s success. I found his story to be almost the more interesting, intermittently updated though it was.

Before seeing this, I wrote it off as something old-timey for Broadway fans that plays all too well in the Borscht Belt, but it's not without its charms. A cliched story of a rise to fame, sure, and full of music that I don't really like, and a bit on the long side - there's a serious lull late in the second hour - but you shouldn't ignore the fact that William Wyler helmed this film. It's well-shot and funny and inspiring, on the whole, and a justifiable classic that's worth seeing once.
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May 26, 2012
Whyyyyy is this movie so long? There's nothing I dislike more than an overstuffed musical. Babs is cute, sometimes.
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December 1, 2008
This movie is the vision of what a Ziegfeld dancer should be, Barbra Streisand does a WONDERFUL JOB!!! :)
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December 9, 2008
This is a "yes I can!" biopic, with Streisand's zeal and down to earth appeal, magic vocal cords, and deliberate humor. Omar Sharif is magnificent as ever as Fanny's husband, and the production numbers are heartfelt and captures my attention and love.
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½ October 8, 2009
Bright musical biography of Ziegfeld Follies star Fanny Brice. Barbra Streisand, reprising her Broadway role is nothing less than astonishing in her film debut. As a biography, its authenticity is questionable, but as an introduction to the talent that is Barbra Streisand, it's stunning. This film is the prefect star vehicle for the singer. Everything revolves around her and she's in virtually every scene. Legendary director William Wyler was not known for comedies or musicals and he applies an over-produced, over-photographed feel to the proceedings. It's also over-long at 155 minutes. However, whenever our lead actress sings, it's magic. The iconic score includes the songs "People", "Don't Rain on My Parade" and "My Man".
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½ January 14, 2007
OMG -- I can't believe I've never seen this movie before, as long as it's been around! Babs was FABULOUS as usual -- I kinda hated to see Omar waste his many talents on a nasty character, but all the acting was fab and the sets and the costumes were wonderful -- again, as usual for a Babs movie.
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March 26, 2007
pure talent on display
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½ August 24, 2006
Love it...
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September 5, 2013
Funny Girl was controversial in its time. A Muslim and a Jew..together...oh my. It's all a little plot I know but Sharif and Streisand work very well together and make this a delight.
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March 17, 2014
You know, the movie fails to tell any sort of coherent fictional or non-fictional story about Fanny Brice because why would anyone want to see a movie or a play about one of the great comedic talents of the 20th Century that wallows in mopy melodrama for most of its running time? However, the film is a undeniably fabulous showcase for Streisand's singular talent (she really is outstanding here) . . . which is why people are constantly returning to it. For that reason, I can't blame them.
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½ May 30, 2011
I really enjoyed the film. I loved all the music and songs. And Barbra Streisand did a great job with the role as Fanny Brice. I didn't even realize that it was based on a real life person at first, but she seems like she was a real hoot. She took a lot of risks, but she always got what she wanted. Except for in the end I guess. Although I didn't really care for Mr.Arnstein. He's too much a of "I'm a man, so my way or the highway" kind of guy. I think my only complain, is that film can be quite long at times. But thought it was overall a delight.
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November 30, 2010
My favorite Streisand movie! She is incredible and the songs are so perfect...never was there a dull moment in this film (:
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May 30, 2010
It's hard to review such a classic film when it's nothing like what you expected. I went in with dreams of a music-laced romp into the wild world of theatre, comedy, and romance. And I was right. Until the intermission. Then things got quite a bit darker and somewhat flatter. The enchanting humour and joy was switched abruptly for a more mature feel, for lack of a better word. It's not better or worse, per say, but much different to the point of it being slightly jarring. That being said, the wonderful Mrs. Streisand was the one thing that held it all together. Her voice is stunning and her comedic timing nothing short of genius. She has that magic factor that not only makes her Oscar well-deserved but *also*, ladies and gents, what makes this a classic.
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½ April 27, 2008
Every few months I watch a classic musical, usually against my better judgment, for no reason other than to expand my cinematic experiences. Occasionally I?m pleasantly surprised, but if I have to sit through one more clunker like this I?m probably going to just give up on the genre. A boring, overlong, old fashioned film that is mostly devoid of any conflict or drama. The lead character is an annoying Jewish stereotype, and her shtick get old. The music isn?t even any good by any standards.
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December 23, 2007
March 29, 2014
Big budget brilliance. Even if you dislike Barbara Streisand, see THIS one.
Hilarious, touching, memorable.
Streisand is a revelation here.
The bloated parts are forgivable bc Babs is that good here - her signature role reprised from the Broadway stage.

Give it a bit too start - after the orchestra opening and beyond the title sequence.
Your patience will be rewarded.

5 out of 5 people...who need people..
½ April 11, 2011
A really fun musical with a delightful and charming performance from Barbra Streisand. I've never been a die hard fan of Streisand though I have liked her work but after seeing this and Hello Dolly a few weeks ago, I get the hype. Omar Sharif and Walter Pidgeon were also good and Anne Francis was great. The production design, art direction, costumes, sound, and adapted screenplay were all terrific as was William Wyler's direction and all the performances were mostly showstoppers. It did start to ramble on and slow down as Streisand and Sharif's relationship started to build but overall it was exciting and fun to watch
February 1, 2015
I had a tooth ache and was a bit sleepy watching this film so it's hard for me to give a fair review. But I will say it is a classic, not as frothy as it might at first appear, and has the most powerful final scene of any movie. Barbara Streisand knows how to control the screen better than any actress of the era.
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