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½ August 12, 2009
Meeting a famous movie star, especially if you're a big movie fan, is one goal anyone can achieve until the very last minutes of your life. That's the case of Garbo Talks, and I liked it. When Estelle learns that she has a brain tumor and six months to live, she decides she must meet Garbo, so her son Gilbert hires a paparazzo to track Garbo down. As his obsession distances him from his wife, Gilbert's drawn to a struggling actress he meets at work. Can he find Garbo, and if so, will she talk? Starring the very good performances of Anne Bancroft, Ron Silver, Carrie Fisher, and Catherine Hicks.
September 20, 2014
So Sweet and Funny one of my favorite Anne Bancroft films
½ November 6, 2011
Anne Bancroft gives a great performance as the out-spoken and zany political activist Estelle, and her last scene in the film is pretty amazing - one long shot of her reminiscing on her life. Mostly I love the concept of this film; that cinema and it's many stars can inspire people and influence their lives in a positive way. A very beautiful and sentimental film, not to mention one with very witty dialogue. "If your head's in the toilet, don't blow bubbles."
December 21, 2010
Flat as a tack - Ron Silver as a leading man is a concept that just doesn't work. I like him as a character actor, though. The film has no energy at all, but it picks up in the final reel, when Anne Bancroft delivers quite a stunning scene all in one take. Very effective, very moving. In fact, the cutting style in the film is quite remarkable - few close-ups, few cuts, everything played out in master shots. I don't know if it's by design, of Lumet just being lazy, though. Oh, and this is probably the only film I've seen with a [i]good[/i] cameo by Harvey Fierstein.
½ October 11, 2010
I enjoyed this film. Of course, I love Anne Bancroft in just about anything. She left us too soon, as did her co-star, Ron Silver. I think this film is authentic in its characters and, though the plot is simple, it is really sweet.
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