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½ June 10, 2012
Last 'Ghoulies' outing? who knows but the franchise ended on a flat note with this mess that's for sure. I'm not really sure what the plot was all about to be frank, some catsuit clad female is after an amulet to free some big demon fella. Also for some reason two Ghoulies are set loose in 'our' world and cause havoc trying to get back to their own world.

The main issue here is of course the fact the Ghoulies have been replaced with little people in shitty looking costumes, gone are the endearing little puppets folks. It wouldn't be so bad but these outfits really do look terrible, their mouths hardly open despite them speaking clearly which sticks out like a sore thumb. Sticks out like really badly designed costumes.

The other horrific problem is the quite awful attempt at comedy in this film. The Ghoulies try for a double act with slapstick and tomfoolery which is just dreadful, whilst their voices are provided by some guys trying their best to be hip and Chris Rock it seems.

Peter Liapis is back in this film which does offer a little continuity and the only plus point within the film really, the other is Stacie Randall in her amazingly gorgeous tight catsuit hehe. There is one reasonable stunt car sequence involving a reasonable explosion at the end but apart from that this film is cheap dross and brings down the 'Ghoulies' franchise (which wasn't that good in the first place).
October 12, 2013
Pretty terrible, even by B-movie standards. Other than the hot, scantily clad ladies, this has absolutely nothing going for it. The titular Ghoulies are either children or little people (people mcnuggets?) in awful costumes and have nearly anything to do with the events of the story. They were thrown in to capitalize on the franchise name. Avoid this.
August 5, 2013
A absurd film that manages to be un-funny and has dull-action. The ghoulies are different and have nothing to do with the film, and most of the time it focuses on some girl in leather for no reason. The plot is scrambled, the characters suck, and the effects are laughable. It doesn't feel like a Ghoulies film, although it does tie back to some of the characters and reuses some of the footage from the original.
March 28, 2010
Why an r rated movie in the us while its 12 years and over in my country? i mean, seriously. and the effects are pretty cheap.
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