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Gigli (2003)


Average Rating: 2.7/10
Reviews Counted: 177
Fresh: 11
Rotten: 166

Critics Consensus: Bizarre and clumsily plotted, Gigli is a mess. As for its stars, Affleck and Lopez lack chemistry.

Average Rating: 2.5/10
Reviews Counted: 47
Fresh: 1
Rotten: 46

Critics Consensus: Bizarre and clumsily plotted, Gigli is a mess. As for its stars, Affleck and Lopez lack chemistry.


Average Rating: 1.6/5
User Ratings: 45,031


Movie Info

Larry Gigli, a lowly hit man in Los Angeles, who is looking to finally score big, lands the perfect "job"--or so he thinks. He is assigned to kidnap Brian, the psychologically challenged younger brother of a powerful federal prosecutor, in order to save his mobster boss from incarceration. Holed-up in his one-bedroom apartment with his kidnap victim Brian, Gigli starts to realize that what he thought would be a routine assignment has become a daunting and unwieldy task. Ricki, a beautiful, … More

R (for sexual content, pervasive language and brief strong violence)
Drama , Action & Adventure , Romance , Comedy
Directed By:
Written By:
Martin Brest
In Theaters:
Dec 9, 2003
Box Office:
Columbia Pictures - Official Site


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Critic Reviews for Gigli

All Critics (177) | Top Critics (47) | Fresh (11) | Rotten (166) | DVD (21)

After the schadenfreudian thrill of watching beautiful people humiliate themselves wears off, it has the same annihilating effect on your will to live.

Full Review… | June 17, 2014
Top Critic

More stupefying follies may come, but it's impossible to imagine how they'll beat this one for staggering idiocy, fatuousness or pretension.

Full Review… | June 5, 2013
Wall Street Journal
Top Critic

Every bit as unwatchable as the deafening negative chatter would suggest.

Full Review… | June 5, 2013
Associated Press
Top Critic

It's hard to tell who this movie was intended for: those who think that a mentally challenged boy singing dirty rap lyrics is cute and funny? Those who find Ben Affleck's brow to be ineffably mysterious? Students of Stoic philosophy looking for a test?

Full Review… | June 5, 2013
New Yorker
Top Critic

Brief but flamboyant cameos by Christopher Walken and Al Pacino helped keep me distracted from the noble intentions and the silliness.

Full Review… | March 6, 2007
Chicago Reader
Top Critic

Mitigating factors: a carefully curated sampling of J-Lo butt cleavage, and an arrhythmic Christopher Walken cameo which momentarily diverts the doomed ship from collision with the iceberg.

Full Review… | February 9, 2006
Time Out
Top Critic

The two stars may be in love in real life, but they've managed to keep that chemistry well-hidden on screen.

Full Review… | June 17, 2014
Florida Times-Union

It comes to something when a movie is only worth watching to validate just how dreadful it is.

Full Review… | June 17, 2014
Radio Times

This misguided romantic comedy goes wrong so often and in such profoundly lunkheaded ways that to say it stinks would be bordering on polite understatement.

Full Review… | June 17, 2014
People Magazine

Nothing in Gigli is sustained, from pace to plot points to character functions. It appears to have been chopped up and put back together again more than once.

Full Review… | June 17, 2014

Here is a film that exists on another plane. It is so insane, so misguided, so Dadaesque, so Kafkaesque, you'll think I'm exaggerating. I'm not.

Full Review… | June 5, 2013
Toledo Blade

[A] hopelessly scatterbrained romantic comedy.

Full Review… | June 5, 2013
Metro Times (Detroit, MI)

Not only is it a total botch, it's also an unrelentingly boring botch, meaning it doesn't even fit into the "so bad it's hilarious" category alongside Showgirls and Battlefield Earth.

Full Review… | June 5, 2013
Total Film


Full Review… | June 5, 2013
Baltimore Sun

Misbegotten mess of a not family-friendly movie.

Full Review… | December 24, 2010
Common Sense Media

No, it's not the worst film ever made, but it is a sickening exercise in smugness and self-love.

Full Review… | July 21, 2009

Writer/director Martin Brest ("Scent of a Woman") combines romance, comedy, and crime in a movie that will forever be blamed for bringing together Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

Full Review… | May 26, 2009

It's a derivative, cliché awful film...

Full Review… | April 29, 2009
Cinema Crazed

I can't call Gigli a misunderstood masterwork, but I'm not ashamed to say I enjoyed it.

Full Review… | February 14, 2008

Torture. Impossible to imagine how it could've been worse.

Full Review… | December 30, 2006
Empire Magazine

Gigli isn't the equivalent of cracking a whippit, but it is irredeemably flawed

Full Review… | March 16, 2006

Audience Reviews for Gigli


Life doesn't play by the rules.

Mediocre movie! Overall this is not the `worst film ever made', those who tell you that have clearly have a limited viewing experience; many of the reviews were made harsher by the back lash against the whole Bennifer thing. However that's not to say they are wrong - only overly harsh. The film is poorly judged in almost every aspect and is too hard to enjoy as a result. Has about 3 good moments in it, but it is an overwhelming shambles.

Gigli, a lowly and inept hitman, is assigned a job by the mob to kidnap a mentally retarded brother of a California district attorney. Gigli abducts the brother from his mental hospital and holds him hostage in his apartment. Ricki, a "lesbian assassin", is sent to oversee Gigli's job and make sure he doesn't screw it up. Comedic high jinks ensue as the two go on the lam and start to fall in love.

Manu Gino

Super Reviewer

When Conan O'Brien just has to say the name of your movie to get a big laugh in his opening monologue every night for two months, you know you've screwed up. It was for that exact reason that I set out to watch this flop for the first time since it came out, ten long years ago, and it was so much worse than I could have expected. Usually films that are bad, and feature big stars, at least have a gimmick, maybe some off-color jokes, or have a bloated budget, but there's no reason for this unmitigated tripe. There is no budget, the script is atrocious, and the characters are either one sided, conceited, or plain dumb. The premise alone is staggeringly awful: a very low level mobster (Ben Affleck a gangster? Really?) has to kidnap the brother of a federal prosecutor, who happens to be mentally challenged. That alone should stop you if you are reading the script. He does so with minimal effort, which is strange, because you would think there would be a lot of security for someone so vulnerable. Then waltzes in the other lead, Jennifer Lopez, as a hired gun, who happens to be a lesbian. I will say that at least they represent her as someone who deals with the traps and tribulations of relationships and comes out the other side the same as any hetero, when speaking about her relationship with another woman. Still, her sexuality, which is dealt with right off the bat, is pivoted once she starts hanging around Affleck's character. The mentally challenged character is also handled poorly, as he oftentimes rings his hands wildly and asks to go meet girls at the "Baywatch" time and again. Justin Bartha is in this role, and it baffles me that it doesn't follow him around the same way the others have suffered for this flop. There are some brief cameos from Christopher Walken and Al Pacino that are twenty times more entertaining, but most of this film concerns this strange love story between the goon and the lesbian. They barely leave the apartment, talk to anyone, or do much of anything (if cutting a dead guy's thumb off doesn't count). Most of that doesn't even matter, because the background score for this film is so loud and obnoxious you can't hear the actor's voices over it, which makes this feel as cheap and sleazy as the rest of the movie. It's so pathetically contrived and icky at all times, and not one person can justify to me why this film needed to be made.

Spencer S.

Super Reviewer

OMG! It's like watching a train wreck (without the dead people). Sadly, I can't say there are no injuries -- at least as far as public respect might go. I thought this was so bad that on reflection, it became funny. Think "funny" in the sense that "The Room" is funny for all its delicious incompetence. This movie is a must-see for anyone into truly bad cinema -- but if you're looking for simple entertainment or nonvegitative stimulation, this film ain't for you.

Christian C

Super Reviewer


The reason "Gigli" gets the moniker of "worst movie ever made" (which is a gross exaggeration) is because it was released in the heyday of 'Bennifer'- Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's insanely high profile romantic relationship. Audiences wanted to see their favorite couple in the greatest romantic comedy of all time but instead they got a meaningless, meandering, overly talky gangster picture that tries desperately to be a new age romantic comedy. "Gigli" has very few bright spots and I mean that in all honesty. Jennifer Lopez is the main reason to see the film (if that is much of one at all). Her resume is weak to say the least with only two or three credible performances to speak of- "Gigli" is surprisingly one of them. Her approach to the film is serious but with just enough of a 'wink, wink, nudge, nudge' carelessness to make it credible. She also handles her monologues quite well, something Ben Affleck crashes and burns with at every chance. Christopher Walken and Al Pacino also add a few points as well and like Lopez, do well with their dialogue. But in the end, "Gigli" is just plain bizarre. It has no idea what it wants to be (a romantic comedy, a mob picture), what it wants to say (about people leading violent lives, about sexual ambiguity, about the politics of crime) or what it wants to make you feel and worst of all, it's just plain boring most of the time.

Steven Carrier

Super Reviewer

Gigli Quotes

Larry Gigli:
In every relationship there's a bull and a cow, and it just so happens that in this relationship I'm the bull and you're the cow! bull! cow!
– Submitted by Patrick V (5 months ago)
It's turkey time.
– Submitted by Nathan L (3 years ago)
Det. Stanley Jacobellis:
Man, you know what I'd love to do, right now? Go down to Marie Callender's, get me a big bowl, pie, some ice cream on it, mmm-hmm good! Put some on your head! Your tongue would slap your brains out trying to get to it! INTERESTED? SURE?
– Submitted by David P (3 years ago)

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