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November 10, 2006
A gambler with almost supernatural ability suffers head trauma and amnesia so two petty hustlers take him in and try to find a way to profit from his gift. Another film made by Chow Yun Fat at his most handsome and debonair, easily the best parts of the film are when he is in command of his powers and he has a real presence and charisma about him. Unfortunately, Wong Jing's usual penchant for pandering to the cheap seats has him acting like a retarded child for most of the film, in a kind of Jackie Chan style homage to Rain Man. There are some laughs to be had, but this section is far too long and I found myself longing for Chow to regain his memory again and kick some gangster ass; when he does, it works pretty well but it is sooooo long in coming. God Of Gamblers has a few very nice sequences, but the direction is inconsistent, lumbering between cheap laughs and sentimentality for too much of its run time. It has dated better than some of its contemporaries and its worth seeing for the good bits, but there's too much sap and not enough action.
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½ October 25, 2006
Chow Yun-Fat created ultra cool character in this shape of the God of Gamblers.
½ May 29, 2008
Great stuff, where else are you gonna see Chow Yun-Fat act like a child and a badass gambler in the same movie?
½ August 23, 2007
I had to have seen this movie at least 60 times as a kid, no joke. It is one of my all time favorites. B
August 25, 2006
Reminiscent of "Rain Man" with an even better story and a lot more excitement! The opening gambling sequence is a great setup to the film along with the final showdown at the poker table make for excellent bookends for this highly entertaining and enjoyable movie! If you're looking for something with action and comedy with some dramatic tension thrown in, this one's got it all!
July 3, 2014
Somewhat campy or an Asian rip-off of Rain Man but I love it still! Chow Yun-Fat's swag is undeniable.
October 6, 2013
Truly wonderful! With an original plot and incredible plot-twists, God of Gamblers is one of the best movie I've ever watched!!
July 22, 2013
Always wondered if this guys is real. They say it is based on real story. :)
April 28, 2011
½ December 9, 2010
Thursday, December 9, 2010

(1989) God of Gamblers
(In Chinese with English subtitles)

Chow Yun Fat likable as a master gambler at the beginning gets amnesia when bumping his head while going down a hill because people want to kill him as a result of his success. A small poor group of naive misfits finds Chow Yun- Fat and take him under their wing where they would then try to exploit him! As you're watching this, you're like why couldn't they have taken him to a hospital and so forth... and the reason is that it wouldn't be a much of a movie and no one would watch it! He builds a rapport with this family who is taking care of him with a mind of a child and an automatic hand as an ace gambler! More comedy slapstick, betrayls and back stabbings happen along the way, and of course action- a true definition of fun Asian Trash cinema from Wong Jing! There is even a necrophiliac scene which is kind of kind of unnecessary in the overall film and not for everybody!

This was a big boxoffice commercial hit with Hong Kong audiences wanting to see more which also inspired many Hong Kong copycats such as "King of the Gamblers", "All For The Winner", "Queen of Gamblers", "Gamblers vs Gamblers" etc...

3.5 out of 4
June 28, 2010
Reviewing movies that i have watched in the past, mainly HK flicks. I am basing my reviews on what i remember about the films, so bear in mind that these are films that i watched years ago, and the details i provide may not be accurate, although the general rating is more or less accurate.

God of Gamblers stars CHow Yun Fat in his pre Hollywood days and i daresay puts him in one of the most unforgettable roles with this crowd pleasing comedy. Chow is the gambling don who, loses his memory and is saved by a bunch of ne'er do wells who discover and try to exploit his gambling skills. Yes, i know it sounds seriously cliched. And yes there are some seriously campy moments. But Chow is simply phenomenal as the chocolate loving, Gambing supremo. An entertaing and enjoyable film, one of CHow's most memeorable, and far, far better than most of the substandard movies he makes in Holllywood.

The Defender or "Zhong Nan Hai Bao Biao", stars Jet Li as the bodyguard from beijing, one of the very elite who is tasked with the job of protecting the absolutely babelicious Christy CHung. Don't expect great acting or dazzling directing, just relax and be entertained by good action sequences and a decent acting by Jet Li. And yes, gawk at the stunning Christy Chung. An enjoyable way to spend your time.

The Enforcer is riddled by a seriously lame plot, where Jet Li is a police officer going undercover, leaving behind a pugilistically talented son. Now the kid, who looks barely over 10, goes in search of his father, displaying remarkable martial arts skill in the process. The kid actually has rather good chemistry with Jet Li and even treatens to upstage him. If you ignore the seriously unbelievable plot, the enforcer is a watchable and entertaining, albeit lightweight flick.

Now if the Enforcer has a tenuous plot, Black MaSk is even worse. With a plot more farfetched than a kid's daydreams, one can safely ignore the plot and the many obvious logical flaws of the film and just concentrate on the action, which the film delivers competantly. However even if you forgive the plot, the many contrivances and lack of acting muscle, together with a poorly cobbled script, make it a less than mediocre offering, with only the action sequences of Jet Li saving it from abysmal failure.

The Heroic Trio stars the late Anita Mui with Michelle Yeoh and Maggie Cheung. Like the Enforcer, it also suffers from a tenuous plot (now why am i sounding like a bahroken record???) involving- if you can believe it- a plot to kidnap infant newborns as a sacrifice for some demonic ritual, which is thwarted by a trio of [i]Charlie's Angel[/i]ish superwoman with kick ass skills (and looking like a superhero out of a comic book) . And no, this ain't set it some period era like the ancient dyanasties, in which case it might be somwhat plausible, but set in a modern setting with cars and all. WTF, you might say? well don't expect much from the plot. Only slightly better than the abysmal Charlie's Angels, and somewhat redeemed by a surprisingly good soundtrack, the Heroic Trio is an exercise in mediocrity.
½ May 20, 2010
Ach, diese Hongkong Streifen aus den 80ern sind doch immer wieder eine echte Freude. Chow Yun-Fat und Andy Lau geben auch in diesem Film wieder ein tolles Team ab. Der Film geht zwar gut 30 Minuten zu lang und einige Dinge Stren mich an der Geschichte ziemlich (Ich mag dieses "Eins auffen Kopf bekommen und dann 70 % der Filmzeit ber bekloppt zu sein" berhaupt nicht) doch hat God of Gamblers dann auch wieder so sensationelle Momente, dass ich aus dem Freudentaumel kaum herauskomme. Und sowieso, es muss einfach gesagt werden: Chow Yun-Fat ist einer der coolsten Darsteller aller Zeiten (Ja, alle Lnder, alle Genres!), ihn spielen zu sehen ist einfach ein Erlebnis. Den meisten Darstellern nimmt man es nicht einmal ab, wenn sie sich whrend eines Filmes vom Trinker zum ganz normalen Typen entwickeln, Chow Yun-Fat nimmt man die Wandlung vom Penner zu Gott in einer Szene ab!
knappe 3,5/5
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