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Goin' South Reviews

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Super Reviewer

October 15, 2013
This comedic western romance concerns a third rate criminal named Henry Moon, who, moments before he is to be hanged for horse thievery, is saved, thanks to a law in the backwater Texas town, allows for a woman to save a criminal from death, barring she agrees to marry him and take responsibility for his behavior.

And that's what happens: Julia Tate claims the grateful Moon who soon regrets the arrangement when it's revealed she only really wants to use him as manual labor for a gold mine she swears is on her property. Aside from that, Moon also has problems with the Sheriff. Not only does he not care for Moon to begin with, but he also feels like Moon took Julia away from him, viewing her as "his girl".

Featuring an all star cast, and directed by its star Jack Nicholson, this had potential to be an absolute riot. Unfortunately, while the film starts off strong, it devolves into an uninspired bore and never quite recovers. There are some good moments here and there, but there's not really enough to save this from being a generic "meh" kind of film.

This is a top notch cast who, besides Nicholson includes the likes of John Belushi and Mary Steenburgen in their film debuts, he as a deputy, she as Julia, and CHristopher Lloyd as the sheriff. There's also appearance by Ed Begley, Jr., Veronica Cartwright, and Danny DeVito.

Nicholson and Belushi really ham it up and appear to be having a lot of fun, but Lloyd, while okay, could have been even better. I like Mary Steenburgen alright, but she's not all that good hear. Granted, it is her first film, but still, she's kinda awful. At least we get a brief glimpse of her nipples through a wet shirt...

I really wanted to like this movie, and, even though I did enjoy it in parts, as a whole, it's a real disappointment. Unless you're a completist for anyone in the cast, I don't really recommend this.

Super Reviewer

March 13, 2008
I like that Doc Brown and Claira are together again in the old west. Jackie boy does a fun job as well.
Lafe F

Super Reviewer

October 7, 2007
Funny classic comedy western.

Super Reviewer

January 1, 2007
Enjoyable comic western starring and directed by Jack Nicholson. Without anybody to rein him in, he hams it up mercilessly, but being Jack, he can get away with it in a way that very few can.

Super Reviewer

November 21, 2006
Amusing comedy-western that Jack Nicholson also directed.

Super Reviewer

August 17, 2007
Jack Nicholson directs and stars as an outlaw named Henry Moon, who's saved from a hanging by a young widow named Julia Tate (Mary Steenburgen). Apparently, a man can be saved from a hanging if he can find someone willing to marry him. Julia Tate marries Henry to put him to work on her mine to search for gold, while Henry is more than willing to be married to her, as long as he gets sex out of the marriage.

His marriage is all work and no play, since Julie isn't willing to put out. While on top of things, the sheriff's deputy Towfield (Christopher Lloyd) still wants Henry dead, especially since he's married to the woman Towfield loves. Henry and Julia's loyalties to each other are also put to the test when they find gold and when Henry's old gang find out about it and want a share.

Goin' South doesn't have the best plot, but the movie at least has a strong cast with fine performances and good chemistry between Nicholson and Steenburgen. Even when Jack is in a movie where the plot is a little thin, the guy is just entertaining. While Christopher Lloyd is also always great and one of the most under-rated character actors of all time.

Super Reviewer

January 19, 2009
OK, I admit it, Nicholson was noticeably coked up, Belushi didn't have much of a part, but Mary Steenbergen is a sweetheart.
Brody M

Super Reviewer

October 30, 2009
I rented this movie cauz it had Jack Nicholson & John Belushi in it but I was disappointed cauz Belushi had almost no lines.Other then that it had some funny moments
January 11, 2009
Very funny and an incredible cast. Not only can he act, but he directs fine movies as well. This spoof is one of my favorite Nicholson films
December 22, 2008
An enjoyable film. Would fall under my definition of romantic comedy, while it only borders on either. A great cast delivers on a decent story of a renegade marrying a random woman in town to save his neck.
July 21, 2008
this film is so funny of the 1970's.
jack nicholson + john belushi + christopher lloyd = funny.

starring mary steenburgen is her film debut. director and starring jack nicholson, danny devito, and christopher lloyd team
together film in "one flew over the cuckoo's nest". john belushi is the one is so funny. greatest funny gunfight scene.
July 30, 2007
I was looking for a comedy in the video store and past by and saw Jack's face on the cover of this DVD case. I rented it immediately and am happy I did.
January 6, 2007
It seemed that this was playing on some midnight-movie channel every time I babysat in high school. Eventually I broke down and watched it. And got paid for my trouble, too!
June 1, 2014
Ha! Now thats a clasic.
December 18, 2013
Let's be clear: Goin' South is young Jack Nicholson's version of a Romantic Comedy, so you can imagine it's nothing like how the rest of us view a romantic comedy. I'm not saying the movie's bad, it's actually pretty good as a late '70s Western comedy, but it's a little strange. It's another vehicle for letting Nicholson act crazy, this time in the Old West, and that's cool because crazy is half the reason I watch a Nicholson movie. Throw John Belushi, Christopher Lloyd & Danny DeVito into the mix, and you got the makings of something funny.
But the problem I have is Goin' South isn't ha-ha funny or crazy zany. I get an actual story is being told, and that's fine, but the comic potential is so weighted down it's hard to fully get in to the movie. I wanted to see Nicholson, Lloyd and Belushi go over the top more than they did. Also, Mary Steenburgen is a fine actress. I really like her, but I didn't sense much chemistry between her and Nicholson. That makes sense in the beginning, but even in the end, I wasn't feeling much of a connection between the two.
So while the laughs and the romance might be underwhelming, Goin' South is still worth seeing just to appreciate watching this collection of actors, including Ed Begley Jr., in their primes working to make a good film.
September 8, 2013
Favorite Line: Jack ask Big Abe if he's hungry,Reply from Big Abe," I'm so hungry I could eat a Frozen Dog"
December 29, 2012
I think this movie is grossly under rated. I enjoyed this movie from beginning to end. I would like to see the audience percent of approval, at least surpass the 80% mark.......but I quess my taste in movie differs a lot from the mainstream.
I think " The Man who knew too Little" and "Rat Race" are a couple of the funnies movies ever, and I haven't seen them on any top 25 list. For Duster comedies, I find this, second only to Support Your Local Sheriff". "Cat Ballou" comes in 3rd.
August 22, 2012
loved it. I laughed several times throughout this movie. Very good Nicholson.
June 27, 2012
Fun and playful. The package is tied a little too neatly in the end, but it was an enjoyable film nonetheless.
March 1, 2012
It's an alright movie, perhaps elevated by its (then unknowingly) stellar casting. If you're not a big Jack Nicholson fan, you may want to skip this one.
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