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½ August 31, 2007
Some good moments but all in all not that special. There are better college comedies out there but it was relatively enjoyable.
½ January 3, 2014
Brilliant acting by the asian frat brother!
½ December 26, 2010
I was very surprised how much i liked this movie. I was expecting more of a national lampoons type movie. By that I mean stupid sex jokes, random breast scenes, and terrible plots.(This is for the newer NL movies, the old ones are great). But i didnt get that. I got a Cast of lovable protagonists, however the plot has been done a million times before. What gross things a group of guys have to do to get into a fraternity. I enjoyed a lot of the unexpected, yet awesome cast including the following: Simon Rex(from scary movie 3) Dylan Bruno(Cameos in Saving Private Ryan, and The One.) Chris Owen((The Sherminator from American Pie) James DeBello(Cabin Fever, Dorm Daze 1 & 2)
½ November 30, 2009
Typical teen movie was typical characters. The story was ok, but not amazing. It was a story where it could be serious, but can also skew off to different tangents to make the movie have gross moments or show some nudity, which is typical of this type of movie. The cast was not that good. The characters that were suppose to be funny made me chuckle a little, but not roll around laughing.
April 18, 2009
I always love this college flick,it was slammin,i watched
everyday on dvd,i like it so much,i gonna write a story of
upcoming parody comedy film called:College Movie?,it's Scary
Movie meets The Comebacks meets Mafia! meets Stan Helsing
meets Dance Flick,about a group of college misfits are dealing with zany adventures,hardcore parties,fun and games
and powerful sex,while they preparing semester in Gilment
College.The Spoofs are Van Wilder,Old School,First Daughter,
Legally Blonde,Animal House,Higher Learning,P.C.U.,Dead Man
on Campus,How High,The House Bunny,Down To You,Revenge of
The Nerds,Little Man Tate,Road Trip,Pumpkin,College,New Best
Friend and Sorority Row.This movie will laughed til your head
January 20, 2006
Going Greeks and independant film and they deserve just as much or even more credit then big Hollywood films. some of the pludging actually do happen in college fraturnities and Oliver Hudsons in it how can go wrong or for then men out there theres some flashing so alittle something for everyone.
½ May 23, 2004
[color=red][color=white]Going Greek[/color] is a funny and typical college comedy. However it is funnier than most and the love story is believeable. The movies a little over the top, for example the circle jerk scene, which is where I took the time to go to the wash room as I didn't want to see it. But I heard the others watching the movie last so I guess that part was funny too. I recommend this film for a good laugh, if you don't mind crude humor.[/color]

[color=red][color=white]Westworld[/color] is very good for it's time. It's early Micheal Crichton, and has the premise of Jurassic park just with robots instead of Dinosaurs. The film creates a great mistrust of growing technology which is a interesting them today more than ever. I've always liked Yul Brynner and he plays a great cowboy robot.[/color]
½ May 2, 2004
Funny Movie about a fraternity
½ April 7, 2004
[color=#000001][font=Tahoma][i][b]Hellboy[/b][/i] is a great flick. Not too fast, not too slow, but baby bear speed. Just right. The action scenes weren't overwhelmingly frequent, which I like. Alot of movies today depend so heavily on special effects, that the action scenes are almost overwhelming... some are almost too confusing too watch. I'll admit that I like CGI landscapes. Seeing ruined cities, alien vistas, whatever. I'm not really impressed by superpowers and bad guys and the like. Those things have all usually been done before. I find alot of creative energy goes into creating the setting when it comes to CGI.[/font][/color]

[color=#000001][font=Tahoma]I was disappointed by the poor character development of the minor characters, the side kicks. I wanted to know just a little bit more about them. The story was very interesting, the prelude being of great importance and necessity to understand the movie. I am interested in how it [/font][/color][color=#000001][font=Tahoma]compares to the comic book, whether or not it remained similar to the story arc.[/font][/color]

[color=#000001][/color][color=#000001][font=Tahoma]Overall I enjoyed it, I would see it again, and I will pick it up on DVD. [i]Hellboy[/i] is one of the better superhero movies. I'd put it above [i]x-men[/i], but below [i]spidey[/i] and [i]blade[/i]. Go and see it for yourself.[/font][/color]
[color=#000001][font=Tahoma][i][b]Going Greek[/b][/i] - Not what you call a popular film. Points for boobies, humor, the reality aspect of pledging, and alot of heart behind the actors and director. ANother point for making me watch[b][i] Old School[/i][/b] Afterwards. Loss of points for poor editing with the jacket.[/font][/color]
[color=#000001][font=Tahoma][i][b]Kill Bill: Volume 1[/b][/i] - Possibly the greatest movie ever.[/font][/color]
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