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½ August 10, 2007
Nothing special but not bad
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½ June 9, 2007
Very interesting true back story to this film. I liked the whole girl power thing and the movie did have one scene that nearly broke my heart. It was pretty okay for what it was.
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April 22, 2007
This inspired of true one family's story is a score! This moving feel-good story is so emotionally and courage of a 15-year-old girl who vowed to replace his late brother on the high-school soccer team. I found out about this events followed the ultimely 1988 death of William Shue, the brother of cast members Elisabeth and Andrew Shue and executive producer John Shue from Who magazine before watching the movie. They are fans of soccer, that's why, just like Elisabeth should be the one of Gracie's footsteps because she's the only one sister of the Shue family like in this story.
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½ October 16, 2008
Not by choice: buses in Northern Ontario, you just never know what you're going to get... a great laugh due its combination of melodramatic bad lines, half-baked gender-role commentary and sports movie formula. Do not watch this film... unless you also enjoy gawking at car crashes and the like...
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January 4, 2009
Barely watchable, this soap opera knows how to tug at the heartstrings, but a little too sappy for even this most sensitive male viewer. Gracie battles prejudice and neandrathal male stereotypes to win a place on the boy's soccer team at school. Nobody believes in her except for her dead brother. Even her mom tries to lower her expectations, by encouraging her to take a bite of the sh*t sandwich that life offers young women. Some decent soccer footage, but too much like a fairy tale for this viewer. Thank God for Titile IX. One would like to think this is no longer a problem for women athletes. Don't kid yourself. Respect is hard to come by, even when it is earned.
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½ April 3, 2008
[font=Century Gothic]It is very hard to dislike a movie such as "Gracie" that has its heart so firmly in the right place and so full of good will. It takes place in South Orange, New Jersey in 1978 where Grace(Carly Schroeder) wants to honor the memory of her recently deceased brother, Johnny(Jesse Lee Soffer), a high school soccer star, by making the boys' varsity soccer team to avenge one of their losses to a rival school. Hopefully helping her will be her father(Dermot Mulroney), a former collegiate soccer star himself who also trained her brother.(I think that anybody who tries to relive their failed lives through their children is perverse.) [/font]
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[font=Century Gothic]So even though the movie does make some valid points about women in sport(Where women could once only be cheerleaders, now they could compete in sports on their own terms. But surely feminism could not have been such an exotic notion in 1978.), the movie still gives into some of the hoariest cliches of the genre around. Worse still, it is immensely predictable. It is clear exactly how the movie will end once Grace makes her proclamation, even if the route might have been slightly different than expected with a couple of less than credible twists. And it is hard to believe high school soccer players would be allowed to be so very physical. Grounding the movie better in realism would have definitely helped.[/font]
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May 29, 2007
A true inspiration. Not the greatest movie ever, but hey, True stories have a way fo swaying us, atleast more than "Munich did.(Munich sucked by the way) "Gracie" has spirit and spunk, which make this "Three stars out of Four"film work.
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½ June 1, 2007
Well-shot true-life girl's soccer tale is better than it should be.
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½ June 13, 2007
Very good movie! Sad beginning, but it's very inspirational, and it shows that girls can do anything!
February 23, 2010
A good movie about believing in yourself. Gracie will win your heart. (First and only viewing - 10/19/2014)
March 7, 2014
Gracie is a very well-done sports movie, as well as being a successful drama. Schroeder is a very talented actress, and Shue is great. A lot of aspects of soccer players' lives is showcased here: the vigorous training; the dedication to the game; and the thrill of play. The overall message: if you're dedicated to something enough, you can get better and enjoy life.

And the best part about this movie: it was filmed in my town!
October 16, 2010
Feel good, soccer movie. One of my favs. Gracie is in a soccer family. One tragic night, her older brother and hero dies in a traffic accident after a championship soccer game. Gracie decides she will try out for the team the following year in his honor even though no one believes in her, including her dad. This movie was written and directed by Elisabeth and Andrew Shue and is semi-autobiographical. Great story of equality and triumph against long odds. its amazing to me how some great films get bypassed. This movie will never get the credit it deserves which is a shame.
November 2, 2012
I enjoyed this movie. It inspires girls and tells them that they can do anything. I cried a little bit during this film. There are parts in the film not suitable for young girls/children. Overall this movie to me has been one of the best i've seen this year.
½ April 27, 2012
Typical feel good movie about a girl wanting to play on the boy's soccer team! Loosely based off the story of Elisabeth Shue growing up playing soccer with the boys.
Overall a good flick!!!
½ April 8, 2012
pretty good movie, but i feel like it is the same as a lot of the movies when girls try to prove themselves. the girl was kind of awkward, but did pretty well.
November 11, 2011
It was interesting. I liked it for the most part...on imdb i'd rate it a 6/10 which converts to 3/5.
The only thing i had a problem with is that it seemed to end too soon. And she never did get with Peter :(.
October 23, 2010
Very predictable sports drama. Decent acting picked it up a notch, but nothing could save it from all the cliches it throws at you. Watchable but not great.
½ July 4, 2007
wow, i was surprised how much i got into this movie! it was so well done. lots of skill, and the story-telling just pulls you in.
June 3, 2007
Omg I LOVED Gracie! This movie was AMAZING! and the fact that its based on true events is REALLY sad. I think they were playing REAL footage or Elizabeth Shue and Andrew Shue, the two stars, and their borther William, who died I guess like in the movie, and I guess it was kinda cool, because in a way, Elizabeth was playing her mother. Because she was playing the mother of herself, who Gracie is kinda based on...

July 22, 2008
Let us not forget the times when a girl could get punched in the face just for wanting to play soccer in order to avenge her dead brother. Rock on, Gracie.
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