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Gravity (2013)



Average Rating: 9/10
Reviews Counted: 304
Fresh: 294 | Rotten: 10

Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity is an eerie, tense sci-fi thriller that's masterfully directed and visually stunning.


Average Rating: 9.2/10
Critic Reviews: 52
Fresh: 51 | Rotten: 1

Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity is an eerie, tense sci-fi thriller that's masterfully directed and visually stunning.



liked it
Average Rating: 4.1/5
User Ratings: 287,996

My Rating

Movie Info

Gravity stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in a heart-pounding thriller that pulls you into the infinite and unforgiving realm of deep space. Bullock plays Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant medical engineer on her first shuttle mission, with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (Clooney). But on a seemingly routine spacewalk, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving Stone and Kowalsky completely alone - tethered to nothing but each other and spiraling out into the blackness. The deafening

Feb 25, 2014


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Latest News on Gravity

May 14, 2014:
Ridley Scott in Talks for The Martian
He'd direct Matt Damon in an adaptation of the Andy Weir novel about "an astronaut who gets stranded...
February 28, 2014:
Parental Guidance: Non-Stop, Plus Gravity, Thor: The Dark World and Muscle Shoals
This week, Christy breaks down the suspense thriller Non-Stop, and on home video, the sci-fi...


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All Critics (304) | Top Critics (52) | Fresh (294) | Rotten (10) | DVD (3)

Believe the hype: Gravity is as jaw-droppingly spectacular as you've heard - magnificent from a technical perspective but also a marvel of controlled acting and precise tone.

October 5, 2013 Full Review Source:
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Unfolding as a series of terrifying object lessons in Newtonian physics, the movie lends new meaning to the phrase "spatial geometry."

October 4, 2013 Full Review Source: The Atlantic
The Atlantic
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Gravity is not a film of ideas, like Kubrick's techno-mystical 2001, but it's an overwhelming physical experience -- a challenge to the senses that engages every kind of dread.

October 4, 2013 Full Review Source: New Yorker
New Yorker
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Nerve-racking, sentimental and thrilling, Gravity honors terra firma even as it reaches for the stars with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

October 4, 2013 Full Review Source: Denver Post
Denver Post
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Cuarón and his cinematographer, Emmanuel Lubezki, keep the audience in weightless suspension right along with the astronauts. For most of us, Gravity is the closest we will ever get to the real deal.

October 4, 2013 Full Review Source: Christian Science Monitor
Christian Science Monitor
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Gravity, a weightless ballet and a cold-sweat nightmare, intimates mystery and profundity, with that mixture of beauty and terror that the Romantics called the sublime.

October 4, 2013 Full Review Source: Globe and Mail
Globe and Mail
Top Critic IconTop Critic

One of the greatest man-versus-nature movies in cinematic history.

June 28, 2014 Full Review Source: Windy City Times
Windy City Times

$90,000,000, a hundred, whatever they spent: this is a taut thriller built for audiences but also one of the most expensive experimental movies ever made. It's a thrill ride, but a work by a visual artist at the extremes of his acuity.

April 8, 2014 Full Review Source: Newcity

The fact that the film touches on spiritual themes at all is worth noting, and makes this film just a little bit more than the thrill ride that all the ads have promised.

March 26, 2014 Full Review Source: Patheos

An escape from the past that is simultaneously a flight to no future.

March 4, 2014 Full Review Source: Cinemania

One of the best science fiction movies in years.

March 2, 2014 Full Review Source: SF Weekly
SF Weekly

This is a story about people floating through space, and Alfonso Cuarón's feature brilliantly contrives to make the viewer feel similarly untethered, to often thrilling effect. This is surely the closest cinema comes to three-dimensional virtual abseiling.

March 2, 2014 Full Review Source: Sight and Sound
Sight and Sound

The single most stressful two hours you can have in a movie theatre - in the best possible way.

February 7, 2014 Full Review Source: Concrete Playground
Concrete Playground

Surely there are Oscar nominations for all involved, and Gravity is set to be a classic.

February 7, 2014 Full Review Source: Future Movies UK

What could easily have been a dull practice in CGI is crafted by Alfonso Cuaron in to a journey for survival and learning how to cherish life...

February 6, 2014 Full Review Source: Cinema Crazed
Cinema Crazed

For all the complicated CG wizardry and ostensibly visionary gloss...[Gravity] is aesthetically and structurally regressive.

February 5, 2014 Full Review Source: Movie Mezzanine
Movie Mezzanine

We've seen films set in outer space before, but nothing has ever felt this real.

January 22, 2014 Full Review Source: The Verge
The Verge

A sleek, smooth, immersive, and rather overwhelming spectacle of economy, efficiency, and all-around proficiency.

January 11, 2014 Full Review Source:

One of the ten best films of 2013.

January 7, 2014 Full Review Source: Movie Dearest
Movie Dearest

If Cuarón's long-gestating thriller is perhaps not quite the masterpiece we were hoping for, it is still a thrilling and visually striking work.

January 2, 2014 Full Review Source: Fan The Fire
Fan The Fire

A marvel of performance and effect utilizing the man against his environment/survival motif to justify visual and technical elegance and brilliance.

December 31, 2013 Full Review Source:

You want to admire the technical achievement, except it never feels like a technical achievement. It just feels like you're there. And desperately want to leave.

December 30, 2013 Full Review Source: Deadspin

This masterpiece perfectly blends the elements of a science fiction blockbuster- A-list stars and amazing special effects- with a powerful and subtle story.

December 24, 2013 Full Review Source: John Hanlon Reviews
John Hanlon Reviews

Cuaron's knack for long takes amplifies the terror, where devastation approaches without a sound and that thump you hear could very well be your own pulse.

December 23, 2013 Full Review Source:

It's a technical marvel -- appropriately breathtaking in its evocation of space's vastness and the buffeting suffered by the two astronauts in their efforts to anchor themselves to something solid. But Cuaron also knows how suspense works.

December 18, 2013 Full Review Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Sydney Morning Herald

Gravity is, in the end, a perfect melding of the technological and the emotional.

December 18, 2013 Full Review Source: Salt Lake Tribune
Salt Lake Tribune

Audience Reviews for Gravity

I can see somehow this movie is quite overrated by the critics by giving 97% fresh ratings compared to the audiences who only gave 81%.. But for me, Alfonso Cuaron undoubtedly did a really great job, with my favorite ones come from his directing style and a f**king awesome cinematography that gave them both the Oscar.. Even though Sandra Bullock only acts behind the helmet, but her expression looks natural, so no doubt she receive another Oscar nominee, which is also good for her to proves she's not one time glory Oscar winner.. Too bad they waste such a talent from George Clooney in this movie.. Overall, it's a good movie with a great aspect from its production team, but to rate it as the best movie of the year I have to disagree with that..
July 20, 2014
Sanjaya 丘耀文

Super Reviewer

Cuarón does not seem to grasp the 3D technology that well nor is he always able to stick to the basic rules that he established for his own universe, but he overcomes these few flaws with astounding visuals, wonderful long takes and claustrophobic scenes to put us on the very edge of our seats.
April 27, 2014

Super Reviewer

Well here we are, the big Oscar winner, the talk of the town, so it seems. My brother stuck this on the Bluray the other night when I was at my folks, so without any warning I was thrown into orbit alongside the ever annoying Bullock and Hollywood lapdog Clooney. One thing was for sure, it was gonna be pretty.

The lowdown, a small team of astronauts are fixing the Hubble telescope when a field of lethal debris from a recent Russian missile strike on a satellite, hits them head on. The debris causes massive damage and strands our plucky heroes in orbit with virtually nowhere to go. From here on they must fight to survive by spacewalking to other nearby space stations to try and reach any remaining capsules so they can get back down to Earth.

OK so the first thing anyone with a brain will notice is the special effects, the visuals in general. Without trying to sound too deflating I have come to expect flashy super-duper effects from most modern films these days, its a given really isn't it, if the film doesn't look ultra amazing you'd be shocked. So while this film does have the perfect realistic look of a real NASA film from a real space somehow isn't overly mind blowing truth be told. It sure does look spot on for total scientific accuracy in every aspect from the space suits, the spacecraft, the space stations, cockpit controls, weightlessness, every little nut bolt and screw, and space physics in general.

So I can understand why this film won visual effects, kudos. But then we have the plot issues and accuracy issues, yeah yeah I know but come on, a big realistic film like this had better get its facts right...yes?, no. First off this Russian missile strike on a defunct satellite?? what the splodge was that about?!. Why would a country fire a missile at a defunct satellite firstly, surely this is bound to cause a chain reaction of problems. Secondly why blow up a satellite that no longer works? seems a bit over the top to me, surely you'd bring on international outrage doing this? causing a massive disaster in space, it just seems a really dumb decision. Then you have the fact that the astronauts lose contact with control completely, really? out of all the kit they have up there on various international platforms they still can't contact control! that's scary right there.

I won't go on about the technical issues as its nitpicking really...oh just one more. The astronauts travel between the Hubble, the ISS and the Chinese space station as if they are all in the same orbit!!. I'm afraid these objects are not in the same orbit and travelling between them would take some planning and a heck of a lot of fuel and oxygen, but hey kudos for trying anyway.

Whilst watching this visual extravaganza I realised something midway through, this film is nothing more than a pumped up Universal Studios or Disney's Hollywood Studios ride (formally MGM). Its all about the visuals and the ride, the plot is minimal and the acting was pretty standard in my opinion. Of course this being shown mainly in 3D only emphasises this notion, this whole experience is merely a theme park ride, hell I'm damn sure this film will be made into a theme park ride seeing as its pretty much there anyway, I can see it now, rumbling seats and smoke. There's nothing wrong with this essentially as it does what its suppose to do and thrill you with flashy CGI, but overall I kinda felt a bit tricked or cheated as it in no way feels like an actual movie.

As I already said the acting didn't inspire me much frankly. I dislike Bullock and have never rated her as an actress in any of her films mainly because she's the same in everything with that annoying squeaky clean voice and image. The same can be said for Clooney who simply plays Clooney in EVERYTHING!!, this guy cannot act one iota, he just does his smooth smug ladies man act because that's all he can do. He acts no better in this film than he does in a recent British coffee advert, its the same performance people!!! only difference here is he has an astronauts suit on sheesh!!.

I won't deny I didn't enjoy the film to a degree, it was nail biting at times which was all made possible down to the stupendous effects. But was it really that exciting? really? I mean the whole thing was so predictable, you know from the start the female will survive because in every film women are now the heroes (see what you have started Mr Cameron, with your 'Ripley' character). There was never a point where I didn't think she wouldn't survive otherwise there would be no film, there was only one slight surprise character wise, and I highlight *slight*.

I can see why this film made a splash and I fully backup the effects award even though in this day and age its not exactly a game changer, I think. The way they went about creating a fully realistic thriller in space that looks no different to something you'd expect to see from real footage is admirable, but that's all it is. Where as 'Apollo 13' was a nail biting epic drama, this really does feel like a short bombastic theme park ride with a wafer thin plot that's no better than a videogame. There's been a lot of fuss over this film and apart from the visuals I really don't get why. I feel like I'm repeating myself (I am) but bottom line its a big thumbs up for the effects and realism, but that's as far as it goes for me, my score reflects those two elements only.
April 12, 2014

Super Reviewer

Two astronauts are cast adrift when an accident in orbit destroys their space shuttle and leaves them stranded. I saw Gravity in 3D to experience the full effect and I must admit, the space walk scenes are visually spectacular and surely the closest the vast majority of us will ever come to experiencing space travel. Having said that, once you look past the surface Gravity is little more than a formulaic disaster flick with a plot that can be described as flimsy at best. George Clooney's character is a space cowboy stereotype and Sandra Bullock's Dr. Rhinestone (Rian Stone...seriously?!) is a typical Hollywood hero who is totally defined by one tragic experience in her past and just floats around in her undies looking scared while various bits of zero G flotsam drifts conspicuously around. In fact when she started sniffling that nobody had taught her "how to pray" while her tears floated into camera (again...seriously?!) I began to lose patience. There's probably an eco subtext about our planet being precious in there somewhere and as a technical exercise in ground breaking effects Gravity is worth seeing, but as a piece of drama it just does not stand up.
April 1, 2014
xGary Xx

Super Reviewer

    1. Matt Kowalski: Don't worry those pretty blue eyes of yours, Stone.
    2. Dr. Ryan Stone: My eyes are brown, Kowalski.
    – Submitted by Omika S (4 months ago)
    1. Dr. Ryan Stone: Don't let go...
    – Submitted by Omika S (4 months ago)
    1. Dr. Ryan Stone: I know, we are all gonna die...
    – Submitted by Oscar E (5 months ago)
    1. Dr. Ryan Stone: Please copy...
    – Submitted by Oscar E (5 months ago)
    1. Dr. Ryan Stone: All right, the way I see it, there's only two possible outcomes.
    2. Dr. Ryan Stone: Either I make it down there in one piece and I have one hell of a story to tell...or I burn up in the next ten minutes.
    3. Dr. Ryan Stone: Either way, whichever harm, no foul!
    4. Dr. Ryan Stone: Because either'll be on helluva ride.
    – Submitted by ScubaSteve Walter M (7 months ago)
    1. Dr. Ryan Stone: I hate space.
    – Submitted by ScubaSteve Walter M (7 months ago)
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