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June 7, 2012
Witness the Color of Will.

Quite good! Emerald Knights digs a little deeper and showcases the differences between the various Green Lanterns themselves. Like the artistic renditions, the stories of how Green Lanterns find their own path to greatness are unique and well executed. In all, there are five tales recounted to a rookie member of the Green Lantern Corps as war stories while the collective group prepares to face their greatest challenge; the transition from the current story to the flashback tales can come off as a little forced, but the content is of high enough quality that you will forgive the obvious method of delivery. That said, the animation is crisp and smooth with beautiful colors and detailed backgrounds, and the music is exciting and gives plenty of emotional weight. The writing is sharp, clever and thoughtful, the stories while episodic are told with clarity and heart and all the characters are engaging and have great personalities. The voice acting is very strong too. Go see this great animated movie!

As the home planet of the Green Lantern Corps faces a battle with an ancient enemy, Hal Jordan prepares new recruit Arisia for the coming conflict by relating stories of the first Green Lantern and several of Hal's comrades.
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September 20, 2011
I really love how this expands the GL lore with short stories from multiple characters within the Corps. Top that off with some of the BEST animation and character designs I've seen from a non-Asian production... you've got yourself quite the winner.

I came into this with a lot of skepticism as I've never appreciated the title character but the lore presented here really fleshes out the concept with a lot of credible ideas.

I just wish it wasn't loosely strung into one film. Almost cheapens the experience of the short stories along the way.
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September 4, 2011
03/09/2011 (ONLINE)
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½ June 15, 2011
This cartoon has absolutely nothing to do with the first cartoon, "First Flight." Sinestro was the villian there, here he is just another member of the Lantern Corps. This is really a series of different stories explaining the mythology behind the Green Lantern Corps(pretty much every character except the main character, Hal Jordan). If your like me and don't really know much about any of the characters, then this is a perfect introduction. Not sure if it will have anything to do with the story of the live action movie about to come out, but it's still very entertaining. The animation is good, parts reminded me of older cartoons like "Voltron". The stories are told at a good, brisk pace and are easy to follow. Overall, a pretty decent cartoon movie, better that "First Flight" and a good introduction for possible future installments.
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½ May 4, 2011
Emerald Knights is a pretty cool Green Lantern anthology that not only stands up pretty well on its own but also serves as a nice companion piece/history lesson for the upcoming live action movie. And for as much as I liked Green Lantern: First Flight, Emerald Knights stands alone from that as well. All of the stories were great to the point where they all outshine the context in which they're being told. I also liked the voice acting a bit better in this than First Flight. Definitely worth it for any comics fan. Immediate rewatch value might not be there, but still good.
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½ June 11, 2011
I'm a MASSIVE Green Lantern fan. This is a small release that will introduce a lot of the mythology to newcomers before the release of the main live action film. It's really a series of individual stories being told. This means that each one varies in quality. Most are a lot of fun, especially "Mogo Doesn't Socialize". The most distracting thing about this film is that it uses the same character designs from First Flight, but has new voices and a new continuity. This can be overlooked fairly quickly. What's harder to overlook is some of the disappointing vocal work. Fillion, a fan favorite, isn't given enough to do and Jason Isaacs puts in next to zero effort. Rollins is also not gruff enough as Killowog. Vosloo and Rowdy Roddy Piper do excellent stuff. It's a great introduction to such a vast universe, and will preview what a Green Lantern franchise is capable of.
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July 9, 2013
The anthology film Green Lantern: Emerald Knights is an entertaining and compelling animated feature about one of the hallmark series of DC Comics. A rip in the fabric of space threatens to unleash one of the greatest threats to the Green Lantern Corps.; meanwhile Hal Jordan trains his newest protege and educates her on the history of the Corps. Nathan Fillion, Jason Isaacs, and Elisabeth Moss lead the voice cast and deliver good performances. Additionally, the animation style has a lot of color and crispness to it. Still, the episodic storytelling is formulaic, and weakness the overall plot. Green Lantern: Emerald Knights does an impressive job at creating an interesting mythology for the series, but it suffers (as most anthologies do) from a lack of cohesion.
Jason Vargo
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September 24, 2011
Emerald Knights is like a movie or TV show which shows an event in the present during its first few moments and then flashes back to show how the characters arrived where they were when we first see them. The overarching story of Oa being threatened by an enemy comes second to developing the Lantern universe, partly because there are exciting adventures to be had and partly to help audiences become accustomed to the characters in preparation for this summer's movie. Normally, I'd rail against the flashback plot. Here, though, it works since not much could have been done for the present day plot. It's fairly standard and would have felt unnecessarily elongated with filler information. Add to this the usual stunning animation and voice cast (in the easily digestable mini-stories) and we finally have an animated DC film which doesn't run too fast or leave important story elements out. Easily the most engrossing of this line of films since, perhaps, Wonder Woman.
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½ August 6, 2011
The film may have failed but that's no reason to give up on "the corp". Like they did with Batman, here are six interlinking stories about the origin of the Green Lanterns, and it goes to show that there is potential for this franchise after all. Worth a watch.
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June 14, 2011
This is just awesome! It takes some of the best stories from the GL universe and translates it for this movie. Fun and interesting. DC does it again.
½ August 12, 2014
My favorite Green Lantern animated movie! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to know more about the Green Lantern Corps!
½ April 10, 2014
I really enjoyed this. With the GL books slowly becoming my favorite in DC, this was a nice way to see some of the background I missed.
½ December 3, 2013
I liked that it went into differents stories of the green laterns. It lets you know that the green lanterns are not just about one man (hal jordan), but other green lanterners with their own history. DC your doing a great job!!
½ March 3, 2013
For an animated flick, this wasn't half bad. I recognized most of the voices right away. I enjoyed this one and watched it more than once...
½ December 10, 2012
Really wish they would do the a good series of the creation of the Sanestro and the Yellow Lanterns.
½ October 14, 2012
I personaly love the Green Lantern movie,it is my favorite Marvel movie yet,better than The Avengers. But this movie had to be animated. I was really looking forward to i,but when i watched it it was alright. GRADE:B
September 1, 2012
An anthology movie of Green Lantern stories, it was pretty good. I've never been mucha fan of anthology movies when what I really want to see is the main character involved in an adventure. Good anthology films work if they have something in relation to the central story and for the most part this one didn't but there was a few nice surprises. Die hard GL fans will probbaly disagree, as it was a good GL movie.
August 7, 2012
"First Flight" had been a decent origin set-up film for the animated Green Lantern, it accomplished what the live-action film released shortly after it couldn't. "Emerald Knights" is an anthology film based on the characters from the comic, and it shows Hal Jordan relating several tales of other Lanterns to a new recruit under his wing, before they venture into a battle of their own. I succeeds where a lot of anthology films do not, especially these animated ones of late. I love Batman to the core, but I found "Gotham Knight" to be much more hit or miss than this, which is saying something, as I'm not very knowledgable or much of a follower of the Green Lantern character(s). This and "First Flight" certainly upped my interest in the world of the Lantern, much more so than the dismal live-action film.
March 2, 2012
Multi-story movie not just focusing on one Lantern but on the Corp itself. A great movie for the average fan looking to see something new.
½ January 10, 2012
Nothing too complicated, but gives some very dramatic and rousing stories of heroism and courage, mostly via Kilawog and that one purple-skinned chick. Certainly better bang-for-your-buck though than the Ryan Reynolds feature film.
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