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½ January 11, 2008
An interesting movie. Great story plot. Aishwarya Rai, Vidya Balan, and Abhishek Bachchan are all great! Fascinating music by my favorite, A. Rahman.
April 19, 2013
very inspiring and energiging film for those who has yearning of getting success
October 27, 2012
With an all-guns-blazing performance by the lead actor, GURU is though not path-breaking cinema, but it is a great piece of work by Mani Rathnam sir!
½ July 8, 2012
Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachchan and the director are the heart and soul of this movie.... An epic rags to riches story of an illiterate village dweller who goes on to becomes the owner of one of the largest companies in India... Abshishek delivers arguably his best performance in this movie. His power packed performance simply carries the movie through all the way with a lot of emotion and the story flows very smoothly, the background and songs in this movie as one of AR Rahman's best. The lyrics by Gulzar fit the scenes perfectly and are all situation based my personal favorite is "Jaage hai der tak" which you get to hear many times through out the movie but not in its entirety. Its only available on the CD. The Dialogues are also very catchy and memorable. An excellently made movie and one of my personal favorite hindi movies in the past 10 years. A must watch for everyone who loves Hindi movies.
½ May 11, 2012
It is very rare to see such extraordinary films these days, which consists the right elements such as the script,cast,the music & of course d director..................
July 17, 2011
Above all I didn't like the climax of the movie which resembled the climaxes of 'The Aviator' and 'Godfather part II'.
January 30, 2011
This the first 100% Hindi film I've ever seen and I loved every minute of it. The Guru is about a young man from a poor village in India who has a very quick mind and the ability to turn even the worst situations to his advantage. His ambitions make him enemies along the way to the top and it's a fascinating journey as we see all the things he sacrifices (at some point even his health) to get to the the top of the business world. There's a lot of similarities between this bollywood movie and the hollywood movie about an ambitious businessman called The Aviator. If you liked that then you will love this. The Guru comes highly recommended. From Dean
December 30, 2010
A superb movie. Abishek Bachchan has given his best performance to date and Mani Ratnam stuns us yet again.
½ December 30, 2009
drama is so louder
but the story come in screen it give me so much energy
½ August 4, 2009
"A lame dry attempt at re-creating the rise of Dhirubai Ambani, Mani Ratnam's latest film is a mainstream masala-polluted affair with amateur acting by Abhishek Bachchan and pointless dance sequences."
½ January 13, 2007
Mani Ratnam?s Guru.

I had liked the performance of Abhishek Bachchan in Yuva ? and that was Mani Ratnam?s movie. That was the first movie when Abhishek ? for the first time had acted well. But from the trailers of Guru and knowing that the movie is inspired from Dhirubhai Ambani ? the biggest industrialist, I was not sure whether Mani would be able to do justice to this story with Abhishek as lead. With this doubt I had gone to see the movie.

I am a Gujarati ? and the character is from Gujarat, which made a basic connection with me. The movie tells the story of Guru (from Dhiru) a small village boy who is not able to pass his school exams and goes for a job to Turkey. In a short time he gets salary hike and promotion ? and it is then when he decides to come back to India; telling himself and others that ?If his work is good why he should work for someone else and why not for him own business?. With all challenges surrounding him to stop him to become a business ? but with his zeal, energy and self belief Guru goes ahead to become a small trader in Bombay and accomplishes becoming one of the biggest company in India. Through this journey he is accompanied by ? in supporting or challenging him ? his friends, family and wife; and in a special role Gandhian editor ? Mithun Chakrawarty.

All credit to Mani Ratnam and Abhishek Bachchan to bring the role alive on screen. Abhishek brings the required energy, poise, body language and expression to suit each stage of his life?s journey. Ashwarya as Abhishek?s wife performs suiting the role ? my only comment is she has become like a skeleton (what has she been doing with her body ? starving to death?). Except the first couple of scenes where Mithun does not fit properly with the get-up; after that he has performed brilliantly. A good break for him after a long time! Madhavan as the upright reporter on a vengeance to expose the corrupt rise of Abhishek has perform well.

The movie is fast paced till the interval, but slows down in the second half. Mani Ratnam unnecessary tries to give some extra footage to Madhavan and his love story with Vidhya Balan. A totally waste of time and lost of pace! Also he could had made the editor do a better job in the second half, with some extra punching sequences of Abhishek?s fight back from paralysis. I would like to make a special mention of Mallika Sherawat who looks gorgeous in the Turkish item number and Roshan Sheth as the Head of Commission prosecuting Abhishek. Roshan Sheth leaves his mark on a role tailor made for him.

All the songs in the movie are good. A.R.Rahman?s music is brilliant as usual.

Mani Ratnam should get away with his proto-type heroine entry song ? that reminisces of Roja song. Also the back drop of Gujarat is visibly shot in South India. The movie is perceived at the right timing during India?s emergence as growing economy.

Overall good movie. ?Banna chahate ho India ki sabse badi company? Nahi?duniya ki sabse badi company?? ? Gurubhai, Gurubhai aveya che ? dhom dhadaka kariya che!?

(7 Stars)
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