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½ July 22, 2007
When the film first debuted I wouldn't go see it: "Yet another ploy by The Man to hijack The Movement!" Now, years later, much less militant (still don't trust The Pigs!), and I discover simply a film about some conflicting attitudes at the time put to creative song and dance ... The Movement got hijacked by Walmart, cable TV, and Colonel Sanders; and the war machine ...? Its gone, right? Or at least balanced. Maintained. But we're here about the movies, right? So maybe this one's still relevant.
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September 6, 2010
Although this musical was about 10 years late in being adapted to film, it brings you back the 60s to any audience. Fantastic musical, I highly recommend it.
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February 9, 2010
while sometimes a little scattered, it's really quite poignant and touching at times. The music is (mostly) good.
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March 21, 2008
Funny and totally retro movie. I really enjoyed it not seeing it within a year. If you like musicals and unique ones at that you'll really love this movie. I certainly did!
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½ March 17, 2008
I'm not sure whether this movie adaptation of the 60's musical could have been made one year later. By coming out in 1979, it seems . . . almost . . . appropriate as an end of the 70s film (although it might have faired better as an end of the 60s film). Certainly, Vietnam was still a huge and recent open wound in '79 that definitely didn't to any degree miraculously go away at midnight on 31 December 1969. This film, very movingly, illustrates a supreme sacrifice . . . for friendship, for love, and for America's horribly failed war effort in Southeast Asia. Such a tragedy. I thought for sure that Savage's future was secure after The Deer Hunter. What has happened to him? And Treat Williams. This is so good. Was it a fatal career move to shine in a 60s hit that came out, almost, in 1980? I guess I'll never know. Does anyone else notice Morgan Freeman as an uncredited extra playing a soldier? Or is it just my feeble eyesight? For musical buffs, this is a must. For Vietnam experience film buffs, this is also a must. Let the sun shine in.
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July 1, 2007
A Vietnam draftee runs into a group of hippies before going off to war, and has a great party with them.

There's some great songs within, inluding the title track "Hair", "The Age of Aquarius", "Good Morning Starshine", etc... all the songs were great!

The LSD hallucination scene at the rock festival was wild stuff.

All of the characters were very likeable. I didn't want anything bad to happen to any of them.

The ending is terribly tragic, but we're supposed to feel like we've learned something. The end song is very uplifting however, with everybody singing "Let the Sunshine In".
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June 6, 2011
"Gimme head with hair
Long beautiful hair
Shining, gleaming,
Streaming, flaxen, waxen"

Some pretty fun songs, and some fun characters, but overall I didn't care for it too much. I was a little bored at times. I'm not sure why Sheila hung out with them so much. Their rebellious ways might have been charming, but if I was forced to take a taxi half naked, I don't think I would give them the time of day. Just like with Hud's baby mama, I mean why did she suddenly join the group, she seemed pretty pissed that he might have fathered another child.

Although Berger in the military at the end was pretty good WTF moment. That caught me off guard. So I give this film 3 stars out of 5. Not bad but not great.
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October 20, 2010
I love the music but this one is kinda a mess.
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½ January 18, 2010
A movie for its time. With a quirky cast that performs and entertains well together it is hard not to laugh while watching this film. The musical numbers and dance routines define what younger generations see as they look back on the 70's and it is suitable that this movie comes in 1979 marking a close to the decade all neatly tied into a two hour segment. It is clear how this movie has impacted so many other musicals with the careful lyric usage and rhythm to help progress the story through emotions which could in no other way be shown without telling, but using these through song allows a complete visual of a characters inner feeling, turmoil, and view of the world around them.
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August 4, 2009
Transporting music, great characters to have around. An attitude.
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½ October 27, 2007
A cool musical movie.
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½ September 9, 2007
I watched this fully expecting to hate it. Another Hippie, anti-war movie that is a musical no less! However, this is back when Foreman made great movies and this one blew me away. Great performances, especially by Williams, great music numbers and an excellent story.
April 22, 2013
Great songs but the hippies were annoying as hell. I really wanted to slap their flower power back at their faces. Damn hippies.

Grade: B-
½ April 21, 2013
It's the songs that make this film worth watching. Without them, it's a pretty uneven narrative that can be awfully slow at times.
½ February 3, 2008
An absolutely fantastic film. It's hilarious but so touching at the same time. The music is phenomenal, the cast is spot on, and the plot is interesting. This is one movie that I want to share with everyone I talk to.
September 10, 2012
This was a huge favorite in my hippy teens. Watching it now, the Cheryl Barnes character really stands out as the high point of the film. (Hud's straight ex - she sings the "Easy to be Hard" song.)
December 4, 2011
Funny and totally retro movie. I really enjoyed it not seeing it within a year. If you like musicals and unique ones at that you'll really love this movie. I certainly did!
March 14, 2007
"Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair... Flow it, show it...
Long as God can grow it... My hair"
½ October 10, 2009
Awesome movie, just watched it with my 11yr old was amazed to see the peace symbols, she thought that they were a new thing.
August 14, 2009
From the beginning this movie tells you, "There will be a lot of singing." If you don't like musicals, you may still like this movie. Hippies get hold of a straight walker named Claude and form a relationship that includes every viewer. So much personality pours from the screen. Geenie, played by Annie Golden, is a sweet, "innocent," and delightful character, and Berger, played by Treat Williams, demands the stage with his thick eyebrows and savage sex-appeal. Claude wins over the crowd immidiately; his monotone and pensive demeanor command a respect as well as adoration, although he does have a jouvinile and innocent quality to him, like that of a younger sibling or someone to be protected. Peace, love, and happiness is the message of this group of misfits, and all seems as such until things get really real really fast when the friends go to visit Claude on base. A recommened see.
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