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April 12, 2011
Disturbing, uncomfortable, and somehow pervasively dull. I kept waiting for an actual plot to develop, but it never really does.
May 8, 2011
don't watch this movie.... its a total crap....
½ December 12, 2010
I truly cannot understand why Adam, who may have had his difficulties in the community in which he grew up (which was founded by my parents), but in general was loved, admired, and cared for, would wish to present such an unrelievedly-negative image of the life he lived there. I know he says it's fiction, it's not about us, it's just getting out his psychological pain and ya yas, but still... one has to realize that it will cause great pain to others who may not deserve it when one makes a movie like this. I believe that the film has little to do with the reality. I know for sure that Irving, my father, the apparent prototype for "Isley", the "commune leader" in this film, was nothing like this. And he loved Adam and Adam's mother very much, and admired them deeply. He thought of them as kindred spirits. I hope Adam will continue to visit, which he does almost every year, and that one day perhaps he'll make another film based on his experiences at QH-Magila that will be a lot more "fair and balanced," to borrow a phrase from (in my opinion) fascistic Fox News.Anyway, Adam, we love you, no matter what. Maybe all of us have to get stuff like this out of our systems when we're young.
Adam himself, in his Director's statement, has said that he had an idyllic childhood in many ways. I regret that it was not entirely so. But perhaps some of these are not the fault of those around Adam.
Anyway, we love you, yet must say, we are NOT this place you depict.
August 7, 2010
This movie is a waste of time. Happiness Runs lacks substance and likable characters. You feel very little sympathy for the characters as they live their wretched lives. All this movie is truly about is sex, drugs, and alcohol. There is not one scene that does not include at least one of these topics. It is often unpredictable, but in its case it is not a good thing because the result is never interesting or a triumph for the character. The other bad thing about this movie is that nothing is truly resolved. This film also tries too hard to be profound causing it seem like a drawn out mess. You should not watch Happiness Runs!

June 23, 2010
For anyone who's ever felt lost even though they technically belonged; for anyone who's ever tried to escape where they came from; for anyone who is nastalgic for the 60s or who just would like to see free love, particularly erotic Hanna Hall (who's character is reminicent of Penny Lane in "Almost Famous") naked a lot, put this flick on your Q. It stayed with me long after I saw it.
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