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½ July 25, 2006
Watch this if ur into Snatch and Lock Stock style movies - this Aussie version is a great movie along those lines - and worth watching - If your aussie you'll get the jokes no problem.
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½ December 28, 2010
I can't really think of anything good to say about this flick other then the description sounded interesting & that's the only reason I picked it up at the local library.That & I didn't have to pay for it
½ May 15, 2007
A great gangster/heist/crime flick and one of my favorite Aussie films I've seen so far. Rachel Griffiths is illegally hot and Guy Pearce is as cool as ever here...
½ November 14, 2006
well...most americans i really dont think will get or like this much since...well...sorry guys you just dont understand lingo from other country by much... so it is the type of movie you like or dont...but for was ok..
June 3, 2015
Good heist flick with some twists and funny moments. Guy Pierce and Joel Edgerton are always interesting to watch.
February 15, 2015
Reasonable film but nothing special and not one I would really want to see again.
½ July 3, 2013

A slice of black pudding. Off and differnt enough to work.
½ March 19, 2013
A strange Australian heist movie about three convict brothers who pull one last job, and are double crossed by their lawyer. Has some funny moments, but they detract from the potential seriousness of the story.
May 6, 2012
poor heist film with silly plotting. pearce is good in the lead but the whole plan and characters are very one dimensional
½ May 25, 2011
The Hard word is a corrupt cops and robbers action Movie..
There are some great robberies in this film and good acting
form all of the cast.. Guy Pearce heads up as the brains behind the
3 brothers. Shane played by Joel Edgerton is the muscle.. And Mal played by
Damien Roberston is a nicer fella and a trained butcher.. The situation the brothers
find themselves in is far from ideal. They spend most of their time behind bars being controlled by their lawyer Frank Malone. Dale has a woman that he is allowed to see on occasion who is played by Rachael Griffiths.. Griffiths play an excellent role as a dirty materialistic dane, who plays the game purely for her cause.. Some of the scenes are a lil hard to believe but overall the movie is sound.. It is worth a look.. And is another great Australian film.
October 9, 2010
ok actors, bad writing, bad story, bad filming, ok score
? This movie was really bad. Very boring for a heist movie. Dull and annoying. That?s I all I can say about it. Terrible acting and writing. To many Austrailans.
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