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January 31, 2007
Really dull about two terminal cancer patients throw caution and bedsheets to the wind and head to Holland for a brief spot of high-living and low-life.
March 23, 2011
I truly enjoyed many facets of this bittersweet tale, and Timothy Dalton was extremely charming. It's very similar to 'The Bucket List', only it was released in 1989. To top it off, it contains an excellent soundtrack, featuring songs all written by Barry Gibb. Unfortunately, I had to knock off half a star for excessive swearing (especially God's name in vain) and nudity. This was so common in the 80s, and ruined some otherwise great movies.
October 2, 2014
Timothy Dalton proves in this film that he has two sides: One, a playful character wanting to help others get through their suffering with his unique outlook on life, and the other, a character who does care and look out for his friend. And Anthony Edwards does a good job playing a patient struggling to cope with his terminal illness, who doesn't just serve as the foil to Bancroft, but a true friend to the end. While cheesy and silly at some points, 'Hawks' delivers a strong and well-focused plot, with good acting performances from our leads, and a rather good composed score made by former Bee Gee singer Barry Gibb.
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