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Heaven's Prisoners Reviews

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Red L

Super Reviewer

March 27, 2013
Heaven's Prisoners is a mediocre movie - the kind one expects from the no-name made-in-Canada movies. It has this problem where the bad guys just kill their enemies in cold blood, whereas the hero - even though he is an ex-cop - can only shoot the bad guys in self defence. So the ways the movie deals with eliminating the bad guys can be quite convoluted.

Super Reviewer

February 10, 2008
Alec Baldwin gives an outstanding performance as ex-cop who finds himself drawn back into the sleazy underworld of New Orleans when a plane crashes in the waters near his bait shop. Adapted from the hardboiled detective novel by James Lee Burke, the film is deliberate in its pace and may disappoint some viewers, but excellent performances, stylist direction and a blue-powered soundtrack make it a rich character study in a mystery setting.

Super Reviewer

June 5, 2010
Ex-cop and ex-alcoholic Dave Robicheaux (Alec Baldwin) and his wife Annie (Kelly Lynch) move to the Bayou where they open up a bait shop and seem to be living the perfect life. One day while the couple are out on the Bayou a plane crashes nearby their boat. Dave goes in to try and save the passenger's lives. Everyone is dead except for a little girl. The couple takes the young girl back to their place where they plan on raising her but one day Dave gets a visit from DEA officer who informs Dave that the plane crash wasn't an accident but a murder plot, which Dave has messed up. Dave uses his detective skills and asks questions about the plane. His inquiries lead him to Bubba Rocque, played by Eric Roberts, a childhood friend who claims that he is innocent and his wife Teri Hatcher who seems to have plans outside of her husband's affairs. In the process, his wife is killed and the film becomes one of revenge to determine who is behind all this mayhem. If you're an Alec Baldwin fan, you might enjoy this movie, as I did!
September 8, 2009
An undoubtedly predictable film, with Alec Baldwin as the main character. The plot was very poorly constructed, getting nearly halfway through the film before introducing the main issue. The acting wasn't that great, the cinematography equally unamzing, and the plot was down the drain. The concept was strong and the story was intriguing, it just wasn't told well.
June 30, 2009
Heaven's Prisoners (1996)

What is it about Alec Baldwin avoiding franchises? He could have so easily continued playing Jack Ryan after the "Hunt for Red October" or he could have continued playing Lamont Cranston, AKA "The Shadow" and then there's Dave Robicheaux in James Lee Burke's "Heaven's Prisoners". Burke is a prolific writer that has over 20 Dave Roicheaux mysteries. If this movie had been any good, we may have seen more of his books come to the silver screen. Alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Heaven's Prisoners is the second in the series of novels. Dave is a recovering alcoholic, and former Homicide detective from New Orleans. Now he runs a bate shop in New Iberia, Louisiana. He and his Wife, Annie (Kelly Lynch) were fishing when a plane crashes in the bayou. Dave dives in and is able to rescue only a little girl. Thinking that she's only an illegal alien, Dave and Annie secretly adopt her.

It turns out that the plane was doing more than sneaking in illegals, but was involved in a big drug smuggling operation too. This brings in a DEA agent and various dangerous gangsters including one of Dave's old highschool friends, Bubba Rocque (Eric Roberts). His hot, sexy Wife, Claudette (Teri Hatcher) is more than a handful too.

Of course a lot of people will watch this movie just to see Teri Hatcher's full frontal nude scene. Yes, she looks pretty spectacular, but it's very quick and she's done better nude scenes in "The Cool Surface", so if this is your only reason for renting this movie, don't bother. This movie doesn't have very much action, (there's some gun battles, car chases, and a hot pursuit on the tin roofs of the New Orleans slums), but what it misses in action, it more than makes up for in atmosphere (as the book does).

I'm a big fan of Alec Baldwin, especially back when he was young, thin, and handsome. But even with the great cast and the fantastic author, this movie doesn't really hit the mark, somehow. The James Lee Burke books are fantastic too, and really show us a South that fits a film noir detective movie, but somehow this just didn't work here and came off as clichéd. A common opinion has been that we've seen all of this before, but by much better movies.

I've always had this thing against New York actors and actresses doing southern parts, too. They go over-the-top with the slow, syrupy southern drawls and sort of make the whole movie a cliché, and it really shows in "Heavens Prisoners". Well New Orleans might be a bit different case, as those Cajuns sort of have a Northeastern twang to their speech. It must be that Quebecer heritage of theirs.

If you're a James Lee Burke fan, or Alec Baldwin fan, you might enjoy this movie, as I did, otherwise, you might be kind of disappointed.
July 19, 2012
One of the best American movies ever, not a typical Hollywood one, but beat a crap of any action or thriller.
December 20, 2008
July 20, 2011
This film is a master piece !! Well written , great casts and a perfect plot, from the moment the plane goes down it's non stop action on the edge of your arm chair stuff! And not to mention the sound track-by Gorege Fenton , they do not make films of this calibre any more , I even enjoyed the sequel to this film but I personally missed Alec Baldwin,s fantastic performance , he really through himself into this caractor , God only knows why it grossed only 5 million at the box office , anyway if you want to see a great movie , watch this nOw.
December 2, 2010
Great Movie. Eric Roberts is outstanding!!
Richard B.
September 13, 2009
The gals are hot but the story is sooo slow and long.
Too complicated.
August 9, 2009
hmm only remember teri in this..but it was a decent movie.
Functionally Godarded
April 1, 2006
Hello everyone! The internet on my computer only went down. All over three people in the house had internet, but I didn't for the past few weeks (stupid viruses), so I'm sorry for my lack of updating, my internet usage was cut down greatly. Well, I'm back!

I recently got to see Heaven's Prisoners on HDNet. Pretty good movie. The New Orleans setting is really magical, and the acting is very good (yes, even Teri Hatcher was good). Good crime movie.

I bought King Kong the other day. Really awesome movie. Haven't yet had the time to watch it, but I watched some of the special features - very awesome DVD (anyone who buys it should get the 2-disc collector's edition).

We're watching the 1998 version of Les Miserables in my French class. I'll put up a review once I watch it.

Watched the Unrated version of Dukes of Hazzard. Just a bunch of boobs (not complaining).
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