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Highlander - Endgame Reviews

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Al S

Super Reviewer

March 17, 2008
An awesome and spectacularly entertaining action-packed thrill-ride. A dazzling, thrilling and breathtaking movie. A worthy sequel combining both the film and television franchisees together in one great flick. Loaded with great fight scenes and swashbuckling sword-play. A film of great passion, emotional power, character studies and gripping storytelling. The most powerful and unforgettable film in the series. Adrian Paul and Christopher Lambert are magnificent, the chemistry between the two is flawless. A nice slice of great popcorn action movie fun. An instant classic. My favorite Highlander movie ever.

Super Reviewer

July 4, 2007
I'm a big fan of the first Highlander movie but I can't say I watched the tv series. So I guess I was just kinda indifferent when I heard that a movie/series crossover film was being made. The two previous Highlander sequels were a mixed bag(Highlander 2 gets my vote as one of the worst films ever made). I have to say that Endgame is not a awful film, but that, ultimately, is not much to boast about either.

This sequel feels more like a movie of the series than a sequel to the other movies.

Christopher Lambert (The original Highlander) reprises his role as Connor Macleod and Adrian Paul stars as his distant cousin Duncan Macleod (hero of the TV series). The two cousins must join forces if they are to stop the ultimate immortal, fellow Highlander Jacob Kell from winning the prize.

Although Connor Macleod is in this movie, this is definitely Duncans movie.

The movie starts off well enough.... Connor's adopted daughter (whom he saved in the first movie) is murdered in an explosion by an unknown enemy, and Connor goes into seclusion, not wanting to bring death to those around him. Through flashbacks, we then see why this murder took place. The Clan Macleod, after banishing Connor from Glennfinnin, put Connors mother on trial for heresy (giving birth to the spawn of Satan) Connor returns to the village to stop them burning her at the stake but is too late. In anger he kills two priests, a father and son. However the son, Jacob, comes back as an immortal hell bent on revenge.

Back in the present Duncan is having visions of Connor and employs the help of his friends Methos and Dawson to help track Connor down. They find out Connor went into seclusion in a place called the Sanctuary, a prison for immortals who no longer wish to participate in the game. When the Sanctuary is attacked and all its inmates killed, Duncan fears the worst and goes in search of Connors body. However, Connor is still alive and meets up with Duncan. Since his murder at the hands of Connor, Jacob has become the ultimate immortal, with many immortal kills (More than Connor and Duncan combined we later learn) and its up to the Macleod cousins to stop him.

Connor and Duncan confront Kell and Connor and Kell fight. Connor is defeated, but again, left alive as Jacob Kell wants he and Connor to be the last immortals left. Kell announces that he will kill all the people that Connor holds dear, and with Rachel dead Duncan is the only person in the world Connor "gives a damn about". Duncan is on borrowed time.

Unfortunately, after this scene the movie goes downhill fast as we are subjected to a pointless subplot for the next 50 minutes involving Duncan and his ex-wife Kate (now called Faith), who is played by an actress employed more for her looks and willingness to get naked than for her acting ability, it seems. Duncans ex-wife has teamed with Kell in a bid to get revenge on Duncan, who killed her years ago and made her an immortal too.

The story then turns into a trifle of melodramatics and love triangles between Duncan, Kate and Kell take up too much valuable screen time that could and should have been used to focus on the Connor/Kell feud.

Connor is absent throughout much of the middle of this movie and Duncan is left to fill it with brooding and Paul's questionable acting talent

Another detractor from the movie is Kells band of sidekicks, a motorcycle riding band of cheap, camp, fodder..all with their own ridiculous costumes and unique "weapons". Even the usually great Donnie Yen is wasted, and apart from his one fight scene with Duncan, does nothing much else for the whole movie but sit there. (total waste of his talents). And the idea of immortals working for another immortal baffles me to no end but I'm not a huge fan of the Highlander series outside of the 1st film so maybe a Highlander fan more in the know could explain this to me.

All in all this movie was very badly written for the most part and not enough time is devoted to Connor after the first half hour. The last 20 minutes are okay, when the two Macleods make the ultimate decision on how they will stop Kell, and the final fight is good (if badly edited). I would skip this one unless you are a die hard fan of the films and have watched a lot of the series.

Super Reviewer

January 17, 2007
TV and movie series clansmen Duncan and Connor MacLeod, respectively, must decide who will decapitate the other to magically gain the necessary strenght to prevent a renegade from becoming Earth's only immortal in this incoherent, century-hopping, globe-trotting meeting of Good and Evil.
Jason S

Super Reviewer

January 16, 2007
A passing of the torch from the movie to the tv show cast. Not bad.
September 23, 2012
a good ending to the film series with Connor returning and a new immortal Duncan facing the immortal who killed connor's mom and made duncans wife betray him
May 21, 2012
Ok. It was ur basic Highlander plot. I psychopathic Immortal, attempts to be the last by killing Immortals without bias. Good. Evil. He just wants their Quickening. They even re-enforced the "There Can Be Only One" credo, by having Duncan face Conner, to the death. (Now , that ruled!) But here's my problem, and to me it's a doozy. We've been told, that Immortals will never fight on Holy Ground. That not even the most evil of them would NEVER break that one rule, for it would bring about a catastrophe that would threaten the world. And what happens in this movie? They have Jacob Kell walk into a sanctuary for Immortals, created on Holy Ground, and behead not just one- but several helpless Immortals. And nothing happenes. I mean nothing. NOTHING!!!!! (In an episode of the series, Duncan discusses it with Joe Dawson, being that he is apart of a enigmatic group of observers (Watchers) who chronicle the life of the Immortals they're assigned to. He made reference that the legendary volcanic irruption on Pompe' was the result, of an Immortal killing on Holy Ground.) SO, WHAT THE HELL? WAS IT A LIE? COME ON!
March 15, 2011
well you know what they say, two heads are better than one. hehehe. guess you'll have to see it to understand what i mean. if you really want to know, i suggest you smoke some weed before watching this or at least get liquored-up. the more fucked up you get, the more sense it will make.
September 12, 2009
This being the last installment of the Highlander movie series is a brilliant blend of the original movie and the popular television characters. The story line is weaved through past history and picks up where the television series ended. I enjoyed this series very much. This is an emotional movie for diehard Highlander fans.
July 19, 2009
Big Highlander fan have all the DVD's for highlander and also sadly the 1 season of highlander the Ravel they should have continued both series!!!
August 13, 2008
believe it or not, this is much better than highlander 2. the creators took advantage of new film technologies and actually tried to insert compelling flashbacks and other forms of cinematic drama. plays like a tv movie, but not a horrible one.
August 7, 2008
awesome movie i own the vhs tape and the dvd i love adrian paul he is agreat actor and a mega hottie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
June 9, 2008
they tried to combine the show and the movie McClouds, and it wasn't very good, in my opinion, not as bad as the second, but still not on par with the first.....
April 9, 2008
Not as good as the original but a nice action film to please both fans of the movies and tv show. My only complaint is that even after watching the equally cool Highlander:The Source, they have yet to find an immortal villain as menacing as the original's Clancy Brown. Other than that, this movie is off the hook cool. Adrian Paul rules this film and its nice to see Lambert in the Connery-like supporting role.
February 27, 2008
I love of them including the tv series. It's great how they combined both in this movie. Duncan is better than Connor.
November 11, 2007
July 2, 2007
over all it was a good movie
however there were way too many things
about this movie that didnt match with all the past movies and the tv show
but as i stated before
it was a good movie over all
July 2, 2007
OMG this was HORRIBLE I was SUCH a huge fan of Highlander that I paid to see this pile o crap in the theater... still it was highlander... I got to give it some kind of rating
June 25, 2007
These movies just cannot be good, despite all their effort. They ought to scrap everything after the first movie, and just come up with something else. And then scrap that and make a different movie all together.
June 19, 2007
Highlanders are like this, they get you all excited about swords, and then its always a dragged out, poorly paced, let down.
June 18, 2007
I'll just make this one statement, then we can all go about our lives.
"The only Highlander, is the original Highlander...thats it!"
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