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June 6, 2008
My first intorduction to the world of Tolkein as a child. Not bad way to start at all.
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November 8, 2007
A fun but not great version of the story.
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September 10, 2009
It's a pretty decent 70's made-for-TV animation. With only 77 minutes it ha enough entertainment value, but obviously cuts out a LOT of stuff from the book. One scene is completely narrated over to save time. The dwarfs are just background as opposed to characters, they walk about but don't say much. The thing I loved most was the character designs. I really liked the goblins and Gollum's amphibian look was interesting. It's a good try and I was pleased with the parts they did, rather than being distracted by the bits they cut.
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½ October 4, 2007
Crack the dishes, smash the plates! That's what bilbo baggins hates! I'll stick to the book.
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½ June 27, 2007
An animated work of art! Rankin/Bass have created a superb telling of "The Hobbit" tale, which flows nicely. The animation is stylized, but acceptable. The different Dwarves are well-done. Gandalf is superb. Very folksy; enhanced by some charming songs. Smaug the Dragon is wonderfully drawn and voiced. It's a great adventure. (Note: Return of the King, done a few years later would suck.)
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March 5, 2007
Classic film...
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½ January 25, 2007
pretty fun but leaves out a lot of the story
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November 10, 2006
Pretty bad. I didn't even see it when I was a kid so I can't even claim childhood novelty here.
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½ July 13, 2012
"The greatest adventure is what lies ahead..." The Hobbit is a wonderful animated feature from Rankin/Bass based on the work of J.R.R. Tolkien. The story follows a Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins who is recruited to embark upon a quest to help a group of dwarves reclaim their home from a dragon. The animation is fairly good for its time, and has a strong level of detail and depth. Additionally, the music is especially impressive; including Glenn Yarbrough's theme song "The Greatest Adventure." And, the voice work is quite good and very distinct. Unfortunately the story has been condensed significantly for this format, but the essence and style of Tolkien's work is still here. The Hobbit is a fun and exciting family film full of adventure.
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July 23, 2008
This movie always creeps me out. Frodo looks like an old, weird, genderless midget. I don't like the animation and the music really gets on my nerves.
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August 2, 2007
It will be interesting to see a live action version with good effects that's a little more like the book. This version is decent though even if it is a little outdated.
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½ January 2, 2008
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January 5, 2007
Classic cartoon though the folk songs are an acquired taste.
December 25, 2012
A rather simple but still fun version of The Hobbit to watch. My main problem with this version are the annoying songs and also the very strange graphical approach of the animation - the characters look all very ugly and scary...
December 1, 2012
This was my number one favorite movie as a child. I remember I would rent it all the time. I couldn't get enough of it and I still love it. I've now read The Hobbit a few times and much looking forward to Peter Jackson's adaptation, which should really bring the story to life.
October 28, 2012
I loved this movie as a kid, and I still do. It manages to be whimsical and serious while introducing a fantasy world unlike any I've seen before. This world bears no resemblance to reality with extremely exaggerated character designs and landscapes. I do suspect that this is one of those films which is harder to enjoy if you didn't grow up on it. There is a lot of folksy singing which I love, but had I just heard it for the first time now I'd probably think was cheesy as hell. It's also really short, skipping over several of the scenes in the book (including Beorn). Burt I love most of their choices and hope that the new PJ films surpass this one.
½ August 27, 2012
This is better than I was expecting. I pretty much assumed that this would stray too far from the source, maybe be too goofy, and it wouldn't be able to top the enjoyment I got from the book, or the fantastic live-action adaptations of the "Lord of the Rings" by Peter Jackson...but I was pleasantly surprised to find that despite some changes and some cut bits, this is a fairly true to source animated adventure film. It isn't perfect, and like many others I could've done without the songs...but it was decent in what it was.
July 28, 2012
Honestly I liked this movie. I thought it was really good and if i would have seen it when I was a kid it would hold a special place in my heart. Don't watch this thinking it will be like Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy because it wont. Still a good movie.
May 10, 2011
when I heard they were releasing the movie I was thrilled...when I heard it was animated I was bummed....then I watched it.....then I was confused and conflicted.....I fell in love with the Hobbit as a child sitting in class listening to the teacher read it out loud.... a lot of what I envisioned was left out of the movie....some of the images that played in my head were so different from what I saw on screen....30 some odd years later...given their limited abilities by todays standards....they did a wonderful job with it
July 3, 2010
It's an unacceptable adaptation of Tolkien's brilliant work, featuring dull voice-acting and less-than-appealing animation. It could easily pass for something released in the 1940s. We can only hope that 2012's live-action adaptation will improve on this animated attempt at Tolkien's brilliant story.
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