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December 3, 2009
Two young siblings(Antonio Cupo and Italian Beauty Bianca Guaccero) are cruising the countryside on vacation when they pick up a couple of hitchhikers, Brad Renfro and Vinnie Jones who just so happens to be two bank robbers on the run from the law wanted for murder and armed robbery. They kidnap Bianca who gets beat up and almost raped several times and demand a ransom from her brother or they'll kill her. Things become even more complicated when Antonio gets mixed up with Cherie (Caprice), a beautiful woman trying to get away from her violent and unstable boyfriend, Ray (Conrad Coates).
½ May 17, 2007
What happens when two far fetched crime plots cross paths with a brother and sister driving cross country? You get one big mess and one long drawn out movie. Vinnie Jones is awesome as an armored car stickup man on the run but his performance cant save the flat acting from the rest of the cast.
April 10, 2012
Tuesday, April 10, 2012

(2004) Hollywood Flies

Stupid, low budget flick centers on a misplaced bag of money and the goons who're trying to retrieve it and at the same time some young drug lord is paying someone to get this girl back by sending someone to kill her (Caprice) for leaving him! Acting is bad, the set up is bad- it's like watching a very, very low budget version of "Pulp Fiction"!

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