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May 12, 2010
04/12/2011 (DVD)
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Showtime may not have a great selection of movies, is what I'm finding out.
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November 19, 2009
It's actually a highly entertaining buddy cop movie. Had this come out a decade before, it would have been praised and beloved. Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford have great chemistry and the banter between the two is hilarious. The story was entertaining and plain fun, It's an excellent blend of comedy and action.
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½ July 29, 2007
An enjoyable enough action comedy set in Hollywood. Not sure Harrison Ford is suited to comedy. A bit like Beverly Hills Cop but toned down a little. Good attempt but not a patch on Beverly Hills or Rush Hour.
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November 12, 2006
It's a very great lighthearted buddy cop movie. Harrison Ford admirably stretches himself to give a comedic performance as Joe Gavilon, a police detective who also moonlights as a real estate agent. I love the way Ford switches from cop mode to real estate agent mode at the drop of the hat and he was so funny being a slave to his cell phone. Josh Hartnett plays his rookie partner who has a part time job as a yoga instructor and who thinks of quitting the force to become an actor. Their interactions with each other and with the people around them are very funny.
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½ September 1, 2007
Two cops who moonlight has an estate agent (Harrison) and actor (Josh) investigate a homicide. They don't have good chemistry as partners and the other plot lines don't add to the movie.
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½ June 9, 2006
[After investigating a scene]
K.C.: Well, what do you think?
Joe Gavilan: Write this down.
[K.C. grabs his pad and pen]
Joe Gavilan: Cheeseburger, well done. Raw onion, pickle, ketchup. Nothing else.

Here is a simple buddy-cop action/comedy movie that is not afraid to poke fun at the standard elements that make up what it is about for the sake of fun dialog opposed to cliche cop themes.

Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett star as Homicide detectives, partners, and friends for the most part. They don't really bicker or play against each other, they are both pretty easy going.

K.C.: I don't think I want to be a cop anymore.
Joe Gavilan: Then what do you want to be?
K.C.: I want to be an actor.
Joe Gavilan: [shrugs] Ok, you're gay. I can deal with that.

Both also have additional jobs. Ford has most of his life tied up in reality and Hartnett is a yoga instructor and potential actor.

Leon: Joe. K.C.
Joe and K.C.: Hey, Leon.
Leon: Hey. I'm making you two primaries on this disaster. Since you made no progress in the Klepto murder, I figure you're due.
K.C.: Thanks for the confidence.
Leon: Yeah, no problem.

The plot surrounds a murder case involving a rap group and the record manager who may be behind it. There are also issues involving internal affairs riding the tails of our heroes.

What makes this movie work is how lighthearted everything is. No matter what, its just nice to no that Ford and Hartnett are never really to stressed out about their case. In fact, more stress comes from Ford trying to close a reality deal. The movie doesn't really care about its standard cop plot, instead focusing on two guys talking about their own lives.

Joe Gavilan: If I take my gingko... I can still remember where I put the Viagra.

There are a number of good comedy sequences. One in particular involves a scene in an interrogation room. There are also some well staged action scenes, mainly coming from the extended chase scene towards the end of the film. Even with these scenes, everything is very breezy.

Then you have a number of fun character actors and cameos coming up in the film that are just kind of fun to see, like Kieth David, Martin Landau, Lena Olin, and Lou Diamond Philips for example. The whole film is just an easy going, fun ride.

Joe Gavilan: Hey, you. Come here. I see mayonnaise. Did anybody in this hear me say the word "Mayonnaise"? Read your notes. What does it say? "Cheeseburger, well done. Raw onion, ketchup, pickle". You call that well done? In addition to the mayonnaise, I see lettuce... Lettuce that somebody tried to scrape off here. This is a disaster. What the hell do they teach you at the Academy anyway? You wanna be a detective when you grow up?
Cheeseburger Cop: Yes, sir.
Joe Gavilan: Don't call me "sir!" I work for a living. Dump this for me please. I expect better.
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½ March 3, 2008
Nothing special about this film, Ford lost his mind during this period.
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September 11, 2006
Hilariouse. Plenty of fun. Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford are great together delivering brillinant chemistry. Lots of action and comedy.
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November 5, 2006
Hollywood Homicide should have been a much stronger and funnier movie.
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February 9, 2011
Well I don't know what to say here... I didn't turn off the movie and ended up watching it to the end... so that's saying something. The plot wasn't all that interesting but it was funny enough to keep with it. I wouldn't see it again or recommend it... in one word: forgettable.
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½ January 6, 2008
Unexpectedly funny to the max! Please see this...it is a blast from the past...alot of guest surprises cameos in this flick. Check it out!
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½ May 28, 2011
entertaining action comedy that's action packed with same old comedy action formula, at times. B-
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½ May 12, 2010
Harrison Ford plays a cop who is greatly in debt and also holds a job as a real estate desperately trying to sell a house and turn a quick profit. He is also being investigated by internal affairs for spending more than he earns lol. His rookie partner Josh Hartnett plays a yoga teacher and a ladies' man who wants to get out of the business and become an actor. They investigate a crime where they try to find the mastermind behind a number of hits on some rappers. Ford and Hartnett have a genuine connection that works and this is one funny movie that makes fun of buddy comedies, of car chases, and of Hollywood in general, by showing you just how ridiculous it really is.
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February 17, 2006
No chemistry at all between the co-stars here. Old Harrison Ford, as a rule, sucks.
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June 9, 2007
Decent film, entertaining.
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March 31, 2006
Ford and Hartnett make a good, comical team.
June 10, 2007
Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett are not to blame for this. Their characters suck, and the writing is worse. Nothing remotely funny happens in the first half of the movie, as a straightforward murder case it set up. If the filmmakers want us to take this seriously, then why spell everything out right up front. On the other hand, if they are shooting for comical, they flat out missed. Are we supposed to think two cops working part-time jobs on the side while on duty during a serious case is funny? The second jobs of real-estate agent and part time yoga instructor and aspiring actor do not enrich the story, nor do they help crack the case . They do not even contribute any amusing laughs. Things seem to pick up, and then it loses all credibility when they go to Ford's psychic girlfriend to locate the murder. The only thing worse than this is that it works! The ending is a long chase sequence that is funny and entertaining, but payoff is not there. It is just not clear whether this movie intends to be serious police mystery or playful action comedy, either way it fails at both. I can excuse Hartnett for taking this movie, but Harrison Ford is above this kind of work. He has a legacy to protect and disappointments like this tarnish it.
December 20, 2010
Supposedly humorous. Multitasking cops solve murder mystery and still have time to sell real estate and teach yoga.
December 1, 2010
I started this years ago, and didn't finish it because it didn't really hold my interest. Now, I found it online and played it in the background and didn't realize there was a big action scene at the end. But that couldn't save it. This movie is a bad mystery and cop crime caper that never lives up to its potential.

The potential here was the Ford-Hartnett relationship. They make a good pair and I like Ford in this movie more than any of his recent fare. But they just had too much clutter with the crime investigation procedural. They should have just made it wacky, or wackier.
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