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August 29, 2014
The last film the boys did together is a throwaway, both of them having done 10 years of their act, so their routines were familiar to them both (and to us). Still, whether either of them would admit it by this stage (Martin reportedly told Lewis angrily once that "all you are to me is a dollar.") or not, their chemistry continued to pop. While certainly their routine is dated, a smile or two is still within their grasp as this work demonstrates.
Pat Crowley and Anita Ekberg are little more than window dressing to the boys antics, and they're not bad, but in this film a Great Dane has more to do.
January 26, 2011
Pretty much barren, apart from the self-referential gags (although the pimping of both Paramount and VistaVision becomes tiresome), and the gambling scene where the Lewis/Martin combo [i]really[/i] works. The rest of it is a non-event, although the songs are OK.
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