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Hot Fuzz (2007)



Average Rating: 7.7/10
Reviews Counted: 199
Fresh: 181 | Rotten: 18

The brilliant minds behind Shaun of the Dead successfully take a shot at the buddy cop genre with Hot Fuzz. The result is a bitingly satiric and hugely entertaining parody.


Average Rating: 7.4/10
Critic Reviews: 49
Fresh: 45 | Rotten: 4

The brilliant minds behind Shaun of the Dead successfully take a shot at the buddy cop genre with Hot Fuzz. The result is a bitingly satiric and hugely entertaining parody.



liked it
Average Rating: 4/5
User Ratings: 559,958

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Movie Info

A top London cop who is so good at his job that he makes his fellow officers look like slackers by comparison is "promoted" to serve in the sleepy village of Sandford in this contemporary action comedy from the creators of Shaun of the Dead. Police constable Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) always gets his man, but these days his impeccable record seems to be more indicative of his fellow officers' shortcomings than his own formidable skills as a keeper of the peace. Loathe to stand idly by as their

Jul 31, 2007


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Latest News on Hot Fuzz

June 12, 2014:
12 Great Buddy Cop Pairings in Movies
It's been used and abused so many times that by all rights, it should long ago have been exhausted...
December 12, 2011:
Nick Frost Wants to Go to The World's End with Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright Next Year
He has a first draft of the script, and is hoping to shoot in 2012.


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All Critics (200) | Top Critics (49) | Fresh (181) | Rotten (18) | DVD (29)

It's such a vibrant goof, so full of love both for the movies and for its cast of ridiculous characters that you forgive it the odd soggy stretch.

August 18, 2007 Full Review Source: Slate | Comment (1)
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Wright and Pegg have topped Shaun of the Dead by trans(atlantic)planting a whole gaggle of genres.

April 24, 2007 Full Review Source: TIME Magazine
TIME Magazine
Top Critic IconTop Critic

The movie duly quickens into pursuits of every speed, and the homage to action thrillers is there in the smallest detail; the clicking of a ballpoint pen, say, is amplified to sound as menacing as the cocking of a gun.

April 23, 2007 Full Review Source: New Yorker
New Yorker
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Hot Fuzz is everything an action-comedy should be. It achieves through parody what most films in the genre can't accomplish straight.

April 21, 2007 Full Review Source: AV Club
AV Club
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Nervous yet, Hollywood? Better make room for a few more lads.

April 21, 2007 Full Review Source: Time Out New York
Time Out New York
Top Critic IconTop Critic

Because this culture-clash comedy has real characters, a real story and a real big payoff, the two-hour length is a light sentence.

April 21, 2007 Full Review Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Top Critic IconTop Critic

It's a perfect spoof of the once popular action genre, that's highlighted by the chemistry of Pegg and Frost.

April 29, 2014 Full Review Source: Film Geek Central
Film Geek Central

Manages to find humor not just in the mundane existence of a small town but also in the overblown nature of action films. And, it works as an action movie on its own.

January 19, 2014 Full Review Source: 7M Pictures
7M Pictures

Hot Fuzz, Edgar Wright's follow-up to his extremely popular zombie satire Shaun of the Dead (2004), improves on the latter's strong points in every conceivable way while drastically tightening up its weakest elements.

March 13, 2011 Full Review Source: Film and Felt
Film and Felt

Works because they set out to make a faithful genre picture just as equally as a comedy. The film is even funnier because they never sacrifice plot or character for a laugh.

June 9, 2010 Full Review Source: DCist | Comments (2)

From paying homage to Michael Bay's camera motions to kicking an old lady square in the kisser, this film holds nothing back and fires away with tons of laughs.

April 18, 2010 Full Review Source: Film School Rejects
Film School Rejects

There's real fondness not just for the crash-a-tons being referenced, but also for a homey, practically imaginary England

August 27, 2009 Full Review Source: CinePassion

The opening premise of Hot Fuzz is like the recipe for a simple concept comedy: overachieving cop in underachieving village, and it works to set the all important tone in this funnily ridiculous film.

October 18, 2008 Full Review Source: Urban Cinefile
Urban Cinefile

The makers of Shaun of the Dead have done it again. This time they have combined a classic cop-buddy movie with a quaint town in England, and yes, laughs definitely ensue.

September 4, 2008 Full Review Source: The Scorecard Review
The Scorecard Review

It's overlong and not always precisely on target but neither self-congratulating nor condescending -- and a fine, funny contribution to English-American mutual amusement besides.

August 7, 2008 Full Review Source: Sacramento News & Review
Sacramento News & Review

... as if a cop movie spoof had been awkwardly rammed into a seriously splatter film, with a big, violent blowout finale to blur the lines between the two.

July 5, 2008 Full Review Source: ESplatter


May 19, 2008 | Comments (3)

Bad Boys meets Shaun of the Dead.

October 31, 2007 Full Review Source: Common Sense Media
Common Sense Media

... lives up to expectations even if it can't exceed the hype.

October 9, 2007 Full Review Source:

Yet another excellent mélange of movie genres from Britain's team of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

October 5, 2007 Full Review Source: JoBlo's Movie Emporium
JoBlo's Movie Emporium

It's a movie that is literally, painfully funny, insofar as I occasionally laughed so hard that I thought my chest was about to collapse.

September 20, 2007 Full Review Source: Antagony & Ecstasy
Antagony & Ecstasy

Past a certain point, one requires more from smart and enthusiastic fans than a reiteration of their fanhood.

July 23, 2007 Full Review Source:

With a fine image and sound transfer and a worthwhile collection of hearty extras, Hot Fuzz is now in the running for the title of DVD of the Year.

July 19, 2007 Full Review Source: Slant Magazine
Slant Magazine

Mr. Wright is a talented filmmaker who has clearly studied the masters of the genre he's roasting.

July 14, 2007 Full Review Source: Big Picture Big Sound
Big Picture Big Sound

Edgar Wright and co. aim their blazing automatics directly at the insularity, small-mindedness and tacit bigotry of little Britain.

July 9, 2007 Full Review Source: Eye for Film
Eye for Film

Audience Reviews for Hot Fuzz

A hilariously great mash-up of bad buddy cop action movies about a straight-edge cop (Simon Pegg) who is promoted and relocated to a mysterious town inhabited by strange people, and how he discovers there is more to the town than meets the eye. Pegg's performance is its usual stuff, absolutely outstanding and brilliant in many respects, with a buddy (Nick Frost) and bad guy (Timothy Dalton) that make this movie an awesome ride all the way through. The energy director Edgar Wright gives this movie thanks to his kinetic film-making style is absolutely infectious, and the result is an outstanding comedy with a dynamite conclusion that makes this film a must-see.
January 28, 2014
Dan Schultz

Super Reviewer

The trio of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost succeed in this buddy-cop bonanza. Hot Fuzz supplies plenty of hysteria along with its fantastic direction and plot (even though it may be hard to catch on a times). It culminates to its grand finale and climatic action sequence that's action-packed every step of the way, making this film surprisingly entertaining as a result. 4/5
November 27, 2013
Eugene Bernabe

Super Reviewer

The second film in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, this being the classic blue original Cornetto to represent the thin blue line of the police service (not force...wrong impression). Yep the ragtag bunch of scruffy oddball Brits are back with more outlandish comedy the likes of which the Americans can only dream of. First time it was a horror parody/homage, now this time its a kick ass action flick parody/homage which picks at various classic action film/genre ideas.

This time Pegg plays top gun police officer (not man...all officers are equal) 'Nicholas Angel' in the MET, an all round action hero of epic proportions having graduated with honours from Hendon. Because he is giving all his colleagues a bad name by being so unbelievably good at his job they pack him off to a sleepy countryside village in rural Gloucestershire. Once there he quickly cleans up what little trouble there is and makes a bit of a name for himself being somewhat over the top and a jobsworth in the process. But he soon discovers all is not what it seems out in the sticks as people start to get bumped off.

I think the best thing about this film is the clear cut satirizing of US buddy cop action movies with references and blatant homages/rip offs. The beginning of the film is a lighting fast montage of how Angel becomes an officer and what he achieves. This rapid quick fire editing is used all through the film accompanied by some over the top hard thumping sound effects just to nail the message home...this is daft but at the same time we're actually kinda serious too...sorta. I love how the simplest of duties, like paperwork, is edited with speed and sound effects to appear hardcore and deathly serious.

I mean lets get this straight, the films plot is stupid and its been done before, an old fashioned murder mystery yarn, but that's not really too important. This is a character driven flick, its purely for the laughs, taking the piss, its very much in the same vein as the Monty Python films in that they actually look good, have great characters, they homage, they rip but they're silly.

There are some great characters in this film but Pegg's by the book Angel is by far the most fun. The guy is a walking cliche but a true action man full of invincible confidence, courage and boldness, whilst his complete bookworm-like attention to detail, procedures and the righteous PC-ness of the law gives us the laughs (much like Rowan Atkinson in 'The Thin Blue Line'). As we delve further into the film we get more and more taglines and typical action movie style stunts until we reach the finale where its just an all out homage betwixt mockery of every kind of action cliche/move/style/camera angle you can think of with guns blazing and bullets ricocheting.

Frost plays the buffoon again which does suit him well I can't deny, he also tends to provide much of the US cop movie tagline spiel as things progressively become more fast n furious. But its the dastardly Dalton and his caddish evil grin and tash that stole the show for me. This guy has the perfect British bounder good looks, a real scoundrel, a rotter, a roguish villain, Terry Thomas eat your heart out. Sure he doesn't actually do that much but its just his sneering wicked smirk together with his perfect speaking voice that nails the role. The finale fight with Pegg isn't to shabby either I might add.

Must also give kudos to Bill Bailey as the easy going officer behind the front desk. Love how he just sits there and basically does nothing accept give messages, excuses and is never bothered by what passes by his reception area. Kinda reminded me of a Muppet type character actually, 'Waldorf and Statler'.

There is plenty of comic book/cartoon violence with the murders, lots of squirting blood and body parts flying about, the dialog is witty, quirky and chock full of your typical British profanities and all set within the beautiful harmony of a stereotypical English village. In fact its a lot like Robert Rodriguez and what he does with his stereotypical sleepy Mexican towns. Both Wright and Rodriguez take what everyone expects to see in these typical locales and fused them with a mega budget Hollywood Bayfest extravaganza, the fun being seeing the two opposites working side by side. In this case its the quaint English village with rose gardens, a humble old vicar, tea rooms, grannies, an old wood beam open fire pub and a historic old church...which all slowly morphs into a blood soaked gun fest frenzy of violence that comes at you from every dainty nook n cranny. Flying martial arts kick to a little old ladies face as she tries to take you out with a shotgun? I rest my case m'lord.

Admittedly some of it is very predictable, childish and you know you've seen or heard some visual/dialog gags before. All the officers in the small police station are pretty generic types (especially the old fella who mumbles and we never understand, very sitcom-like) and the fact the station has no evidence in the evidence room or the riot room has clearly never been used are cute but obvious jokes.

The ending is again predictable and rather tame, I was disappointed we don't really see any of the bad guys getting killed off, even Dalton manages to survive the ordeal. Strange seeing as its a 15 rating, why not kill off more?. All in all the film is basically about giving the UK its own fast paced action flick along the lines of some of the classic films mentioned within the film. Its not meant to be serious of course but there has been a lot of love and attention poured into the film to elevate it above the more common spoof flick. Anyway its about time we saw the traditional British Bobby all tooled up with double hand guns and unlimited ammo diving around in slow motion gunning down bad guys...just like our American cousins.
September 24, 2013

Super Reviewer

    1. Nicholas Angel: Your a doctor deal with it.
    2. PC Danny Butterman: Yeah motherfucker.
    – Submitted by Matthew B (3 months ago)
    1. Nicholas Angel: You do realize that glass was broken from the inside?
    – Submitted by Chelsey H (9 months ago)
    1. Inspector Frank Butterman: And he had one thing you haven't got.
    2. Nicholas Angel: What's that, sir?
    3. Inspector Frank Butterman: A great, big, bushy beard!
    – Submitted by Facebook U (14 months ago)
    1. Nicholas Angel: You never took a short cut before?
    – Submitted by Kenneth V (14 months ago)
    1. Tina: Mr. Skinner to the manager's office. Manager's office, Mr Skinnerrrrr.
    – Submitted by Joshua B (15 months ago)
    1. Simon Skinner: Oh, he'll be in bits tomorrow.
    – Submitted by N F (16 months ago)
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