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December 29, 2010
This movie starts off with a prison bus going down a empty stretch of road and on the other side the only car insight driven by one Dr Douglas Madsen as these two come closer and closer together something happens that sends the Dr's car to collide with the prison bus freeing four prisoners who decide to take the good Dr hostage and retreat to a remote cabin in the woods that just happens to be home of a family that is more dangerous then the prisoners now with no way out the prisoners and the hostage must fight to stay alive against the people in the cabin. This movie is pretty cheesy but for me in a good way and there is enough blood spilled to keep a fan of gore entertained worth a watch for any fan of cheesy movies like this.
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½ May 8, 2007
Decent gore effects and unintentionally funny characters make this an enjoyable watch. I had to watch this in 3 different sittings and maybe that's the best way to see it without becoming tired of the story.
October 26, 2009
Holy German splatterfest! Con Air meets Evil Dead... but multiply the gore amount by at least twice as much. Luckily it is all in English language so you don't have take it too seriously while watching, because it is pretty corny. If you have seen any of this directors movies, you know you are expecting bottom rate editing and direction, but top rate gore and entertainment. BTW-----VERY IMPORTANT!!!---DO NOT WATCH THE REGION 1 AMERICAN VERSION. IT CUTS OUT 15 MINUTES OF VITAL GORE. If you have a sensitive stomach the American version may be for you, but since gore it the main part of this movie, it dont feel its worth even watching the American version. You an find uncut torrents online
½ December 29, 2010
Althought it was a bit cheesy, and it took way too long for them to actually make it to the"house" once they got there, it was entertaining enough for me to make it all the way to the end. With some off the shelf Gore, id say if interested, RENT, not buy.
January 11, 2013
Can a movie be more sick and boring than this one, piece of garbage and a waste of time.
November 25, 2012
Lots and lots of gore but bad costume and make-up art and just one scene with cool special effects. The idea is one of eternal return to a cabin in the woods that is inhabited by demon spawn and a girl named Alice who is not like the rest. They talk like biblical folk drunk on Middle English. In one scene blood gushes from the corpse of a convict in a manner reminiscent of Evil Dead. Unfortunately none of it is enough to make this movie worth wasting your time. Better luck elsewhere.
½ April 28, 2012
Almost bad enough to be humorous; would lend itself to endless parody.
July 1, 2011
Another enjoyable gory horror from Olaf Ittenbach
December 29, 2010
wow what to say here,,How about what a god awful film. The actors are terrible and have obviously never been to acting school,the story is fair but but to shame by bad acting and even worse directing,, This whole movie is a serious wast of people money and the directors of this film should never work in the industry ever again.
½ December 27, 2009
Other than a few characters who actually seem to be professional actors, the movie seems to be populated by a bunch of guys gathered at a local bar to try to act. Too long, with an odd subplot I still can't figure out between the doctor and a woman in the "house of blood", I have a feeling that in other hands with other actors and a different editor, this movie might have been OK.
March 30, 2008
[size=2]absolutely pathetic, waste of your life watching this, if you see this being sold in a shop destroy it to make sure noone buys it, if you recieve as a gift eliminate the person who bought you this insult

December 8, 2006
Unbelievably horrified absolutely terrible!!

The movie started with a very promising music at the title sequence.
Then after 10 minutes into the movie, I knew it was gonna be a horrible movie but I decided to sit through it just to see how bad it'd be.
Big mistake! I have no idea how and why this movie even get bought and released. Was it LionGate? I totally didn't get the movie and why the story has set up that way. So the immates and the doctor got to the house in the wood and people living there turnt out to be some kind of demons... they killed all the prisoners and the doctor escaped and also one of the demons realized the doctor was her son (WTF???) the flash back doesnt really tell me what was going on long ago... just when she said goodbye and she'll always loves him.
When the doctor escaped... i thought the movie was ended... but to my surprised, it wasn't... and worst... the entire sequences that I just saw happens again! exactly the same... some immates got out of the bus in some accident, got the doctor .. ran into the wood, then got to the house and met the demons then demons killed everyone, the doctor escaped... only this time with the woman (who was his mom)... i was like... WTF...

Arggg... then i watched "behind the scene" footages.... it looks like a very professional production with a lot of talent people involved... the special FX and the action was cheographed very carefully... but obviously, the Director was the only untalented one! big time!

Not recommended! Watch it as an example of failure and learn from it!
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