• R, 2 hr. 5 min.
  • Drama, Romance
  • Directed By:
    Bernard Rose
    In Theaters:
    Dec 16, 1994 Wide
    On DVD:
    Aug 28, 2001
  • Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

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Immortal Beloved Reviews

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Raymond W

Super Reviewer

January 29, 2012
Gary Oldman is absolutely phenomenal here as Ludwig van Beethoven but the supporting cast is a bit overacted or sometimes wooden and fake. The film itself is a little confusing and slow but it's easy to forget that when you're wrapped up in the mystery, and when watching Oldman give a tour de force performance, and listening to the magnificent music of Beethoven.

Super Reviewer

August 19, 2011
Immortal Beloved is an incredible biopic about one of the most famed composers who ever lived. Gary Oldman is the perfect choice to play composer Ludwig Van Beethoven. He brought such charisma to his performance that it's a shame he didn't win an Oscar. I thought he was excellent in the role. Immortal Beloved is a well crafted picture that focuses on the life of Beethoven, and with Gary Oldman's incredible performance, it adds so much to this already impressive film. Whenever a filmmaker decides to tells an artists story on film, it can be either bad or goo. But like Amadeus before it, Immortal Beloved has the distinction of being an incredible and memorable film about another famous composer. The film is different than Amadeus, but it still manages to be just as grand as that film was. Because after all, Beethoven wasn't a forgettable person. Director Bernard Rose did a fine job at bringing Beethoven's life to the screen, and with this cast; he's able to convey a near flawless piece of cinema to the screen. Immortal Beloved is a beautifully acted and told film that has a wonderful story. This is a film for people who admire Beethoven and for Classical music fans everywhere. As of yet, this is the best biopic on Beethoven's life that I have seen, and with Gary Oldman in the lead role, it will be very hard to find someone to outdo his performance. A truly engaging picture.
Apeneck F

Super Reviewer

May 28, 2008
How to depict "genius"? Yes, there are the achievements ... but why? This movie goes with love as the motivating factor that drove perhaps the world's most renowned composer, the Einstein of music, Beethoven. Oldman, no slouch artist himself, is magnetic as a soul slowly losing that which is most to him in this captivating mystery that attempts to define the undefinable. A worthy effort.

Super Reviewer

January 6, 2009
I enjoyed this one immensely

Gary Oldman has such depth and range that he disappears into his characters. It doesn't matter if he's playing Count Dracula or Sid Vicious or Ludwig Van Beethoven, I'm never consciously aware that I'm watching an imitation. He's just that good.

Super Reviewer

December 6, 2008
Does for Beethoven what Amadeus did for Mozart -- Only BETTER!!!!!

Super Reviewer

May 6, 2007
This movie is beautiful. His life totally sucked, a real tortured genius. The end of this movie when he is in the lake as ode to joy plays is one of the most powerful things i've ever seen.
Sean G

Super Reviewer

September 24, 2010
I liked Amadeus better, but Mozart was more of a character. Oldman, once again, did a hell of a job.
Marcus W

Super Reviewer

June 7, 2008
Gary Oldman's performance and the music are enough to turn you blind to the so-so plot.

Super Reviewer

December 25, 2007
December 27, 2013
The story is rife with speculation, but it is still a very good film. Oldman's performance is terrific.
March 9, 2011
Imperfect movie about an imperfect man. But, beautifully made, and I believe, the best movie we will see about Beethoven. Great cinematography, and of course, great music! Gary Oldman is perfect.
December 19, 2010
Fiction about Beethoven. Sad and sometimes hard to watch. I burst into tears several times from the beauty of the music.
January 4, 2009
This movie makes excellent use of Beethoven's musical works. I am unsure of the historical accuracy of the film, but it is an interesting musical mystery of sorts as we follow Beethoven's secretary, Schindler, in his quest to find the true heir of Beethoven's estate- his Immortal Beloved.

The only reason I did not love it was I felt that there was not enough well tie-ins to the final solution and people's behavior was difficult. At the result of one tiny thing, lives were ruined forever. There is one thing I can agree on with the characters of this film and that his operatic addition of Ode to Joy in his Ninth Symphony makes it one of the most magnificent pieces ever written.
September 6, 2009
i really loved it. its one of my new favs and once i saw it i read beethoven's bio and downloaded a lot of his music and i'm now trying to learn to play moonlight sonata on piano its one of my favs that he did.
July 20, 2009
Gary Oldman embodies Beethoven in this lush, semi-true account of one of the greatest composers ever. This movie brilliantly shows Beethoven as the rock star of his day in a way that does not at all come off as hokey. It also beautifully shows the descent to madness, anger, and self-destruction of man who's love and greatest gift was music horrendously going deaf.
December 15, 2008
What Tom Hulce did for Mozart in Amadeus, Mr. Oldman has done - and done well - for Ludwig van Beethoven in Immortal Beloved. This was a splendid film to watch and hear and feel. I was pleasantly surprised and heartily impressed by the work that produced this gorgeous film, slightly depressing though it is, to realize that just about every talented artist is fueled by an overbearing eccentricity that seems to always lead to madness and early death. But that is not where I take exception to this movie. The only thing in my mind that cost it a perfect score was it's single-minded concentration on solving the mystery of the "immortal beloved." Granted, this was the focus of the movie, but could we not have seen more of his personal life? The mystery hogs so much spotlight that the flashback at the finale seems almost out of place when it is, in fact, one of the most beautiful scenes in the whole film. Apart from that, I could find no other fault. The look and feel of the period is reproduced splendidly. Everyone does a grand job in their roles, particularly Oldman and the female leads. Probably will not achieve the classic status of Amadeus, and that is a true pity, indeed.
June 13, 2006
Not a bad film...I enjoyed the soundtrack more than the actual film...probably why I bought it many years ago. I liked the ending more than the rest of the film...when all the pieces of the mystery fall into place. Oldman is great as always...wonderful actor.
February 13, 2008
A film that speaks to ppl if they care to listen
the soundtrack is amazing,
Beethoven is and always shall be remembered
November 19, 2007
it was good. the 'women' in the film should have been more attractive. maybe that woulda made it more unrealistic though since he wasn't really that good looking.
November 10, 2007
Absolutely brilliant movie, on the life of one of my favorite composers. Loved it. Musicians no matter the century, they seem to get the women.
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