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Immortals (2011)


Average Rating: 5/10
Reviews Counted: 114
Fresh: 40
Rotten: 74

Critics Consensus: The melding of real sets, CG work, and Tarsem's signature style produces fireworks, though the same can't be said for Immortals slack, boring storytelling.

Average Rating: 5/10
Reviews Counted: 22
Fresh: 7
Rotten: 15

Critics Consensus: The melding of real sets, CG work, and Tarsem's signature style produces fireworks, though the same can't be said for Immortals slack, boring storytelling.


Average Rating: 3.2/5
User Ratings: 67,261


Movie Info

The brutal and bloodthirsty King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) and his murderous Heraklion army are rampaging across Greece in search of the long lost Bow of Epirus. With the invincible Bow, the king will be able to overthrow the Gods of Olympus and become the undisputed master of his world. With ruthless efficiency, Hyperion and his legions destroy everything in their wake, and it seems nothing will stop the evil king's mission. As village after village is obliterated, a stonemason named Theseus … More

R (for sequences of strong bloody violence, and a scene of sexuality)
Classics , Action & Adventure
Directed By:
Written By:
Vlas Parlapanides , Charles Parlapanides
In Theaters:
Mar 6, 2012
Box Office:
Relativity Media - Official Site


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Critic Reviews for Immortals

All Critics (116) | Top Critics (23) | Fresh (40) | Rotten (74) | DVD (9)

Without any narrative heft, these sights don't last in the mind much longer than they linger on screen. And yet they thrill in short-lived bursts that Singh doles out carefully, keeping pace with the audience's appetite.

Full Review… | November 18, 2011
Entertainment Weekly
Top Critic

When Hyperion says of one character, "His pain has just begun,'' you know exactly how he feels.

Full Review… | November 14, 2011
Boston Globe
Top Critic

The same hyperstylized, comic book-come-to-life approach that created an invigorating experience for viewers of 300 elevates Immortals above the level of a Clash of the Titans knock-off.

Full Review… | November 13, 2011
Top Critic

The posters read "From the Producers of 300" and, like Zack Snyder's film, Immortals has little on its mind but conveying the buzz of martial glory.

Full Review… | November 12, 2011
Village Voice
Top Critic

This monumental tale of warring gods and men is a beautiful, dead thing, bereft of organic or kinetic life.

Full Review… | November 11, 2011
MSN Movies
Top Critic

Singh is a talented and eccentric visual artist with no creative future in the movie business.

Full Review… | November 11, 2011
Chicago Reader
Top Critic

This is an awfully dumb movie that I'll still remember for a while.

Full Review… | June 22, 2013

Grisly, gross, messy - and I'm not just talking about Mickey Rourke's table manners

Full Review… | December 28, 2012
McClatchy-Tribune News Service

Tarsem Singh's imaginative visuals are the main draw of Immortals - which is subsequently held together by a mostly adequate story of gods, titans, and humanity.

Full Review… | October 2, 2012

You can't take your eyes off it - it's like watching the butchest float on the Gay Pride parade crash in super slow-motion HD.

Full Review… | September 28, 2012

Looks aren't everything, but you'd never guess that by watching Immortals. With a solid cast and breathtaking fight scenes, you almost forget that there's not much of a story.

Full Review… | September 22, 2012
We Got This Covered

"Immortals" is indeed good-looking and is even entertaining for a few brief sequences, but that's not nearly enough to begin making up for its multiple flaws elsewhere.

Full Review… | September 18, 2012

...a distressingly cynical cash-grab that seems to exist only to profit from the success of its like-minded predecessors.

Full Review… | July 5, 2012
Reel Film Reviews

Beyond the simple idea that Gods intervened in humans' lives on a regular basis, there isn't a lot of interesting stuff to chew on in the script. It moves from one amazingly framed camera setup to the next with no forward motion or feeling of consequence.

Full Review… | April 10, 2012

an almost overwhelming aesthetic experience in which conventional storytelling and narrative logic frequently take a backseat to pure sensation

Full Review… | March 14, 2012
Q Network Film Desk

Fans of mythic adventure may want to see for themselves, but the storytelling is too disjointed for it to measure up to a film like "300" or "Troy."

Full Review… | March 10, 2012
Movie Metropolis

Costume designer Eiko Ishioka drapes the gods in dinky gold lamé outfits and outlandish headgear - Daniel Sharman's Aires sports a helmet spiked with swords and Kellan Lutz's Poseidon appears to be wearing a rather whimsical fascinator.

Full Review… | March 8, 2012
Movie Talk

Weakly plotted and emotionally flat, but visually alluring, memorable and sometimes very entertaining.

Full Review… | March 5, 2012

It seems as if there's no way at all to make these kinds of gladiator/barbarian/centurion battle movies any good.

Full Review… | January 30, 2012
Common Sense Media

The raw movie majesty alone makes this worth a view on the big screen, but as an adventure epic, it also works well enough.

Full Review… | January 11, 2012

A hodge-podge of nonsense that is just really there to stitch together cool fight scenes and sets.

Full Review… | December 7, 2011

Laws mean little to these immortals once "considered incapable of death," at least until they "discover they can kill each other." Likewise, they discover they can't not interfere with men.

Full Review… | December 7, 2011

If you like blood and guts, with hand-to-hand (or should I say hand-to-spear) combat in video-game-style, you may like this more than I did.

Full Review… | December 2, 2011

The most unpretentious -- or should that be ridiculous? -- film yet from style-drunk director Tarsem Singh is also his most enjoyable, a Cuisinart-blended shot of Greek mythology and ultraviolent effects that chokes the viewer with unrelenting design.

Full Review… | November 28, 2011
Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

There's a story of revenge here, along with some nods to the classic myths of Greek gods and goddesses, as well as a pretty spiffy concept for the Minotaur. Mostly, though, this is a bloodbath.

Full Review… | November 25, 2011
KWQC-TV (Iowa)

Singh approaches the material the way Werner Herzog might approach a film adaptation of "Gossip Girl": He doesn't get it, but that won't stop him from doing his thing.

Full Review… | November 23, 2011
Seven Days

Audience Reviews for Immortals


Visually stunning, but not the best storytelling.

Christian C

Super Reviewer


"Immortals was OK. I enjoyed the action and the blood and gore. But the story was lacking for me. It is visually nice and there are a lot of great action scenes. But I was a little bored. I just didn't care about what happened. The acting was OK. I really like Luke Evans. I wanted to see more of him. I liked John Hurt in this as well. It didn't impress me. The film is worth seeing at least once."


Super Reviewer


A decent sword & sandals film. Generally more like 300 than Clash of the Titans thankfully. From the same producers I believe as 300 and it has a very similar CGI visual style to it. A nice twist to some of the Greek mythology in the story. The fight scenes are well choreographed and the SFX are very good. Add to that Mickey Rourke giving a good performance as the chief villain and you have a very good film.

Dean !

Super Reviewer


My type of movie! BUT, I watched this movie with jaded eyes, expecting it to be more hype than substance. I was pleasantly surprised. To my amusement, I found myself gripping the arms of my chair more than once in the epic battle scenes. The special effects were solid, the dialogue better than average, and well acted by newer and veteran actors alike. Very well done, compelling storyline, marvelous combat moves, not overly gory...good movie!

Cynthia S.

Super Reviewer

Immortals Quotes

They are cowards, they hide behind masks.
– Submitted by Connor N (24 months ago)
To those whom much is given, much is lost.
– Submitted by Typhon Q (2 years ago)
This is your last embrace, Hyperion. Look at me. Look at me! I'm the last thing you will ever see... Witness hell.
– Submitted by Augustine S (2 years ago)
Old Man:
[voice over] When this world was still young, long before man or beast roamed these lands, there was a war in the heavens. Immortals, once thoughts incapable of death, discovered they had the power to kill one another. Lost in this war was a weapon of unimaginable power, the Epirus bow. The victors declared themselves Gods, while the vanquished were renamed Titans and forever imprisoned within the bowels of Mount Tartarus. Eons passed, mankind flourished and the great war receded from memory. But the evil that once was has reemerged.
– Submitted by Lorenzo V (2 years ago)
I wish I hadnt of had that.
– Submitted by Jacqueline N (2 years ago)
The sea has always been an unpredictable domain.
– Submitted by Jevon J (2 years ago)

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