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January 9, 2008
Fine spy adventure with James Coburn as alike James Bond, Derek Flint. I believe Coburn's kung-fu skills are okay as he learned it from Bruce Lee, it's true. This film packed with dazzling special effects and exotic settings of the 1960s.
June 1, 2012
Awesome, super spy and Man of Mystery joins forces with an army of super-hot, '60s, bikini-clad women (who plan to take over the world with a brain-washing hairdrier) to foil a diabolical plot to take over/destroy the world. Yeah ... who wouldn't like this movie? The movie was almost as good as the Austin Powers spoofs of the Super Spy.
½ May 9, 2007
This is the second of James Coburn's Flint movies. It's the better of the two. It's also the best spoof of 007. There are more good looking women. The plot is making fun of the women's lib movement that was brand new in 1967. There is a reference to the Batman TV show and a prediction of an actor becoming President of the United States. Ronald Reagan had just been elected Governor of California when this movie was made. I first saw this movie on TV. It's a fun movie with a 1960's vibe to it. Coburn also tries to do a lot of Kung Fu moves. He was being trained by Bruce Lee.
½ September 10, 2008
Step aside Austin Powers. All the ladies know that Flint is the real man of mystery. In this movie alone, Flint (1 speaks to dolphins in their native tongue (2 shows off his professional theatrical ballet skills (3 battles thugs on a trampoline (4 uses his sonic belt buckle gadget to help him escape from being cryogenically frozen (5 foils the plot of some old lady who feels that women should take over the world {"no longer will we stay in the shadows with our dishwater hands"}, and finally (6 has a threesome with 2 female Russion cosmosauts while orbiting Earth. Derek Flint, you are the man.
January 20, 2015
Parodia de James Bond, se nota el paso del tiempo.
June 1, 2013
Released at the height of the James Bond craze as the Cold War raged, Derek Flint was the best spy spoof until Don Adams became Maxwell Smart. Mike Myers would steal liberally from this to create Austin Powers 30 years later.
½ November 29, 2012
It's not quite as good as "Our Man Flint", but this one is still a lot of fun. Usually Bond spoofs are self-deprecating ... they make fun of the genre by depicting master spies who aren't very good at their job. That wouldn't work for James Coburn. In the Derek Flint films, the joke is how awesome he really is. That's Coburn for ya.
November 16, 2012
Now this is how you make a paradoy.
August 21, 2012
Not that the first one is great, but this one is not good.
½ September 13, 2009
Ladies, this, of course, is Derek Flint.

Derek Flint is a genius who sits at home in his mansion writing books and communicating with dolphins. When the president of the United States is captured by a group of women who hope to rule the world, a secret organization comes calling for his aid. Flint agrees to take the mission and return the president within two weeks; after all, he is a genius?how much longer could it take?

?You know I?m no Don Juan.?
?That?s for certain, sir.?

Gordon Douglas, director of Stage Coach, The Miracle, Follow that Dream, Santiago, Young at Heart, Girl Rush, Niagara Falls, and General Spanky, delivers In Like Flint. The storyline for this picture is not overly imaginative (thought it may have been at the time). This felt like a combination of Ace Ventura and Austin Powers. The acting, specifically by Richard Coburn, was wonderfully entertaining. The women throughout the picture were beautiful.

?By this time tomorrow, women will be running the world.?
?Women running the world, you can?t be serious.?

Our Man Flint and In Like Flint are two pictures my wife has been wanting to see for some time. Fortunately, we received the Ultimate Flint box set for our anniversary. While this picture was entertaining, it was not as good as I had hoped. The comedic content was inconsistent and the action sequences were a bit slow and methodical. Overall, Coburn is fun to watch and the film unfolds nicely, but the run time is a bit longer than it needs to be. This is worth seeing but may not need to be in your DVD collection

?It is refreshing to be with beautiful women.?

Grade: B-
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