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May 26, 2013
four stars
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January 21, 2013
I like the creepy neighbours character but the movie didn't have enough energy, was just very lazy, predictible and bah....
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½ January 18, 2013
Struggling to cope with the death of their young daughter, Blair and Close head off to a remote home in the Pacific Northwest, attempting to save their marriage. There they meet neighbors D'Arcy and Miner who they invite to dinner. Unable to deal with their guests odd behavior, Blair and Close kick them out, only for them to return with guns and invade the couple's home.
D'Arcy played the role of Anthony Hopkins in the recent 'Hitchcock' biopic and his resemblance to the 'Psycho' star adds an extra element of creepiness to his role here. Sadly, he's really the only standout in an otherwise dull and cliched affair. The dinner scene is quite tense but the movie's second half does nothing new with its home invasion plot. The film is shot in ugly grey tones which are no doubt intended to reflect its somber mood but it makes for grim viewing in all the wrong ways.
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October 16, 2012
A nice little home invasion thriller which doesn't seem realistic at all. I like the dark colour and scary camera angels but it was too predictable and too long, also there are a lot of unnecessary details in the film that the viewers really do not need and made the film really tedious. The characters are really stupid as well, it drives me nuts when they don't do what you would expect normal people to do. Selma Blair made the film bearable.
November 9, 2012
very slow..the build up of the creepy neighbors had me wanting to keep watching, but by the time it got to the "good" parts, there was nothing good about it, bad acting, not much went on.
½ January 23, 2015
So many "oh my god just grab that heavy object, right there!" moments.
½ September 19, 2014
...I'd like my 96 minutes back...
½ August 18, 2014
Low budget, but well made film. Rachel Miner is particularly disturbing. The problem with this movie is that it is just too difficult to watch and with little point or cinematic "pay-off."
June 3, 2014
In Their Skin wishes that it were a tense psychological thriller but it is more annoying and boring than anything else as it is yet just another "home in the woods" horror flick that feels like it has been done before. After the tragic death of their daughter, the relatively affluent Hughes family decides that the best way to "get their lives back" is to grieve "off the grid" (of course ... as it is necessary for this specific genre) in their nice summer/vacation home by a random lake in the middle of the woods. The married couple (Joshua Close [The Exorcism of Emily Rose] and Selma Blair [Hellboy]) struggle to reconnect both emotionally and intimately and their living son is just kind of there. When a chipper yet incredibly and uncomfortably odd family shows up offering them some chopped wood (?), they are invited over to the house for dinner and ... well, the new family (James D'Arcy [Hitchcock] and Rachel Miner [The Black Dahlia]) wants more than dinner. They want the Hughes' lives! Even though parts of In Their Skin are superior to other very similar films of this type, predictability in this genre is a killer more deadly than smiling neighbors.
½ May 26, 2014
Quite slow and blatantly obvious.
January 25, 2014
The story line of this film had real promise and there were some convincing acting however the pace was too slow and plot got weaker as it it trundled along. A fairly dry attempt at what could have been a fabulous thriller.
½ December 19, 2013
Thursday, December 19, 2013

(2012) In Their Skin

Starring Joshua Close who was also credited for writing the story along with the director Jeremy Power Regimbal. He plays Mark along with his wife (Selma Blair) and son settling down into a remote home somewhere along the highway. And suddenly get imposed upon by another family unexpectedly named Bobby (James D'Arcy) and his wife and kid, and then the next thing you know this dysfunctional family started terrorizing them for no apparent reason.

Low budget and has been done before from such movies as "The Strangers", "The Last House On The Left" to "Funny Games". Do we really need to see a low budget variation of those movies. I think not.

2 out of 4 stars
September 20, 2013
any movie with rape scenes is automatically crap, but this one in particular, was annoying. SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES TO KILL THEM!!!
½ July 29, 2013
A home invasion story that literally offers nothing you haven't seen before. The whole film feels utterly utterly pointless. There was already an English language version of Funny Games, now this - essentially the same film but without the spark or sense of real menace.
½ July 9, 2013
A great horror film with a lot of suspense and an interesting premise. The neighbors are incredibly creepy, especially the mother, and the actors who portray them are very convincing in their parts. The obsessive, sadistic family, the unique gothic coloring and style and eerie setting all combine to make this a great film.
July 4, 2013
Quinn Lords best film
½ June 28, 2013
The only nice thing about this movie is its poster. But even that is considered a spoiler
May 29, 2013
Claustrophobic and uncomfortable to watch in places. I cant fault the acting in this, but these people have to be the most stupid to have ever befallen such a fate. Think funny games and slow it down a bit and thats pretty much this movie.
May 18, 2013
Tipica pelicula "home invasion" con un planteamiento en los villanos que va mas alla del simple matar por querer matar, ademas de contar con una buena interpretacion de Salma Blair y una fotografia bastante acorde a la tematica de la cinta.
February 22, 2013
Nothing new, nothing terrible.
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