• R, 1 hr. 24 min.
  • Comedy
  • Directed By:
    Vince Offer
    In Theaters:
    Mar 22, 2013 Limited
    On DVD:
    Dec 31, 2013
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InAPPropriate Comedy Reviews

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Super Reviewer

August 5, 2013
Vince Offer is best known as the successful pitchman for infomercial products like the Sham Wow and the Slap Chop. He's less known as an amateur comedian. In 1999, he co-wrote and directed The Underground Comedy Movie, pooling all the favors he must have accrued with celebrities and struggling L.A. comics. You'd think after one resounding dud people would know better, but alas Offer and his friends have funded another sketch comedy movie, InAPPropriate Comedy. You see the title refers to the joke delivery system, namely Offer's finger hitting apps on a tablet to starts sketches. And if that inept setup doesn't seem like a powerful indicator for the misery that is to follow, then allow me to confirm that InAPPropriate Comedy may be the least funny comedy I've ever seen.

I'm not saying that ALL people who find some measurable level of enjoyment from InAPPropriate Comedy are racist, homophobic, and sexist, but chances are, if you are all three things, you'll probably enjoy the comedic abyss that is InAPPropriate Comedy. For the purposes of truly showcasing how comically bankrupt this enterprise is, overdosing on witless shock value and groan-worthy stereotypes, I will quickly dictate exactly what you get in this movie, sketch-wise. It's really only about four reoccurring segments.

-Before the meat of the comedy begins we're treated to the lamest, more obvious 127 Hours parody and the sight of tough-guy bikers riding around on bicycles. Does that mental image automatically make you laugh? If so, you're in luck.

-A parody of Dirty Harry called "Flirty Harry" where Oscar-winner Adrien Brody is a cop who speaks in nothing but overblown gay-centric double entendres (GAY JOKE #1). Is that half-assed twist on the name worth an entire ongoing series? It's like you took one of the parody names from MAD magazine and then just called it a day. The second time around, Flirty Harry stops a robber and we see him in pink pants. He's wearing pink pants. How could that not be hysterical? (GAY JOKE #2) The third segment doesn't want to waste any time, so now Flirty Harry is getting his nails done at an Asian salon. You better believe these women are portrayed as nattering, horrendous, screeching caricatures (GAY JOKE #3, RACIST JOKE #1, SEXIST JOKE #1). Then Harry shoots a guy in the ass (GAY JOKE #4). Adrien Brody, why?

-The next ongoing sketch is a parody of MTV's Jackass, and this one, with about as much wit as you'd expect, is called Blackass. It's about a group of obnoxious, ignorant, lazy, foul-mouthed, angry black males engaging in offensive behavior. These segments may be the most offensive in the whole movie because it is wall-to-wall negative stereotypes; the joke is that black men are not to be trusted and will harass white people, especially white women. The first time we see Blackass it has our characters running from the police. One of them even has a giant boombox over his shoulder because people still do that, right? (RACIST JOKE #2). These guys dress and behave exactly like the harmful misrepresentation your elderly grandmother has about black people. The sad part is that the festering stereotype of the black male up to no good can have serious and tragic consequences, coloring people's judgments and assumptions.

Stepping down from the soapbox, the first segment involves the Blackass crew falling into a vat of raw sewage. The second segment involves them playing joust in shopping carts with lances made to resemble giant black penises (RACIST JOKE #3). The third involves the Blackass as the world's worst babysitters, threatening a white woman in the process (RACIST JOKE #4). You see black people are terrible fathers, so this movie would argue. They talk about welfare checks and carry around 40s of malt liquor. The fourth segment has one of the Blackass guys and his white girlfriend antagonizing another couple in a hot tub before having anal sex (RACIST JOKE #5, SEXIST JOKE #2). The fifth segment has one of the Blackass guys in an abortion clinic waiting room. He harasses a young couple and offers to abort their pregnancy for cheap with a coat hanger (RACIST JOKE #6). The last segment involves the gang trying to lure a mouse by putting cheese on one of their penises. While it's the closest in conception to an actual Jackass stunt, it's still unfunny and much of the humor seems to rest on the enormous size of African-American phalluses (RACIST JOKE #7). Crap, I forgot about another segment where the guys blindfold a dude and have him get run over by a rhino. I don't even get this one.

-The longest and most painful of the reoccurring sketches is a parody of The Amazing Race dubbed The Amazing Racist. You might expect it to have something to do with the popular reality TV competition, perhaps people competing to see who is the bigger racist, racism across color, or even forcing two racists of different ethnicity to team up in competitions. Nope. It's just co-writer Ari Shaffir and his unending improvisation. The first segment has him rant in front of the U.S.-Mexico border, and then he harangues a gas station owner and assumes any Hispanic present is an illegal alien (RACIST JOKE #8). The next involves him as an insulting driving instructor for Asian drivers (RACIST JOKE #9). The next involves him wandering a predominantly Jewish supermarket trying to gather signatures to apologize for killing Jesus (RACIST JOKE #10). The next segment involves Shaffir entreating black passerbyes on a beach to take a boat ride back to Africa (RACIST JOKE #11). Finally, Shaffir is abandoned in a Middle Eastern territory with armed Arabs. I guess it's supposed to count as comeuppance but it sure doesn't feel it. There's a post-credit sequence where Shaffir is trying to lure Jews into a box to ship to Hitler from the future (RACIST JOKE #12). I later learned that the hidden camera aspect of Shaffir's bits is another fallacy. The people onscreen are all actors, which makes The Amazing Racist even less amazing. It feels like Offer and Shaffir watched Borat and thought they could replicate what they saw.

-The only other repeating segment is a pair of film critics that specialize in reviewing pornography. The idea on itself actually has the most potential out of everything Offer throws onscreen. It's got recognizable faces; Michelle Rodriguez and Rob Schneider are the critics. Their reviews, however, are just another excuse to make more racist and gay jokes. A porn they review is called "Sushi Mama" and it features two Asians engaging in over-the-top, badly dubbed sex (RACIST JOKE #13). Another porn they review is weirdly a parody of Swan Lake, with guys dancing around in tutus and eventually humping and ejaculating on a helpless victim (GAY JOKE #5).

There are two other sketches that have the luxury of not being repeat offenders, so to speak. Lord knows what Offer and company saw in the others. One involves Schneider as a sleazy therapist aroused by his client's vigorous sexual history (SEXIST JOKE #3). Another is called "Things You'll Never See" and purports that hot ladies would never date someone poor because all good-looking women care about is money (SEXIST JOKE #4). I haven't even mentioned how all of these sketches are supposed to take place, literally, inside Lindsay Lohan's vagina (SEXIST JOKE #5). It's a nonsensical framing device. We zoom out in the end, meaning that Lohan has a treasure trove of unfunny sketches stuffed in her special place. She should probably consult an OBGYN.

And that's it! That's the movie, all 75 wretched, horrendous, soul-draining minutes. Did any of that, on the surface, seem funny to you, or, like most people with active senses of humor, did it seem overwhelmingly lazy and poorly thought out? The biggest problem with InAPPropriate Comedy is that it's trying to be more inappropriate than funny. It's confused shock value for actual humor. Having a troika of irresponsible black males playing into demoralizing stereotypes and fears isn't comedy. Having a guy make fun of Asian drivers isn't a sketch. Having a gay cop makes forced double entendres isn't a sketch. There's no development here, no escalation, no twisting of the premise, no nothing. All Offer and his motley crew of comedic imbeciles do is take a one-joke premise and pummel it into submission, making the laborious sketches feel even longer. It just so happens that most of their one-joke ideas aren't even ideas so much as slights against minorities, women, and gay people. There is no ironic distance to the joke telling; they are merely just being crushingly racist, sexist, and homophobic.

I am by no means a comedy prude. I love a terrific vulgar joke as much as the next guy. I think when comedy is concerned that nothing is off limits. You can make anything, no matter how horrific and offensive, funny under the right circumstances, but it takes work and able skill. The problem with Offer's movie is that there is no consideration to context, setup, developments, let alone surprise. You'll see every dreadful joke coming before it arrives. That's because all this movie does is trade in pained, outdated stereotypes. The scenes themselves feel like improv jags that just go on endlessly, like Offer was trying to replicate the process of a Judd Apatow comedy. His faulty reasoning may have been if people just say enough offensive things long enough, then something has to arrive at funny. Comedy doesn't work like that, and as a comedy writer I find it personally insulting. This is just rampant and pointless vulgarity without any parameters, no point of view, nothing to mask the fact that it's just cheap shock value. What are the jokes here? Asians are bad drivers? Black men are reckless? Women are superficial? Do these sound like jokes or merely groundless insults? If you removed all the ostensibly offensive elements, there would be nothing to this movie whatsoever.

As a longtime detractor of the duo Friedberg and Seltzer, the men responsible for cinematic crimes against humanity like Epic Movie (my worst film of 2007) and Meet the Spartans (my worst film of 2008), I'm torn. Friedberg/Seltzer don't so much create jokes as they do lame pop-culture references with built-in expiration dates (go on, try and watch one of their past movies and see if you recall everything). Whatever jokes they do foster are mostly broad slapstick, but it could be classifies, no matter how charitably, as a joke. After watching Offer's InAPPropriate Comedy, I may haave second thoughts about the intensity of my screeds against Friedberg and Seltzer. Their movies are still terrible, still the cannibalistic, cinematic watery discharge I dubbed them, but Offer's comedy may even be worse. There's no way any of InAPPropriate Comedy could ever be funny. It's so obvious and desperate that it confuses offense for smashing taboos. This is a black hole of funny, where funny cannot escape and instead gets smashed down to an atomic level. If I see a worse movie in 2013 than InAPPropriate Comedy, it will make me reevaluate the existence of a loving God.

Nate's Grade: F

Super Reviewer

July 28, 2013
three stars...

Super Reviewer

July 25, 2013
An equal opportunity offender.

Very funny movie! If you are offended by politically incorrect humor, then why are you even watching a movie called "INAPPROPRIATE" Comedy? What were you expecting? Don't get me wrong, this isn't a good movie, but it is entertaining, and the fact that most people hated it would, to some, give an even bigger reason to watch it.

In this comedy film, a computer tablet full of the world's most hilariously offensive apps breaks through the borders of political correctness, stirring up cultural anarchy.
Dann M

Super Reviewer

March 1, 2014
Delivering plenty of laughs, InAPPropriate Comedy is outrageously hilarious (and a bit offensive). Rotating between a series of sketches, such as The Amazing Racist, Black-Ass, and Flirty Harry, the film pushes the boundaries of racial and sexual humor. While some of the comedy crosses a line, a lot of it is over-the-top hysterical. Additionally, the cast features some good comedic talent, including Lindsay Lohan, Adrien Brody, Rob Schneider, and Michelle Rodriguez. InAPPropriate Comedy will definitely offend, but the ridiculousness of it all makes it kind of funny as well.
December 17, 2013
wasn't that great, had a few funny scenes, i liked the amazing racist skits pretty messed up but funny.
March 28, 2013
This is absolutely, unquestionably, the worst "comedy" film in existence.
Here's the thing about offensive humor: it has to actually be funny. If it is, then it's hilarious. If it's not, it's just offensive and uncomfortable. Just being offensive does not automatically mean that it's funny. Every single joke in this movie was so unbelievably disgusting that I honestly felt sick to my stomach during most of the film. When Borat did racist and offensive humor, it was okay because it was funny. "The Amazing Racist" in this movie is not funny, so the whole thing is just disgusting and upsetting to watch. And that's this entire movie. There are THREE things that ALMOST made me laugh: 1. The brief sketch where Rob Schneider is a perverted therapist. 2. When an Asian girl started beating up The Amazing Racist in a car. 3. The police office scene in the "Flirty Harry" sketch. That's it. Even Movie 43 at least got some stupid laughs out of me once in a while. InAPPropriate Comedy didn't even do that. This movie is only and hour and a half, but it feels like six.
P.S.: Adrien Brody, why the heck are you in this movie?! Did the Shamwow guy have incriminating photos of you and that thing from Splice or something?
April 15, 2014
This film goes beyond the line of shit, it reminds me of "Meet The Spartans"!
March 27, 2014
Inappropriate Comedy is an inappropriate movie on every level. It is very similar in structure to the much maligned Movie 43 that was nothing more than a series of highly disturbing yet sometimes offensively hilarious short films that featured a surprisingly A-list group of actors -- Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Kate Winslet, Emma Stone, Richard Gere, Seth MacFarlane, Naomi Watts, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jason Sudeikis, Kristen Bell, Uma Thurman, Gerard Butler, Josh Duhamel, Elizabeth Banks, Johnny Knoxville etc. -- willing to embarrasses themselves in the name of crass comedy. It was a movie I was ashamed of myself for laughing at. This film, however ... is NOT funny and not a single laugh was cast in the seemingly never-ending series of sketches about all kinds of offensive jokes -- racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, bigoted you-name-it. The movie believes it gets "a pass" as it is an equal opportunity offender but NOTHING here is acceptable. Rob Schneider (Deuce Bigalow) plays curmudgeonly porn critic and Adrien Brody (Splice) should have to return his Oscar after playing the effete "Flirty Harry". It took seven screenwriters to write this rubbish. The paper it was written on would have put to better use as toilet paper.
Marcellus E.
March 15, 2014
Anybody that thinks Movie 43 was the worst movie of 2013 clearly hasn't seen this, nor should they. There isn't anything good I can say about this and all the bad things about it will take too long for me to write. Simply just avoid this.
March 12, 2014
Films this bad don't deserve to be called films.
Dann M

Super Reviewer

March 1, 2014
Delivering plenty of laughs, InAPPropriate Comedy is outrageously hilarious (and a bit offensive). Rotating between a series of sketches, such as The Amazing Racist, Black-Ass, and Flirty Harry, the film pushes the boundaries of racial and sexual humor. While some of the comedy crosses a line, a lot of it is over-the-top hysterical. Additionally, the cast features some good comedic talent, including Lindsay Lohan, Adrien Brody, Rob Schneider, and Michelle Rodriguez. InAPPropriate Comedy will definitely offend, but the ridiculousness of it all makes it kind of funny as well.
June 27, 2013
My Favorite Comedy Film Is 1933's Duck Soup.
FilmGrinder S.
February 6, 2014
"You're just going to have to BLOW ME away."-Flirty Harry (Adrien Brody)

Flirty Harry was completely offensive and completely hilarious.
Trick K.
January 19, 2014
I am all for comedy that pushes the envelope. This movie is just an abortion...
January 12, 2014
I really don't even feel the need to express how horrible this is. "Lowbrow" doesn't even begin to do it a justice. It has to be one of the worst cinematic creations ever. EVER!
January 9, 2014
He sold items like the ShamWow!, the Slap Chop and the Schticky. As crazy as this sounds, I actually want to see how horribly unfunny this is, unlike other movies I didn't want to see such as any modern Happy Madison comedy movie, or anything done by the Seltzer-berg duo.
January 8, 2014
It may not be a scary movie or borat, but it is entertaining. It addresses the elephant in the room, racism, we deal with it everyday some of us unknowingly say racist things. Blackass is clearly a jackass spoof, its funny when Caucasians make fools out of themselves and knowingly embrace stereotypes its primetime tv, but when African Americans do it its a problem. This movie wasn't a five start movie and im pretty sure it wasn't meant to be, it was meant to be a stupid and insensitive but comedic film. Stop looking for some deep meaning or memorable punch line and laugh.
Patrick M.
January 4, 2014
What can I say?? I have a sense of humor like a 14 year old.. This movie really cracked me up.. it was a low budget type..skit movie with some really big names in it.. The Amazing Racist is always funny. I've been watching is youtube video's for over 10 years now.. he's just hilarious.. He cuts up every race.. even his own..I liked it though..I saw it free though on Netflix. so.. I don't know if I'd want to pay to rent it.. but it was ok for something to watch...
January 4, 2014
I saw an early screening of this in San Diego (this was back in 2011, not sure why post production took them the better part of 2 years, but oh well) and have to say forget inappropriate, gross, or offensive, the biggest problem for this movie is that it was just NOT FUNNY.

Considering the some of the bigger names on this list (including the much-fallen Adrien Brody) I did not expect the Maltese Falcon, but something in the vein of Borat. That never happened. Each of the random compilation of unrelated sketches that pop out of an iPad seems to try to push the envelope further, but ultimately fails because they are uninteresting or annoying. Even fans of Johnny Knoxville and Sasha Baron Cohen would have watched most of these sketches fall completely flat.

Each and every sketch was either forced, completely staged (in the case of Ari Shaffir's shock-and-offend Amazing Racist) or everyone on the screen just going through the motions.

Do yourself a favor and skip this one entirely. Regardless of your taste in films, this one misses every mark and is not worth the hour and a half.
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