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½ October 30, 2011
A gorier, less entertaining version of Royston Vasey.
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October 15, 2011
Severence meets The Hills Have Eyes in this extremely gory and very un-politically correct horror film concerning a group of troubled teens and their two counsellors who take a trip into a hick village somewhere in Yorkshire to do some vague maintenance/community projects, and find themselves in a community of very odd looking and strangely behaved people, who inevitably turn violent. As with something like the Final Destination films, the dubious pleasure of this film is in the variously gross/ingenious/stupid deaths (which here include sexual assault by vegetable and death-by-proxy of a ferret). The pastiche aspects are less successful although there occasionally some funny lines (which tend to be prior to the bloodshed), but it's the gore-effects that mark the film out.
½ January 11, 2013
A British blend of horror and comedy, Inbred tries to intervene in the backwoods horror genre in an original way but doesn't quite succeed. Twisted, brutal, and creepy in parts, Inbred is partly hindered by the fact that its gore effects are too fake looking--they generally look like SyFy Channel CG instead of ever looking real. Furthermore, Inbred's attempts at comedy always fall flat. Still, there is plenty of brutality and gore for fans that don't mind cheesy effects...
½ September 25, 2015
Vomit inducing crap/
August 24, 2014
There something here, there really is, but then the people making the movie decide to take that aspect out half way through and you get one of the most annoying and pointless horror films of 2011.
May 4, 2014
Ee by gum brilliant!
½ November 4, 2013
I actually stopped watching after the first hour. Too bizarre, uncanny, and unnecessary.
October 27, 2013
Movie lacks plot characters lacks characteristic.
Waste of two hours.
Leader of killing pack has no purpose and his followers are idiots, literally retards. Entire movie make no sense.
October 7, 2013
The main killer is in black face for no apparent reason and the good guys are so stupid that you cheer everytime one of idiots die. This could have been much better than what it is.
October 7, 2013
This movie got a few laughs out of me and kept me watching, but it's one of those where the people trying to get away are annoyingly stupid. The inbred's are far more intelligent than the people that they are after and the ending becomes obvious early on.
August 28, 2013
Pile o' fuckin' wank.
½ August 20, 2013
beautifully made... stunning... a real mix of laugh and puke... so gross!
July 5, 2013
¿Qué tal si Deliverance y Straw Dogs fuesen más violentas? sería este filme, que si bien está plagado de violencia y un humor negro bastante retorcido, no existe una historia con crítica hacia la diferencia de clases; Pero el filme nunca busca esta crítica, está hecho para entretenerse y las escenas gore son muy divertidas y en ocasiones creativas, solo no esperes encontrar desarrollo de personajes con ritmo y decisiones inteligentes.
½ June 30, 2013
way too long to start and so predictable. big disapointment
March 16, 2013
Managing to claim the top spot of all-time weirdness of every movie I have ever seen, I strangely enjoyed Inbred.

The beginning is a little worrying after a few seconds but thankfully it turns out to be a video on one of the character's mobile phones. The film then takes a while to build up however it becomes obvious that the inbreds of Yorkshire are a little different.

The deaths roll on in, every one getting weirder and the end becomes rather obvious. How the end is reached however can never be predicted. Prepare your eyes for things you never thought you would see... ever.
March 4, 2013
Aunque no estaba muy bien calificado, igual me dió curiosidad ver este filme de horror del sub-género "slasher", que es una producción conjunta entre Inglaterra y Alemania. Me imagino que esa unión fué la que aseguró suficiente presupuesto para los efectos especiales, ya que fueron bastante buenos, mucho mejor de lo que hubiera esperado. Las actuaciones son decentes. Y tiene una buena premisa, con un lógico desarrollo de eventos. Sin embargo, aunque todos los elementos son aceptables, no me aportó suficiente como para querer volver a verla. No me disgustó verla, pero no creo que me motive volver a hacerlo. He visto mejores filmes en la misma linea. Por lo tanto, si alguna vez la ven en el video club y no tienen algo mejor en mente para alquilar, pues tampoco se sentirán estafados si le dan una oportunidad y la ven.
½ February 17, 2013
Hilarious Yorkshire splatter - for anyone who fondly remembers Peter Jackson's Bad Taste.
February 6, 2013
The only good thing to say about this film is that it's not very long; otherwise it's a staple for just how bad a horror film can be. The villains lack any motivation whatsoever, while the hapless victims are devoid of any redeeming features to add any kind of drama or suspense to the film.

Couple this with pacing and plot that leave the film with zero impact, and an over reliance on CGI effects whose quality is more horrifying than the film itself. Even as far as mindless splatter romps go this film should be avoided at all costs as it lacks substance, style and actual humour.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about this film is that so many people willingly worked on it.
January 16, 2013
Great special effects 99% practical to no CGI crap. Gore hounds will love it for the F/X , story wise just suspend your disbelief and have fun with it. Couple of just absurd moments that had me rolling , good silly fun.
December 8, 2012
Ah, the English countryside: tea shops, clotted cream, old peculiar, the wind blowing through the wheat and blood spilling in the streets. At least that's how it comes across in Alex Chandon's Inbred; a thoroughly enjoyable slice of gore-clotted fun. When two social workers take their ward of young offenders for a weekend in the remote village of Mortlock, they find themselves caught up in the machinations of pub landlord/part-time black and white minstrel, Jim, played with bawdy delight by Seamus O'Neill.

There's an anarchic quality to Inbred that reminds us a lot of Peter Jackson's Bad Taste. Like the New Zealand gorefest, Inbred's budget is limited, but used wisely to ensure there's a heavy mixture of gore and laughter. Also, like Jackson, Chandon is one sick puppy. Realising deaths by horse, landmines and ferrets, he doesn't just challenge the barriers of good taste, he throws them to the ground, urinates on them and sends pictures to their relatives.

His army of Mortlock locals are a mish mash of Eden Lake's murderous teens and the insular inhabitants of Innsmouth. There is nothing subtle about this gang, and once Jim sets up one of his torture shows for the benefit of others, any subtlety that's left throws itself out of the window. Their casual nature to the violence they put their victims through during these 'shows' is made more unnerving by the showbiz attitude that comes with it. Donning mask and makeup, Jim and his cohorts prance around the stage, playing up to the crowd like a fetid Bruce Forsyth, whilst unleashing the most horrific acts upon the weakest of flesh. It's a dichotomy that runs throughout the film - the diseased and the delightful.

During a key scene towards the end, Jim places a bet with his bumpkins on when one of their sacrificial lambs will finally bite the dust. There's a temptation to compare this to the killers in Michael Heneke's Funny Games; calling the audience to task for wanting to see such brutality. Whether this is intentional on Chandon's part is hard to say. Maybe we're just overanalyzing a film where someone dies being force-fed slurry.

You will either hate this film or love it, but you will not come out of the screening calling it simply all right. Inbred is a film of grotesques, with humour as a black as a diseased lung and we loved it.
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