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½ August 21, 2007
A kind of partner or sequel almost to his mighty werewolf flick, Landis' movie is underrated and a truly thrilling ride. The idea is a nice take on the vamp line but the word vampire is never used in the whole film, it is about vampires but not officially for some reason. Like 'Werewolf' the effects are really good, even now compared to cgi, the eye effects look cool and the finale effects on the baddie look great as well. Think of it as a mafia vamp flick :)
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½ April 4, 2011
Innocent Blood is a movie I just can't stand. I know it's not trying to be great, but it's so bad I had trouble making it through the whole thing. John Landis has made good movies that I've really liked, so it's weird I hate this so much. The whole vampires-mob plot was just a little too much.
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½ June 20, 2007
Chic French beauty Anne Parillaud is possibly the best reason to watch this romantic comedy/thriller but all horror buffs will love it for the endless in-jokes and clips from the classic Dracula films.
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½ October 22, 2006
French actress Anne Parillaud's cool as a vampire who wants occassional bad guy to sink her fangs. She's a bit hotter in naked & sex scenes.
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March 4, 2008
Saw it on opening day. Was way disappointed.
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July 18, 2007
Sexy and well written. I love women vampires.
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½ January 14, 2007
Could have been better, I am not so keen on vampires for vampires sake.
August 4, 2014
i thought the premise was good, and it had a talented cast and director so i checked it out, after a promising start, it kinda slowed down and fell apart halfway through, landis was able to combine horror and comedy more effectively in american werewolf in london, but here it just gets too silly, and the fact that here vampires can be shot in the head is stupid, the chemistry between lapaglia and parillaud isnt there, the ending is anticlimatic, if they just played it straight i think it couldve worked, still it has some good scenes when it sticks with just the mafia and its fun to see landis' cameos, but thats about it
½ May 13, 2012
Great plot for a vampire flick. But it should be remade by showing that vampires die with wood spiked through their hearts and not by breaking their necks or shooting them in the head. A vampire gangster movie with comedy is unique.
½ November 1, 2011
A pretty interesting vampire movie that did not age terribly. At the time this movie was made it would have stood out for its advanced special effects, but we can do so much more with computers today.
November 23, 2010
Great plot for a vampire flick. But it should be remade by showing that vampires die with wood spiked through their hearts and not by breaking their necks or shooting them in the head
January 3, 2010
Great premise and casting, but the final product leaves me scratching my head at the film's too extensive use of mugging reaction shots, classic horror films, and unblended comedy.
July 6, 2009
Innocent Blood is easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen. This must be why John Landis doesn't get a whole lot of respect anymore.
½ April 11, 2009
I'm in the Terri Weigel dancing girl scene. Terry's beautiful, Anne is sexxxy & everybody gets a turn being a vampire.
November 7, 2008
When the nudity is the best part of the film, you've got some problems. And when bad nudity is the best part, you've got some serious problems. I will say that there were some great elements here and there, but mostly, it's really not good.
January 26, 2008
Comedy? Anyway, the most interesting part of the movie is the difference in film making from 1992 to now. This film looks rather amateurish. Of course, this could be saying something about Landis' films.
July 13, 2007
So Original and wonderful. (gold Clap)
Words fail me, just a completely original vampire concept, and the Organized crime element is just genius
½ June 25, 2007
This is a vampire commedy that is very silly. Tons of cameos in this. One you will never forget! even if you don't like it. hahaha
June 23, 2007
There are so many cameos in this movie is awesome. And its one of the better vampire movies ive seen. Funny too.
February 17, 2007
Okay, maybe it is not the greatest movie of all time, but if you're a red blooded male, Anne Parillaud's scene walking around in the buff is worth your time to check this out.
Robert Loggia, is a load of laughs as a Mafia boss.
The movie doesn't take itself too seriously, and if you don't either, you'll not regret investing 90 minutes.
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