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November 13, 2012
Disappointing. Good actors, but it fell short.
½ February 11, 2014
Tuesday, February 11, 2014

(2011) In/ Sight

A young lady with multiple stab wounds gets submitted into the hospital. But before she died, an ER nurse by the name of Kaitlyn (Natalie Zea) telepathically start to inherit visions from the deceased after a defibrillator was used between them to revive her. And a portion of the movie dwells on Kaitlyn attempting to convince others about her visions while looking after her mother at the same time who has cancer leading to a twist that doesn't make much sense. Co-produced and directed by Richard Gabai making yet another movie that has already been done before, but with a much lower budget.

1 star out of 4
March 20, 2013
This is all bad you people are gonna pay

Some how I ended up in a realty show and guess I got for loving this gir Melinda but i
I am in a game but I guess I don't play by what they want so there are threats made against my boy and he dies and I'm forced into this game just by the way she was walking down the street and guise what my boy is dead and now here's that you ont believe this Melinda is a part of this big oh realty show very famous and has a lot of money you know the only thing she said when I saw her yesterday was I heard 3 people died um I replied one lived
Any perspective this demands an investigation now what do I win Melinda or should I so
Give you real manme and all the co involved you want it you got it see you on tv this if for some reason is not true but in any as I am completely blown away by people that are allowed to behave like this or even find them selfs entertained this sic. I need some FBI involvement or I will take this into my own hands promise toy I won't need 12 Jura to pass judgment or make a mistake
½ March 25, 2012
weak story line but good twist....
½ February 18, 2012
This is a good movie for both believers and sceptics.
January 11, 2012
def a must see !! watch this trailer please !!! amazon, here i come
½ September 10, 2011
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I've recommended many people to see the movie, and they've all enjoyed it. I love that it makes you think, and you leave thinking! I would recommend everyone to see the movie!
September 9, 2011
InSight is a thriller in similar vein as iconic Alfred Hitchcock films, or the classic Twilight Zone TV episodes. However; InSight very much has it's own unique approach to unraveling it's perplexing mysteries. The film boasts an impressive cast, all of whom certainly do not disappoint.

Kaitlyn, an ER nurse who is tending to a stabbing victim by the name of Allison Parks (Angeline-Rose Troy), gets accidentally electrocuted by the defibrillator that is used in an effort to save the woman's life. Almost immediately Kaitlyn starts to experience the victim's memories.

Kaitlyn turns to family, friends, and the police, but no one takes her claims seriously. She decides that she must take it upon herself to try to solve the crime.

Natalie Zea (Justified, Dirty Sexy Money) plays the resolute and distressed Kaitlyn. Zea realistically conveys the characters emotions and actions. It's easy to enjoy Zea's noteworthy performance in this film. Kaitlyn not only takes on the task of solving who murdered Alison Parks, but she also provides in home care to her cancer stricken mother Patricia (Veronica Cartwright).

Kaitlyn winds up partnering up with Detective Peter Rafferty who is assigned to investigate Allison Park's murder. Detective Peter Rafferty is played by the talented Sean Patrick Flanery of Powder and Boondock Saints I & II fame.

Flanery gives a solid performance as the over-worked, yet compassionate Detective Rafferty. Rafferty gets to show his tough side as well when he "questions" Allison's stalker-esque ex-boyfriend Stephen Geiger who is played by actor-musician Thomas Ian Nicholas of the T.I.N Men.

Detective Rafferty's offbeat and tactless partner Detective Canto (Max Perlich) is against Rafferty's use of Kaitlyn's visions to solve the case and makes what seems to be a spiteful action by reporting him to their superiors. Max Perlich happened to have one bloodshot eye during filming, giving the Canto character an even more peculiar vibe about him.

Christopher Lloyd plays Shep, Allison's creepy neighbor with such proficiency; I definitely can no longer think of him solely as the guy who played the bumbling scientist in the Back To The Future trilogy.

Equally suspicious is the unsavory psychiatrist character of Dr. Graham Barrett played by Adam Baldwin. Barrett turns out to be more than just Allison Park's former psychiatrist as they were having an illicit affair with one another.

As an aside to my readers who are fans of director Joss Whedon's works ... it was sort of like a mini Joss Whedon-verse reunion, with Juliet Landu who played the vampire Drusilla and Max Perlich who played Whistler (for two episodes) on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Adam Baldwin who was in episodes of both Joss' series Angel and Firefly.

InSight's pace doesn't let up for a single moment and even speeds up as the film goes into it's final stretch. As I followed each twist and turn in an attempt to piece together Kaitlyn's visions, I still was left guessing who was Allison Park's murderer. The script is craftily devised to keep people on the edge of their seats guessing until the end, and even then the ending is a surprising twist with it being "open to some interpretation". I won't give away any hints as to what the surprise ending is, you'll definitely have to go see the film for yourself.

It is next to impossible to believe that InSight was filmed in a mere fifteen days. Richard Gabai and his camera, sound and lighting crews adeptly and efficiently utilized their extensive collaborative experiences to bring this thought-provoking thriller to life.

InSight's production values are highly exceptional for an independent film. Without a doubt, InSight stands as a solid model of what independent films should be in regards to a quality end product that viewers will be satisfied watching.
September 9, 2011
Loved the movie. Taking my friends to see it as well!!! Love Sean, he is a really good actor!
½ September 3, 2011
Very rarely do I see a movie that completely surprises me. That rare film that you think you have figured out before the title credits role but when it's over you're left going, "Wow, that didn't happen the way I thought it would." That's exactly how I felt after watching the new thriller "InSight."

"InSight" is a twisty little indie thriller that never lets up. Just when you think you have everything figured out, your hypothesis will collapse. Everything about this film surprised me. This is a well-directed and well-acted movie from start to finish. Indie films like this usually go two ways. You have the typical Lifetime TV movie route, which is safe. Then there's the smart and classy unpredictable road less traveled that "InSight" thankfully takes.
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