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August 29, 2013
The fact that it manages to be entertaining, especially in its first half, compensates for the flawed script that even comes up with a pathetic post-traumatic panic attack for our hero and never raises the stakes to make us believe that there is a serious danger involved.
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½ January 11, 2015
Better than the previous sequel, particularly the dialogue, but not by much... 3D was OK, but as others have pointed out: it's ridiculously dark.
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½ May 27, 2013
Is it me or does the entire premise of this film rip off 'Batman Forever'? Think back to that 1995 Schumacher film when 'Edward Nygma' approaches Bruce Wayne asking him to check out his new invention, but Wayne denies him. Nygma then goes off filled with hatred for Wayne, reinvents himself as The Riddler and becomes his arch nemesis.

Now look at the start of this film. Killian approaches Stark about his new company, Stark denies him, so off he goes filled with vengeance, recreates himself as a nemesis to Stark and the Iron Man hero, using his company alongside a new experiment. Notice any similarities here?

I'm no Iron Man fanboy, I don't know all about the Iron Man lore, but that still doesn't detract from the fact they really fudged up The Mandarin. The whole setup for this guy is really well done, it really is. We see lots of news footage, stock footage and hand held camera footage of the character as it buzzes around various TV stations. Its all been created in the same vain as reality, obviously in recent years with Osama Bin Laden and various other terrorist propaganda, what you would (and still do) see every night on the news. Footage of him with his extremists, firing guns, preaching, making statements etc...

The Mandarin is envisioned just like this and it all looks very realistic, threatening and intimidating, Black and his team really do make this villain look good, like he's really gonna be a hard underground nut to crack for Stark. But then out of nowhere the whole setup is thrown out the window because the character is fake, a front, a big setup created by Killian to cover himself and his experiments. Neat twist? yes, very much so...good idea? no definitely not, not for a franchise like this. A franchise where a villain like The Mandarin is very popular and people wanna see The Mandarin not a puppet creation.

A film like this hinges on its villain, usually the villain makes the film. In this case they made a great looking villain with Kingsley (despite his rather odd drawl) but they threw it away. Plus you also gotta ask yourself who would actually agree to act or play a villain to cover someone else? surely common sense would dictate that you're only gonna cause a lot of trouble for yourself? even if you didn't actually do any of the things you claim, you're still gonna be in the shit for being involved with terrorism. Just doesn't make any real sense to me.

Must admit I liked Kingsley's little performance in the reveal sequence, a kind of typical drunk, drugged up British hippie, but it just made a mockery of the whole film. Makes you feel you're watching a spoof not a serious adaptation.

Nice little touches of humour throughout as we have come to expect from this franchise and Downey Jr. The small team up with the little kid isn't as cheesy as it sounds and offers some nice dialog, although one sequence seems to be pretty similar to a certain John Candy/Macaulay Culkin film from many moons ago.

On the whole the film is really quite average in my opinion. I didn't think that much of the whole Extremis idea and the way characters looked when they went all ballistic. The visuals and ideas kinda looked like something from a hammy sci-fi flick to me, it all felt a bit X-Men-ish, a franchise I never liked. I still don't really get how this regenerative power causes people to have such extreme heat power, its suppose to help them heal no? so why the heat? Plus I really don't see how Stark manages to kill most of them when they can regenerate so easily, when Savin is killed, why couldn't he regenerate from it? The Extremis soldiers seemed so much more powerful, they could easily take down Iron Man suits as shown by Pepper Potts.

The finale is on impressive scale but messy really. Lots of Iron Man suits flying all over the place, difficult to make out what exactly is going on, Extremis henchmen/women leaping all over the shop. It all sounds cool and the idea is cool but like some other superhero comicbook flicks it becomes a fast blur of CGI, an incoherent badly lit chaotic brawl between metal suits and CGI people. Plus I gotta ask, why didn't Stark just utilize all his Iron Man suits together originally? before Jarvis went offline, and why does Stark keep running around without his suit?! just stay in it you fool!

I must say I'm disappointed with this trilogy bookend. The first film was superb, the second (in my opinion) was clearly not as good as the first but still a solid action film. This third entry has lost me completely with bad plot decisions and untidy action sequences (something which the made the first so good, it was very clear without excess CGI mess).

So the question is...was this all just narration, a therapy session for Stark to get some previous history of his chest with Banner or is that it? no more Iron Man films and no Iron Man for 'Avengers 2'?
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August 19, 2014
Just about watchable. 6/10.
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August 4, 2012
I wish it didn't feel so much like an episode of an Iron Man TV series, falling just short of creating a fully fleshed-out arc for its central character due to its rushed and overblown third act. The rest of this movie, however, features exhilarating action scenes, an air of unpredictability and Robert Downey Jr. at his best.
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½ May 15, 2013
I was very entertained, and some of the plot's greater sidetracks were its best moments, such as the time spent in Tennessee. the film was cluttered with far too convenient coincidences, and many of the film's explanations for events were over-simplified and rushed. pepper's entire story arch was a mess, and the mandarin and war machine were overwhelmingly underused and misused. on mandarin, you can add me to the throng that is disappointed in the twist with his character. if you're going to go "super-power" anyway, just give us what we were expecting with that character. it would have made for a MUCH better climax. and even with the direction they took, kingsley was underused and should have been given a greater build up to the twist. i never really felt that he did enough on screen to feel the weight of any threat he would provide. on war machine, he didnt need to be there. i love cheadle so im glad he was, but was an essential non-factor. i would have loved to see him more involved, with more meat to his actions. i love rebecca hall, but her character was probably the most pointless of all. as far as the real villains? underwhelming to say the least. they barely seemed like a threat, and the explanation as to how and why they even do what they do was uninspired. i am however very interested to see if we get more of AIM, and how they will be used.
Nikhil N.
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½ May 13, 2013
It is not very likely that I will remember anything that happened in this movie years from now. Still, Iron Man 3 is filled with intense action and wonderful acting on the part of Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man 3 tries to ride on the same formula that made the Avengers so successful by balancing moments of intensity and comedic relief. Iron Man 3 is dark enough to not need to try this balancing act but nevertheless comedy is added when it is not welcome and the result is upsetting. This movie would easily be a 5/10 average action movie, but because of RDJ's phenomenal acting it is a solid Marvel movie.
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April 23, 2013
When i first saw this film i enjoyed it very much, now not so much, Its an abused sequel that decides to take a darker turn without really being dark and replaces the characters arch nemesis with an army of characters that just mock the human torch. Kingsley and Pearce are great as the films lead baddies but not even they can make this picture work. Downey Jr. of course is brilliant but the approach with the characters and the story font really serve it well and makes for a worthy disappointment, not he conclusion to the trilogy that i would of hoped
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July 23, 2013
You would think that after 5 or 6 DECADES of comic books (I'm leaving Greek and Norse mythology out of it) that the chief idea behind them would be child's play to figure out, but unfortunately Hollywood has proven time and again that often simple things are not as easy as they look. But its safe to say that now Hollywood gets it. They finally get it.
Rocking and rolling all over the place, Iron Man 3 is but one of the latest examples. Multi-leveled, multi-charactered, and loads and loads of action, rip-snortin', hoot hollerin' action, it even seemed as if they weren't trying so hard, that they actually had fun making the thing. I certainly had fun watching it.
Me likey.
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August 18, 2013
four stars...
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½ January 4, 2013
There were things to like... but Iron Man is becoming less interesting in general.
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August 5, 2013
Spoiler Alert! They ruined and wasted The Mandarin. Sigh...
Mario M.
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July 25, 2013
"Iron Man 3," which opened yesterday in theaters across the country, is a movie with a lot of ideas but none of them are particularly compelling. Whereas as the first two films in the series papered over their lack of story (remember how the second act of "Iron Man" was "Tony Stark builds armor?") with Robert Downey Jr.'s lovable irascibility, this movie has enough plot for a whole new trilogy. In fact, the movie has so much going on that becomes kind of wearing about an hour and half in. As with the other the "Iron Man" movies, Downey's charismatic super genius must deal with the machinations of a malicious, lesser innovator, this time with "Lethal Weapon" scripter Shane Black at helm. As a superhero movie, it's better than average. As a Robert Downey Jr. movie, it's more rewarding than anything he's done since "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang." As a Shane Blake movie, it's the worst thing to ever bear his name.

Someone in the Marvel Studio's production chain must have read reviews for their earlier films but not the right ones because this movie is a big departure from their standard formula. Instead being a character piece about a nobly intentioned goof learning to get out of his own way to become a hero, this film is a very traditional action movie designed to showcase some very expensive set pieces. There's no improvisatory freshness or winking humor to the film, just ham-fisted themes and a relentless pace.

In spite of their corporate mandate, Black and Pearce do work in some fun bits of genre tweaking. They retconned Gwyneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts into a capable super suit pilot which was nice since she spent two movies being tied to train tracks. They even allowed her to personally redress the kidnapping and torture the film's villain puts her through but she's still the only character to be kidnapped and tortured so it's a one step forward two steps back situation. Don Cheadle is still Robin to Downey's Batman but he does get to save the president and perform Chow Yun-fat's signature move of backsliding into a room while gunning down every bad guy in sight. Blowfish antagonist Ben Kingsley gives his most enjoyable performance since "Sexy Beast." James Badge Dale is great because he plays his super powered henchman like a guy who has always has something more important to do.

The big draw with these movies is Downey and he doesn't disappoint. He's more engaged with the role than he was in "Iron Man 2" and less abrasive than he was in "Sherlock Holmes 2." He's called on to do some actual acting in this film and it was affirming to know that after five years of commemorative cup roles he can still do that. It's a not a defining performance by any means but Downey makes you feel that the character has a gone on a real journey and is legitimately changed by the end of it.

"Iron Man 3" is better than most super hero second sequels but it's only an okay film. It's too plot driven to be to have much depth and it's overloaded with themes it only plays lip service to. The main conflict in the film arises because years ago Tony Stark slighted an insecure inventor (Guy Pierce) but at no point does the character lose his trademark arrogance. "Iron Man 3" also introduces the idea that Cheadle's War Machine armor has been turned into a slightly more P.R. friendly military drone but nothing comes of it, or the idea that Eastern terrorism is funded by Western business interests. Those concepts are there to make the film seem more sophisticated than other movies where super powered dudes try to punch each other to death.

There was lot of excitement around the announcement of Shane Black as the co-writer and director of "Iron Man 3." Instead hiring a studio hack or a discount TV director, Marvel Studios/Disney enlisted someone with a few bona fide classics on his résumé. Though nobody but James Cameron gets to make $200 million movies without non-negotiable parameters, it was reasonable to think that Black could bring of his lacerating humor and old school action sensibility to the film. Unfortunately, what ended up being made was a movie that asks permission instead of forgiveness. There's no bite to it and while the CGI set pieces are skillfully animated, they don't integrate into the narrative organically. Most of the film's dialogue feels like chewed over superhero movie boilerplate save for a few grace notes. It's silly to expect auteur filming from anything with a 3 in the title but this movie felt like opening an In-N-Out bag only to find a McDouble.

Iron Man was created in 1963 by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck and Jack Kirby.

"Iron Man 3" also features material from Iron Man comic books by Warren Ellis & Adi Granov and Matt Fraction & Salvador Larroca.
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May 3, 2013
Filled with numerous jokes, a solid plot, and a great cast, "Iron Man 3" is one of the best Marvel films to date, even though it has a very annoying twist. There a few side plots that felt tacked on, but as a whole, this film delivers much more entertainment than the previous "Iron Man" feature. Coming full circle, after an attack by the Mandarin, Tony Stark is left in the ruins, to rebuild himself with nothing, just like the first film. I really loved this about the movie, and the fact that he had a kid to guide him through, was a nice touch, letting the better side of Tony out. There are dark moments, light moments, and a couple moments that will throw you out of the film at times, but I was able to accent them and move on and enjoy this film for everything it was. It's a very small film if you think of it as a follow-up to "The Avengers," but as a film in itself it's a very strong addition into this trilogy of films. It's a little funnier than it needs to be, but it has great action pieces, solid performances, a very likeable plot-line, and a few devastating moments, that are very effective. "Iron Man 3" is not really what the trailers make it out to be, but oddly, I really loved it for that reason. It is in no way a perfect film, and I do have a few minor complaints, but overall, I love it for what it is!
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½ July 10, 2013
Iron Man fights a terrorist, bio-engineered super-mutants and panic attacks in this third entry in the franchise. Robert Downey Jr.'s gleefully narcissistic portrayal of Tony Stark has made IRON MAN the most watchable of Marvel's onscreen superheros, and this entry doesn't disappoint on the blockbuster level with over-the-top action sequences and plenty of sarcastic putdowns and quips from the misanthropic Stark. Ben Kingsley is a treat.
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November 23, 2011
After you watching this movie, you only have 2 choice : love it or hate it cause Black made a style that will made two sides either you love it or you hate it because of his different makeover to 'The Mandarin' character.. And as for me, because I'm not a fan of the comic so I don't really care about 'The Mandarin' true character should be.. I'm just concerning if this movie can still maintain its level even without Jon Favreau behind the director's wheel.. And for me, in my own opinion, Shane Black did a great job on this third installment of Iron Man..
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½ May 1, 2013
When Tony Stark's friend and bodyguard is seriously hurt during a series of bombings, he swears revenge and becomes the target of a mysterious terrorist known as The Mandarin. Shane Black takes over the helm of the Iron Man franchise and rekindles the partnership with its star for the hugely enjoyable post modern noir Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It shares the sardonic wit and banter of that film and injects a lot more humour into the story, concentrating more on the character of Tony Stark than his super-powered alter ego. Separating the two makes for a more satisfying story arc than the gizmo-orientated second instalment, especially since Iron Man is one of the few superheroes that are rather less interesting and entertaining than their "secret" identities. Unsurprisingly the set pieces are extremely well done, but the human angle makes them rather more suspenseful and the finale involving a cadre of customized suits schools Michael Bay in how a robotic action free-for-all should be done. The pacing is perhaps a little uneven and the inclusion of a kiddie side-kick questionable, but it has some great moments and the twist in the tale revolving around The Mandarin is a great idea. A quality summer blockbuster.
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June 4, 2013
The best parts involve RDJ bantering. He's a great banterer. I could watch him banter all day. Fly around and blow stuff up? Meh.
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December 10, 2011
Very good! Tony Stark's somehow loveable arrogance and wit translates well into film.
This is a film that non-comic fans can enjoy too.
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May 31, 2013
Easily the best of the Iron Man films
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